This is a sweet note from one of our sons in Christ. I was so blessed reading it. Little is much when Jesus is inside! When times are hard and the soil of the ministry looks so dry, against all odds, a beautiful tender plant makes its way up, toward the sun’s light. It’s fragrant flower blooms between the sharp unfriendly rocks. Read the note bellow. It is from one of our sons in Christ. This young brother is a simple hard working man. If you meet him at his workshop, in his overall, you will know that he is not “an intellectual or a poet”. But he is born again, Spirit filled and a worshipper of the Most High God! He is royalty! He has such a tender heart… That is why you are able to taste God’s grace in his simple words. He and his dear wife are always sending me texts with words of encouragement, especially now, when I need it more. Their baby girl, Leah, is my name’ sake. This is also a reminder that God alone can change people, from being ‘ordinary’ men to becoming supernatural Christ-like men who shine like the stars in the dark night. People like Michael make me have hope for Nigeria! God bless Nigeria! Also, this brother is a ‘spiritually organic’ fruit of our ministry. He is a proof of the grace of God upon us (Tali and I) as we pastor Father’s House Bible Church. Warri/Effurun, Nigeria. When you read his note, each time you see my name, please give all the glory to God! For no one can receive anything good except it is given from above. I use Michael as a point of contact to bless all the members of our church and so many others who encourage me and pray for me, especially now. Finally, this brother’s words are a reminder that (Like Tali said) “The Worship must continue!” God bless you all!
“Dearest mother, Nothing worth more than having u as a spiritual mother in my life, l could remember vividly back in the days when we were preparing for our marriage, u ask my wife to tell me to come to ur office to see u. The moment I step into ur office u call me by my name and ask me about my biology parent and i said to u that they are both late, Immediately u call me by my name again and u said Micheal would u accept me Malia as ur mother? Without a mixing words I said yes, Then u hold my hands and u pray for me. At that moment I had everlasting Joy that I have find a new mother.. Ma u are not just my mother but a caring, loving, sweetest, great, most beautiful and adorable mother to me.. I pray: Jehovah God I ask u to build the wall of fire, protections, quidiance around my mother, pastor Silvia malia leigh as she take over the mantle of leadership in father’s house bible church in Jesus mighty name i pray Amen.. Father bless her the more in sound health, spiritual uplift meant, knowledge and wisdom in Jesus name I pray Amen. Mother u are highly cover with the blood of Jesus, Amen. Thank u my dearest mother in Christ, l love u and l will continue to love u mother.. Micheal & Mercy and baby Leah who keep calling ur name everyday at home”
Love in Christ alone, Malia!

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