‘The Lord your God will bless you in all your produce and in all the work of your hands, so that you will be altogether joyful’ (Deut 16:15)

A dear brother in our church who is happily married and a wonderful father, who is a worship leader in the choir, working full time as a teacher, surprised us yesterday. Some months ago he told us that he wants to start farming. He got a plot of land outside the town. He said that he will go there each weekend to plant vegetables. He said that it will be good exercise for him. He is a ‘city boy’ and has no experience with farming but he was willing to learn from those who know better. Yesterday he came with a bag full of fresh cucumbers, to give us as a gift. These are his ‘first fruits’. He said that they are ‘organic’. I see that God has blessed the work of his hands. As a teacher, all these years, even as a worship leader, it is hard to see visible fruits. But this harvest of cucumbers brings joy to my heart to see that God has indeed blessed this our son in Christ! Praise the Lord!

I use this testimony as a point of contact for others who are willing to start a new business! May God enlarge your territory! May God bless your labor! May you honor The God who blesses you! In Jesus name’ amen!



“Marriage should be honored by all…” (Heb 13:4)
The idea of being ‘a career woman’ is more common in the western world than in Nigeria where I live. But the advice is universal and we can all learn from it. I write this with a new found compassion for the older single women who made mistakes in their youth. Life is not easy. To be a woman especially is not easy… A ‘career woman’ is a woman whose main priority in life is achieving success in her career or profession. It may specifically refer to a higher interest in career than in marriage or having children. In other words, her job is her ‘husband’ and her office is her ‘child’. This term can thereby be used in contrast to what is called ‘a housewife’. Interestingly, there is no male equivalent. Have you ever heard of a “career man?” No!

The truth is that not all working and successful women CHOSE to be ‘career women’. They just ‘become too old to marry’ while working in their offices. There is a season for everything in life. They postpone marriage or having children until it is ‘too late’ for that. Time passes them by… Some delay motherhood for years because they feel they need to stay competitive in their businesses. Later they regret that decision. Some women believe that their dedication to their career, and the good that they are building through their work, is their ultimate legacy. Oprah Winfrey is the best example of that. Finally, some women have absolutely no interest in becoming mothers, their careers notwithstanding. Their identity is rooted in their business.

I am a medical doctor by profession. My husband and I ran a private hospital for about 20 years. I know the attraction of success, money made thru hard work and fame knocking at my door. I am a wife, a mother and a grad mother. I am now a pastor, in full time ministry. From the Word of God I find that the majority of women want to ‘settle’, to marry and have children. They want to have time to enjoy their home and the gift of motherhood. Most of the scriptures encourage the women to marry and have children. But because the women know marriage is hard work, it competes in their mind with the hours of work in the business. Many of them pursue a successful career or money instead of building a family. It is true: Marriage and motherhood is hard work and sacrificial ministry. The sacrifice is great but the reward is greater. I testify to that!

This is my advice to the women who come to my office battling between a life in the business world and another (simpler) life at home. This is not an easy choice. If you are working in the office, there are some advantages: you compete with others, to climb ‘the ladder of success’. You dress ‘corporately’ and you earn praises from men. This life style is very interesting, powerful, attractive and addictive. I know it. The other option is to choose to marry, have children and ‘manage a small’ business. Your husband who is now your ‘boss’ may appreciate your efforts or he may not. This choice is difficult. To be a happy wife you need to be loving, wise, spiritual and patient. But God will reward you at last…

But the worst thing is to live a life of regret. What I mean is this: you choose a career in business and you regret for sacrificing marriage. Or you choose to marry and cooking in the kitchen, you day dream about working in a Shell office or in a bank. Because I experienced both these life styles, I can give you a good, time-tested advice: a business career cannot satisfy your soul!!! The money you make cannot buy joy! The fame you gain cannot manufacture peace! Even your husband or your child cannot satisfy your deepest longings. Only Jesus Christ can do that!!! For me, this is what I believe: To be a happy wife and mother is more rewarding than any promotion in any office in any country. Dear sisters, women, wives and mothers, be encouraged today! Reject regrets! Trust God! May the Holy Spirit direct your path! May God help you to choose the right thing now! In Jesus name! Amen!


“When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he already had been in that condition a long time, He said to him, “Do you want to be made well?” (Jn 5:6)
This is the story of a man who was paralyzed for 38 years (Jn 5:1-15). He was lying down by the pool of Bethesda, in Jerusalem. There was crowd of people there. Most of them were very sick and dying. Jesus passes thru the crowd and comes to this man. Jesus asks him: ‘Do you want to be made well?’ This is a ‘strange’ question. Why does Jesus ask a sick man if he wants to be well? Why does Jesus ask a blind man if he wants to see? Why does Jesus ask a poor man if he wants money? For us these questions seem unnecessary. But Jesus does everything with a purpose in mind. Every miracle must bring glory to God. The longer the wait, the greater the glory!

The reason why Jesus asked the man who has been waiting for 38 years in that situation if he wants healing is because that means a total change of life style. For example, you have always been poor, not able to feed or pay house rent. Then suddenly you become the owner of a mansion!!! Think of it… You who have never been married suddenly the best Christian man you know, that handsome and rich man says he wants to marry you. How will you feel? You who never had a child, suddenly you are pregnant with triplets. Try to imagine the change in your life…

If you depend on people for feeding, for prayers or for help, every moment of your life, you accept defeat and doubt as normal. But God loves you. For as long as you are alive and praying, anything can happen! God still works His wonders among men! In the midst of that crowd of hundreds of sick people, Jesus finds this man. He heals only this man. This is grace. This is peculiar love. No man can buy it with money. In that crowd, Jesus can locate you! After many years of knowing that you are dying, captive to incurable disease or slave to a hopeless situation… will you still trust God for a miracle? Sarah was ninety when she became pregnant with Isaac. What if she said to God: ‘I wanted to be a mother all these years. But now I am too old. I don’t want a baby again…’ Many people reject God’s gift because they think that they are too old to enjoy life! What a loss of opportunity!

The miracle has happened! You suddenly become well. Now you need to change! You need to work and take responsibility for your life. From a beggar you now become the boss! You need to choose today! Jesus heals so that you become holy. Jesus saves you to become sanctified. Many people once they are healed, they use their health to go back to the world. Jesus warns anyone who prays for a miracle to use the new health and the new riches to remain in the faith and serve God more than before! If not, a worse thing may happen!

There is a demon called ‘Begging’. Another one is called ‘Complaining’. You need to let go of those demons! Stop begging men! Stop complaining! Pray to God! You must give your life to Christ! Your healer must become your Savior and Lord! You become filled with the Holy Spirit who is a generous Spirit! Walk by faith! You are strong enough to make others strong! You are rich enough to bless others with your money! You become spiritually mature to be able to pray for others in their need. Are you willing to be made whole? Do you really want this miracle of a changed life? Are you willing to pay the price to be a blessing to others? Then Jesus will come and touch you. He knows everything and everybody. His power has no measure. The suffering may be long but the healing is immediate. Come back with your testimony! Glory to God!



“I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances” (Phil 4:11)
Many people ask me: ‘how can you be happy in Nigeria?’ I tell them that the secret of my happiness is not Nigeria, is not Romania and it is not America. My secret is not rooted in the ground of this earth. That is why it cannot be stolen and it cannot be destroyed. My secret of happiness, peace and success is found in Christ alone!

My life is not always easy. But I do not pray for ‘an easy life’. I pray to fulfill destiny in Christ. Things gained without effort will be lost without a tear. My discomfort in Nigeria has pushed me to Jesus and made me willing to answer His call for ministry. Joseph named his second son Ephraim. It means ‘God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction’. I identify with him. When the pressures of life come, I always look ahead to see what God will do with my pain. He always does something beautiful in His time. My pain is never lost. It becomes worship.

If we are too comfortable in this world, it is impossible to birth life in others. I had learned over the years to see life thru the eyes of my Lord Jesus Christ. My eyes deceive me. But His vision planted in me gives me strength to stand when I should stand, and to move, when it is time to move.

One secret that I have learned is to die to complaining about the things around me. There are enough reasons to complain in Nigeria. But it drains my peace, my joy and my anointing for ministry. When things are hard, when I do not understand what is happening around me, I chose to quietly wait for the Holy Spirit to speak. He alone knows everything. When He talks, every pain becomes a painting and every fear becomes a poem. His voice still stops the storms on the sea!

May God bless you and your family. It is well!


“Wives, likewise, be submissive to your own husbands… when they observe your chaste conduct accompanied by fear… rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God… as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him lord…’ (1Pet 3:1-6)

I shall now boast in the Lord! My husband and I are married for over 42 years. In Christ and by the grace of God, I declare that I am quiet, gentle, precious and beautiful! The Word of God says so! My husband says so! What others say it does not matter. I have learned over the years to speak less than my husband, especially when we are in public. For example, if he speaks 10 words, I speak maybe 3. If he is not around I can speak 8. You may joke about it, but this is the truth. I mentally count the times I open my mouth. If I do not have something good and godly to say, I am not ashamed to keep quiet. I do not have to prove that I am intelligent by talking.

But when I talk, I make sure that I am on my husband’s ‘side’. I do not come from the opposite side. I do not stand against him spiritually speaking. I do not threaten him positionally. I am never on the side of them who argue with him, even if jokingly. If I do not understand something he says I make a mental note to ask him at home. I do not want to ask him any question while others listen to us talking. If it is an ‘emergency’ I ask him in Romanian. Thank God, most people do not understand this language. I do this because I do not want to be seen as his boss, teacher or mentor. I gladly submit to him because of God’s command. I also do not ask other men questions in my husband’s presence. I do not want to be seen as a foolish ignorant wife. That attitude will place the blame on him implying that he did not teach me well at home.

You may say: ‘this is so hard’…You may also ask: ‘what is your gain in all this’? My gain is God’s pleasure over our home! The Holy Spirit is free to rest, move and work in us from inside out. Obviously, my husband and I are ‘a work in progress’ but if we obey God’s Word, the progress is faster. We love that!

The devil loves to ask questions causing division, doubts, fears and confusion. It is very easy to be rebellious. It is very hard to love and to submit. It takes the training and the discipline of the Holy Spirit to achieve this mighty work of loving submission for Christ’s sake! I pray before I talk. I choose when to answer or when not to answer a question that is ‘thrown’ at me. My husband is the only one who has the right to ‘demand answers’ from me. No other person has the same right. I refuse to be intimidated into foolish submission by ‘strangers’ even if they are friends or family. That will mean betrayal to our marriage. I do not regret talking too little but I regret talking too much. This strategy of keeping quiet (well… most of the time) is not legalistic or religious. It is the result of the leading of the Holy Spirit who gives me the power to choose silence over speaking when silence is the winner.

Finally, this counsel is for couples who serve God together: Since we started the ministry, the greatest attack has been on our marriage in particular; to destroy the unity of the Spirit between us. The devil knows that if we are not united in the Spirit, we shall ‘fall’ as a couple. We may not divorce but we will be separated in our hearts. That fall will affect the ministry. The false believers in the congregation are very smart to detect and increase any division among the leaders. Because both of us preach and teach, both of us we need to be very sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our spiritual gifts are different. The way we approach the things of life and the strategies to solve problems are different. But we are born of the same Holy Spirit and we are one in Christ! The strength of the unity and the freedom of expression must be displayed each time we minister. Only God can do that! We know it! We appreciate it! That is why without the leading and power of the Holy Spirit, we do not know how to ‘conduct’ a service. That is why we are always so grateful for the Holy Spirit, our Comforter! This is our testimony: by the grace of God we are happily married! By the grace of God we are making impact as spiritual leaders! To God alone be all the glory! Amen!

Tali and M6


“God will make you rich enough so that you can always be generous. Your generosity will produce thanksgiving to God” (2Cor 9:11)
The Women’ Fellowship was very good. We praised God with songs and dancing. This was the last fellowship this year and it became a thanksgiving service. Every sister (married and single) had an opportunity to share a testimony of God’s goodness and to give thanks to God. We all agreed, with one accord, that without God we are nothing. We declared that our God is the only living, good, wise and faithful God. 2017 was a good year. There were challenges but God gave us the strength to overcome them for His name sake. We declared that 2018 will be even better. We believe that God’s plans for us are good and not evil to give us hope and a glorious future.
As women of God we shall lay a godly Holy Spirit foundation for next year with one month (January 2018) of daily fasting and prayers. We shall pray that God will fulfill His destiny in our lives… that our marriages will be better… that our husbands will grow in grace… that our children will be saved, that they will be good and healthy children… we pray that God will bless the work of our hands and our ministries… we pray for Father’s House Bible Church, for the leaders and all the departments… for revival in our land..
We pray that the anointing of Queen Esther will be our portion, that God will change our lives from nothing to glory, that God will remove any hindrance that blocks our progress in life… that God will give us favor with Him and with men… that just as Mordecai and Esther (father and daughter) were promoted at once, so we and our children (both generations) shall be promoted… We come against all evil spirits of fear, doubt, empty religion, confusion, depression, sickness, untimely death… We reject you all in the name of Jesus! We plead the Blood of Jesus over our bodies, souls and spirits. We declared that God is jealous over our lives and testimonies as women of God. We know that Jesus fights our visible and invisible battles and the victory is sure! To God alone be all the glory! In Jesus name, amen!
In Christ we declare:
By the Blood of the Lamb, we are saved!
We are women of God like Sarah, Leah, Esther, Deborah, Ruth, Abigail, Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary of Bethany…We shall fulfill our destiny!
We are free from the spell of any evil spirit! Our enemies are defeated already!
Our marriages and children are blessed! The work of our hands is blessed! Our ministries are blessed!
Father’s House Bible Church is blessed!
The Women’ Fellowship is blessed!
To God be all the glory!
In Jesus name
(In the picture, my husband, I and a group of brethren from our church)


“Then the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord” (Lk 2:10, 11)

This is my testimony: I was born in Romania where the winters are always heavy. I married my husband, Richmond Leigh and we came to Nigeria in 1980, to settle. We had three children. Both of us we practiced medicine here. When we came to Nigeria I could not speak English. At the beginning I struggled. The culture, the weather, the food, the people… everything was different than what I knew about life back home. As a wife, mother and doctor, I struggled to remain happy facing opposition, misunderstanding and anxieties of life. There are no winters in Nigeria. For many years I missed the winter especially at Christmas. It is like I left my child(hood) far away, in another land. I had to let go of my memories which only hunted me… I had to forget the past so that I can receive new blessings…

Light shone into my darkness when in 1986 I became saved! Yes, I gave my life to Christ in our house at that time, in a building at Okoro street Warri, in Nigeria. My life changed again! Little by little, I started developing new feelings, learned new songs and creating new memories. For a long time I felt like a stranger in my own body. It took many years for the war in my heart to end and for peace to reign.

This morning, as I have my quiet time, my heart is at peace… I smile… I am grateful to God for being with me all these years in a country I could not have chosen by myself. I am grateful to God for helping me to chose a Savior I could not have chosen by myself. I thank God for helping me to more than adjust, more than survive here in Africa. I found eternal life, my Savior and my destiny here. Nigeria is not what you call ‘a cute’ country. But the Holy Spirit loves Nigeria and pours the rivers of water on this thirsty land. It is my privilege to be a pastor together with my husband, here in Warri- Effurun, Nigeria. It is my honor to represent the Satisfier of men’s souls, the Joy of all generations and the Hope of all nations to the people here. I speak His Word, I share His joy and I pray that they are filled with the Holy Spirit! I do not trust myself to impart in your hearts a passion for the Holy Spirit. But I trust that God will touch you and fill you with Himself. In Jesus name I pray! There is no greater prayer than this!

From Nigeria to the world I say: Oh come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord! For He alone is worthy! Christ the Lord! Merry Christmas! God bless you all!

Merry Christmas FHBC


This is a letter sent to me this morning from a sister who had to relocate to another city. She, her husband and children were faithful members of our church. This testimony is to the glory of God and for the encouragement of others. As a pastor I rejoice when our spiritual children move in life filled with faith, wisdom and courage. To God be all the glory!

“Good morning Malia, how are you? Malia since the last time l saw you, we didn’t move to… immediately. l believe all things work together for good, for they that trust in the Lord. There were some minor delays, but to God’s glory we have now moved. Its a new apartment two bedroom and l like it. Malia, l want to give God all the glory for bringing my family and l safely, we prayed that there would be no police harassment or car troubles, because our car had faults, to God’s glory, we were barely stopped by any police and the car drove smoothly, then before we left, my husband filled the petrol tank, because we didn’t have much money on us, but we prayed and we trust that the Lord will provide according to our needs and Malia few days after we arrived the petrol tank was still full, 1week after it had barely changed, 10 (ten) days later we are still using it,

l want to say God is Faithful, Merciful and kind,i love these little details and great mercies God shows His children, l am so excited and grateful, so many things He has been doing, our gas bottle was leaking and l got worried, l called my husband and he said we have to change it, he had gone to work, l prayed that we wont be charged and if we are a token, when l got there, the sales personnel told me he would check it and he changed something we tried it, it was no longer leaking, l asked how much and he said no charge,

Malia, it pays to put our TRUST in God Almighty, l want to thank Him for been with us, even as my husband is away, His presence surrounds us. Our daughters especially our eldest is excited with the new place, says mummy l like it, at night l went into a room to worship&pray, the next thing they both woke up and joined me, let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Malia l will send pictures, my phone is faulty now, but soon l will be able. Have a lovely week Malia. Your daughter…”


“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good testimony” (Heb 11:1, 2)
Christianity is a walk of faith. No matter what I tell you, if you do not believe the Word of God, I will speak in vain. Faith is ‘the baby conceived’ when the spirit of man becomes one with the Word of God. Faith is the fruit of the Holy Spirit produced in the spirit of the believer. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God, which is the truth. Examine your life if your faith is growing! That is why you need to attend a living church and listen to the preaching of the Word of God. You need to study and meditate on the Word! Pray for understanding. Be filled with the Holy Spirit! This is how faith grows ‘organically’. God shall reward you more than you can tell!
Try to imagine this: Faith has strong hands. Faith grabs and holds the promises of God knowing that they are real. When doubt tries to hold the Word of God, it slips thru its fingers like water. Doubt is always empty handed and frustrated. But faith holds and holds the Word of God until it manifests as a visible testimony. Christianity is a life style that starts with faith and ends with sight. This ever maturing faith, tried and tested in the furnace of fire, is acknowledged and rewarded by God. By this blessing, your position shall change from a ‘baby Christian’ to an ‘elder’ in the Kingdom. From a prince you shall become a king! These are spiritual ‘titles’. No man can give them or take them away from you. No mater your natural age, if you are a child of God, you are either a baby or an elder. A baby trusts God. But an elder is more than that. He trusts God and God trusts him! Selah!
May this be your heart’s desire and prayer this morning: “Father God, please help me to be an elder in your courts! Please increase my faith! Help me to pay the price for a mature fruitful faith! Help me to trust You always! Give me the testimony of a true servant of God! For Your glory alone and for my own good! In Jesus name I pray, amen!”
Hands and Bible


“Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is right for him.” (Gen 2;18)

My husband and I we are married for almost 44 years. From the revelation of the Word of God and from my experience as a wife, mother, grandmother and pastor, I write these notes…

God invented the institution of marriage. God alone has the key to a successful marriage. He gives that secret key to them who are born again and who want to know His ways in all things, including their married life. Because we are born sinners, it is very easy to take love or marriage for granted. To take for granted it means to accept or to use something or someone in a careless manner. In marriage, it means to live together, have children but without true love for one another and without giving glory to God. This is a sad but very common reality even in the Christian homes.

Human beings are created to love God and to love others. God invented marriage where love can have a place to grow so that He can bless it. True love means to intimately know each other. This intimacy requires spiritual maturity and emotional stability. Each partner needs to know self and the other. Marriage is a deep mystery and full time work of love. A lazy man will make a bad husband. A selfish woman will make a bad wife. The fear of intimacy is poison to satisfaction in marriage. It leads to loneliness and depression even while married. In this way marriage has lost its godly purpose.

Marriage, love and true friendship are not easy. There are many snares to avoid, many tests to pass along the way. In the process of knowing one another, we fall into many temptations. Sacrificial love is risky because we are sinners saved by grace. We dream big but we invest too little for our dreams to come true. Most lovers get disappointed in life. A relationship can be wounded superficially or very deeply. Hurts received in marriage are very painful. The wounds of betrayal, even with prayers and patience, are slow to heal. It is easy to give up and decided to be ‘on your own’. This is the root of divorce. Many married couples have divorced spiritually or emotionally but they still live together. They sleep in the same bed and take care of their children. But their love got sick and died long ago. You should know that the devil hates Christian marriages. He will fight with all his strength to destroy your home. These are some lessons to improve your marriage. To apply these Biblical principles you need to be born again and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Do not take your marriage for granted. Be very careful to avoid quarrels which cause division. Be sensitive when you sense that ‘the devil is in the room and the quarrel is coming’. The Holy Spirit will prepare your heart to sense that you need to keep quiet and still. Communication is like playing table tennis. Each partner feels like responding to the words of the other. Be careful: if the tone of voice becomes too high, the tendency to argue increases. Show self-restrain. Both love and self-control are fruits of the Holy Spirit. Talking is like driving a car. It is exciting to drive it full speed. It is fun to defend your opinions. But look at the Holy Ghost ‘traffic signs’. Keep below the speed limit. Learn to use your breaks. From time to time check your spiritual brakes, if the pads of patience are still functioning well and the oil of wisdom still intact. Quarrels between close friends, between husband and wife can end in disaster. You can wreck your marriage and it may not be possible to repair it on earth. Behave and speak in such a way that tomorrow, you do not need to apologize for your actions and words of today.

For me, apology is a friend and an enemy in the same time. For example, if my husband tells me that he is grieved by my actions or words, I apologize immediately. If I am not aware that he is wounded that is different. But if he tells me that I grieved him, the apology must come instantly from my heart. This is not the time to analyze my behavior. I know that he loves me. He prays for me. If he says I was wrong, then I am wrong. Period! Pain for me is a wonderful teacher. I do not waste it. I learn from everything, even from my ignorant mistakes. I apologize and promise to change. And I keep my word. I pray and trust God to change. I do not foolishly repeat the same mistake again and again taking for granted that the Holy Spirit will help us ‘to settle’. I always remember that love is a very delicate thing. A sudden electrical surge of one second can destroy a very expensive computer. Even so, a ‘little’ quarrel can damage trust and quench the spirit of love. So, I am very careful not to grieve the Holy Spirit! In Christ I declare that Jesus Christ is my first Lover! My husband is second lover! Then follow the children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters and friends! I thank God for them all! This is my story! This is my song!

Child of God, when things are hard, when tears freely flow and nothing is able to stop them, when you make mistakes, when you are misunderstood, when friends fail and family withdraws… then remember that God is always faithful! “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!” (Heb 13: 8). He was betrayed by sinners but He loved to the end. Crawl into His loving arms and find peace. You may not have all the answers. You may not need to have all the deep revelations of conflict because God knows them all. He knows your heart. He knows that you love Him. He knows your weakness and strength. He knows each word even before it comes on your tongue. He loves you with an everlasting love. You are secure in knowing Jesus, your Savior, King and Best Friend. He died for you. He forgives you. He is still with you. Inside your heart, no matter what, you can rejoice always! Love is not easy. But love is still the best gift of God. Be jealous over your heart! Cherish it! Give thanks to God for everything! Praise the Lord!

R and L 2



“And Peter answered Him and said, “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.” So He said, “Come.” And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus” (Mt 14:28, 29)


The prayer meeting was good. To me, ‘good’ it means that the Person of God the Holy Spirit was here moving freely in our midst. The Holy Spirit gave us a word so that we can pray and worship God with it. This was the word: ‘Come back to Me!’ The Holy Spirit was leading the way so that we are able to come back to the Rock of our salvation. Thru thanksgiving, The Holy Spirit ministered entrance to us, into the presence of God, Thank You, Abba Father! The message was about Jesus and Peter walking upon the stormy waters (Mt 14:22-33). This is the story: Jesus miraculously fed thousands. They wanted to make Him king by force (Jn 6:15). He forces His disciples to take the boat, to cross the sea and to go ‘to the other side’. Jesus separates the disciples from the crowd because there is a danger to become attracted to desire only material things.  Spirituality is a personal race. The crowd may ‘swallow’ you into following a false gospel of ‘prosperity’. “Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong” (Ex 23:2). Lesson: If Jesus commands you to go somewhere, you shall arrive at the destination. No storm is able to stop you! Jesus is the King of the storm! Fear not! In God’s time, you shall arrive at heaven! But God does not prevent storms in life. The trials come so that your faith is purified and your hearts established in grace. Jesus separates you from the materialistic crowd. Do not have too many friends. Do not follow unbelievers because they will drag you away from God. Pray for God to bring quality spiritual friends who challenge you to repent and to follow Jesus! True friends are more than gold!


It was a great storm. The boat was in serious danger. Jesus was not with them. It was in the middle of the sea and in the middle of the night. The wind was contrary and the waves terrifying. The disciples thought that they will die. At about 4 am Jesus comes walking on top of the waters. He was not running like somebody who is panicky. Jesus walked towards them calmly. Lesson: The trial will not kill you. Jesus will come to save you! Jesus is never too early and never too late.  They thought He was a ghost. Fear of death was added on top of fear of death. When fear is too much you should know that the devil is attacking you. How many deaths do you want to die? The devil is a liar! The stormy waters represent your problems. To be free from fear you need to see Jesus walking on top of your problems. For example, there is the problem of poverty, loneliness or sickness. What is it that you need? You need a fresh vision of the Resurrected Christ calmly walking on top of that poverty, that loneliness or that sickness. You need to hear the Lord’s voice that is stronger than the storm saying to you: ‘Come!’ His voice is above and louder than many waters (Rev 1:15). His courage will ignite courage in you. Because He lives, you shall live also! You shall come out from the boat of human effort and you too shall walk on top of your problems. The solution to all your problems is fresh spiritual sight and fresh spiritual hearing. ‘Walk like Jesus walked’ (1Jn 2:6). This is how progress, healing, deliverance and financial breakthrough is made. I pray that God will open your eyes to see Jesus, open your ears to hear His Word and give you the courage to get out from that passivity-doubt-fear boat into the faith that knows no borders. In Jesus name, amen!



“And He (Jesus) appointed twelve, so that they would be with Him and that He could send them out to preach” (Mk 3:14)

A Minister wrote me saying that he is frustrated with his ministry. This is my answer to him:

“Dear Brother, I understand that there are some challenges, but please do not be frustrated about things you cannot do. Some days we move on and make progress… some other days we can only stand on the same spot… But after you have done all, stand! It is God’s ministry. It is not by your power of by your might! It is by the Holy Spirit! Even on the Cross Jesus was never frustrated… Be like Jesus! The Lord Jesus Christ called you to Himself to make you a new person… To be His child… it is after you are sure of your identity in Christ and secure in His love, then you can work for Him… Work is a product of identity overflow… Work does not give you your true identity, which is found in Christ alone!

For example, you marry a woman to be your spiritual companion and good friend, first of all. That is true intimacy. Secondly, she may have children for you and cook, take care of your house… The ‘being’ is before the working or the preaching. The root must be right before the fruitfulness manifests. I pray that you meditate on these words… Pray, repent and yield to the Holy Spirit for the new things God wants to do in your life… God can never fail! God will supply all that you need! God supplies the need first and the provision later.

“I reject the evil spirit of impatience, discouragement and frustration in your heart! Holy Spirit please take control! Thank You Father! In Jesus name, amen!”


There is family friend with have. He is an American. Let’s call him Pastor John. He is 65 years old, child of God, servant of God, pastor, widower (his wife died 2 years ago), author of books. He has a PHD in Theology. He has a daughter who is in the university. He is a lecturer in the Bible school where he lives. He is what people call ‘famous’ in the Christians circles. He always encourages my husband and I in the faith. He never begs. Yesterday he wrote me this emergency note:
“Dear Sister Lia, Something tragic happened and I lost all my money. I had to declare bankruptcy. Please pray for me. I need revival in my heart and a financial breakthrough. I believe that with God nothing is impossible. Because I could not pay my phone bills AT&T gave me only 2 days before disconnecting my phone. I may not be able to send you another text. I shall wait for the Lord Jesus with my last breath. There is nothing left for me, only my faith. Thank you dear Sister for praying. God bless you!”
Dear Intercessors, please pray for this brother, an wounded soldier in the army of Christ. I do not know the details of his problem. I do not know how a rich man can become so poor. But right now it does not matter. As a doctor, in an emergency you save the patient’s life before asking more questions. Thank you for praying! God bless you! I will come back with a testimony! In Jesus name, amen!
PS: One hour after I wrote this prayer request he sent me this note (it means that the phone is still working, thank God!):
“Thank you for this dear sister Lia. One cannot control a tragedy and like you said, one cant control a miracle—all you can do is stand and face them. The rest is up to God. I will stand….”


“I will love thee, O Lord, my strength” (Ps 18:1)
Five days ago, a sister in our church, a member of the choir, a young wife and mother of three children was shot and killed by armed robbers. This was a shock to all of us. Such a tragic and untimely death! Like a cloud of darkness, this event brought a sudden pain and depression upon myself. For two days I could only grieve without comfort. I was restless. I am her pastor. My sheep was killed by wicked men from outside the fence. ‘Abba Father, what shall I do?’ Some months ago she told me: “Malia, I think that God is calling me to come closer to Him. But I am afraid…” I told her: ‘If God is calling you don’t be afraid. God is a good God. He wants to bless you!’ Like an evil tsunami, the shock of this story pushed me away from the usual peace of God. The only scripture that I could remember to anchor my soul upon was this: “When my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the rock that is higher than I” (Ps 61:2). I needed a leading back to the Rock of Ages. Jesus is the way. I prayed for help so that I can follow His leading. I did not want to settle in depression and doubt. I need to go to the Savior, my solid unmovable Rock! A rock in the desert protects from the heat of the sun. Occasionally it rains in the desert. It produces flash floods that can easily drown a man. I hide in the Rock. I climb on the rock. This rock is my safety and my strength. I am week but He is strong. This Rock is not just a place, but a Person. This Rock is Christ, the only source of Living water (1Cor 10:4).

The Holy Spirit led the way back to the Word. Slowly, I crawled back to the manifested presence of God. On the third day I touched the Rock once more. Immediately my eyes were opened and I saw God in the tragic story. Like drinking water in the desert, I received the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Suddenly, peace rested on my soul again. It was a miracle deliverance healing holy comfort moment. Praise the Lord! The Holy Spirit directed me to Psalm 18. I read it slowly and with each word I gained more strength. I saw that David too has suffered many things. He knew loneliness, rejection, betrayal, tragic loss and pain. The words I, me and mine appear 95 times in 50 verses. This describes a personal pain and a personal salvation. I need Jesus!!! Before I can help others, I need the Holy Spirit for myself! For as long as you are not able to enter another person’s pain, you cannot help that one. ‘You weep with those who weep and you rejoice with them who rejoice’ (Rom 12:15). These are deep words, exchanges of spiritual virtue and life from the stronger to the weak. Supernatural comfort is given not to store but to be shared with the needy.

I saw that thru all the trials of life one thing never changed: God! David testifies that God was always with him. God delivered him from violent men and from wicked hateful spirits. With the Help of the Holy Spirit, reading this Psalm, I could see God in the tragic story of this sister’s death. The armed robbers could only kill her body. They could not kill her soul. They could not take her to hell. They are not the heroes of this story. They were agents of darkness, cowards and failures. God is the hero of the story. Jesus, the Savior of this sister takes all the glory. What looked like a tragedy, to me now looks like powerful deliverance. The wicked men were violent and noisy. But the angels of God were gentle with her, quieting her soul in the few seconds of life she had on earth. ‘You stoop down to make me great…Your gentleness has made me great’ (Ps 18:35). In that night of lonely pain, God stooped down and Sister Mimi became ‘great’ in His presence. What a change of feelings for me! The angels carried her soul up to God in quietness and peace. This is my testimony: for me, the two days of painful mourning ended when I saw the truth. Sister Mimi is now free to worship God forever, in heaven. God won the battle! To God be all the glory! Me too I worship God who is greater than all!

Let’s pray: I come against any evil spirit of depression, witchcraft, fear, doubt and backsliding. I reject you! I destroy any spell of unholy bitter hopeless mourning over your soul. In Jesus name! I declare that Jesus is Lord! By the power of the Holy Spirit, be comforted today. Comfort others with the comfort you have received from God. We shall continue to worship God to the end, now and forever! Death cannot separate us from the love of God found in Christ Jesus! Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

“I love you, Lord
And I lift my voice
To worship You
Oh, my soul, rejoice!
Take joy my King
In what You hear
Let it be a sweet, sweet sound
In Your ear…”




“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also abounds through Christ” (2Cor 1:2-5)


Question:                What is your only comfort in life and death?

Answer: That I am not my own, but belong with body and soul, both in life and in death, to my faithful Savior Jesus Christ. He has fully paid for all my sins with His precious blood, and has set me free from all the power of the devil.  He also preserves me in such a way that without the will of my heavenly Father not a hair can fall from my head; indeed, all things must work together for my salvation. Therefore, by His Holy Spirit He also assures me of eternal life and makes me heartily willing and ready from now on to live for Him.


We had a difficult week. A sister in Christ, member of our church, soloist in the choir, wife and mother of three small children, was shot and killed by armed robbers. In the middle of the pain, we have to go back to the Word of God, for comfort; for there is no other comfort outside Christ. The question and the answer above are taken from the Heidelberg Catechism. This is the stand of all Christians. We need Comfort always! Life is hard. We all need supernatural comfort. Not only when we are old, sick, mourning or in trouble. We need God’s comfort always, every moment, even when we are well, young and happy. Comfort is a spiritual word. It means to live in a state of freedom from anxiety, pain, shame, suffering, guilt and grief. It means to experience rest in your soul, joy, peace, hope and satisfaction in life. The opposite of comfort is depression, anger and spiritual torment.


The Holy Spirit is the Heavenly Comforter. We need to receive and retain the Holy Spirit. We need to remain filled with the Holy Spirit even to overflow, to be able to touch others with the comfort we have received from God. Family and friends may help and encourage you in times of trouble. Money can buy some little happiness. But no one and nothing else apart from the Holy Spirit can truly comfort your soul. Seek God and His comfort! If you desire to live an independent and rebellious proud life, then you reject God’s comfort, for He comforts only those who confess their need for God. Jesus Christ, our Great Shepherd, only takes care of His sheep and not of the goats that ‘join’ His flock by the side, for temporary entertainment and some stolen food. The Holy Spirit’s comfort works in life and in death. It works unto the end. It works in all circumstances and seasons of life. Have faith in God! No matter the trials and temptations, because we have the hope of glory, we have God’s comfort too.


Are you a child of God? Then receive the strength, peace, joy and comfort by the power of the Holy Ghost! At the name of Jesus, depression, fear, sickness, loneliness and grief must bow and go away. Holy Spirit, please come and fill us again! Thank You Lord! Joy comes in the morning… It is well!



M-am nascut an Romania. M-am casatorit si am avut doi copii (Alina si Ion) an Romania. De ziua Romaniei, eu ma rog ca Dumnezeu sa biecuvanteze tara mea natala cu binecuvantari spirituale si materiale. An numele Lui Isus, Amin!

Romania is my birth country. I met my husband Richmond Leigh in Romania. We got married and had two children (Alina and John) over there. Today is Romania’s national day. God bless Romania with a fresh move of God, with true revival, with spiritual and material blessings found in Christ alone! For His glory! In Jesus name, amen!