This is a letter sent to me this morning from a sister who had to relocate to another city. She, her husband and children were faithful members of our church. This testimony is to the glory of God and for the encouragement of others. As a pastor I rejoice when our spiritual children move in life filled with faith, wisdom and courage. To God be all the glory!

“Good morning Malia, how are you? Malia since the last time l saw you, we didn’t move to… immediately. l believe all things work together for good, for they that trust in the Lord. There were some minor delays, but to God’s glory we have now moved. Its a new apartment two bedroom and l like it. Malia, l want to give God all the glory for bringing my family and l safely, we prayed that there would be no police harassment or car troubles, because our car had faults, to God’s glory, we were barely stopped by any police and the car drove smoothly, then before we left, my husband filled the petrol tank, because we didn’t have much money on us, but we prayed and we trust that the Lord will provide according to our needs and Malia few days after we arrived the petrol tank was still full, 1week after it had barely changed, 10 (ten) days later we are still using it,

l want to say God is Faithful, Merciful and kind,i love these little details and great mercies God shows His children, l am so excited and grateful, so many things He has been doing, our gas bottle was leaking and l got worried, l called my husband and he said we have to change it, he had gone to work, l prayed that we wont be charged and if we are a token, when l got there, the sales personnel told me he would check it and he changed something we tried it, it was no longer leaking, l asked how much and he said no charge,

Malia, it pays to put our TRUST in God Almighty, l want to thank Him for been with us, even as my husband is away, His presence surrounds us. Our daughters especially our eldest is excited with the new place, says mummy l like it, at night l went into a room to worship&pray, the next thing they both woke up and joined me, let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Malia l will send pictures, my phone is faulty now, but soon l will be able. Have a lovely week Malia. Your daughter…”

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