his is me, about 8 years old and my (late) father, Prof. Albai Ion. I just won a prize in school and was given flowers. The wind was strong and he holds my hair for the picture. I remember how caring he was, how safe I felt with him.We are in the old train station in the city of Orsova, Romania.

Eu cu tata meu, Prof. Albai Ion la gara veche din Orsova. Eram cam 8 ani. Mi-au dat un buchet de flori pentru ca am castigat premiul antai. Tata ami tine parul cu mana pentru ca vantul era tare. Ami aduc aminte ce bun tata el era (Romanian)




“And He (Jesus) took the bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is My body, given for you; do this in remembrance of Me” (Lk 22:19)
Today we had a Holy Communion service. We remembered the Lord Jesus Christ. Only the children of God can remember Jesus! The unbelievers have nothing to remember. We remembered His Person, His Words and His Spirit. We wanted to do it right. The Holy Communion is not just a routine religious exercise but a deep spiritual act of worship. If taken correctly it imparts grace to the soul, it strengthens our faith and it heals our bodies. We needed a special attitude of the mind. We had to be sober as we meditate afresh upon the greatest price paid for our salvation. It was life for life! It was death for death! Jesus died for our sins! Greater love man does not have than to lay down his life for his friends. Jesus calls us ‘Friends’. Therefore, In Christ, because of the Blood shed on the Cross ‘I am a friend of God’! Halleluiah! Let us never stop to wonder as we feel the power of eternal life, of such an amazing grace!
This is the Gospel that saves sinners: Jesus Christ is both God and Man. For thirty three years He walked on earth with a body like ours. The only difference is that His body was sinless. He was tempted like us at all points but He never sinned. God the Father sent His only begotten Son to be a sacrifice for sinners. Jesus died so that we live! He became sin that we may become the righteousness of God. He became cursed for our sake, for anyone hanging on a tree is cursed. The Son never encountered the wrath of God the Father. But on that Cross, because God hates sin, the anger of God came with full force on Him. That is why Jesus died! Not for His sins but for mine! What manner of love is this? A thousand tongues cannot sing its praise! Oh, how I love Jesus, because He first loved me!
The Blood of Jesus is precious and powerful. Even if you sell planet earth, with the sun, the moon and the stars, you cannot buy a drop of the Blood of Jesus. Love is not for sale! The Blood is powerful not only against sin, but against satan who is the master of sin. The blood of Jesus is the only weapon that can destroy satan (Rev 12:11). As a Man, Jesus was granted entrance in heaven because of the offering of His Blood. As a God, heaven is always His home. But as a Man, by the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus used His Blood as the ‘key’ to open heaven’s gate. He did it for Himself and for us. We need to have faith that the same Blood has opened heaven to us!
Today we remembered our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! But you may ask: Is it possible that we forget Jesus? ‘Yes’ is the answer. To forget it means that your memory has failed in some areas. Spiritually speaking, to forget it means that you have abandoned a life giving revelation, that you have given up hope in a particular promise of God; that you stopped waiting for God to perform His Word. To forget it means that you stopped expecting the miracle the Word accomplishes in those who believe. To remember it means to think again, to exercise the power of your mind once more. It means to bring something ‘from the back to the front’ of your mind. It means to bring that information closer to your attention, to make it a priority, until your emotions are stirred once more and love blooms in ‘the mental desert’. To remember is a mental effort. Lazy people forget easily and are slow to remember. God complains that His people forget Him easily. “Does a young woman forget her jewelry, a bride her wedding ornaments? Yet my people have forgotten me, days without number” (Jer 2:32). True ‘love does not remember the past wrongs’ but never forgets the good times, the blessed moments of intimacy when words touch the heart and kindness heals the wounded soul (1Cor 13:5).
Now we shall keep quiet as we partake in the blessed Holy Communion… Peace! Be still! Be filled with the Holy Spirit!



The mighty Angel Gabriel was sent by God to Zechariah with wonderful news. Face to face with the angel, the old priest became afraid. Listen to the gracious words coming from the angel, spoken in a human language he can understand:  “Do not be afraid, Zacharias, for your prayer is heard; and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you shall call his name John” (Lk 1:13). The angel gives him a clear proof of God’s love, faithfulness, mercy and grace. But Zechariah doubts the promise of God. He is chastised immediately. For the next nine months he shall be dumb. He will not be able to encourage the worshippers waiting for him outside the temple. He will not be able to comfort his wife. Ministry comes to stand still.


There are great lessons here. We learn that God punishes doubt in His children. The more grace is given to you, the more is expected from you. This story is amazing to me. First of all, listen to this simple but wonderful sentence spoken by the Angel: “Your prayer is heard!” God invented prayer! God listens to our prayers! No matter how long it takes, God answers our prayers! Another thing that surprises me is that even when God punishes, He is still merciful. God could have stroke Zechariah dead, but He did not. Lastly, it amazes me that even in the presence of His servant’s doubt God’s promise was still fulfilled. Even when we are unfaithful, God remains faithful! The long expected son called John was born in exactly nine months from this dramatic encounter.


This is my prayer today: “Let it be unto me according to Your Word!”  Child of God, may you repent of doubt and unbelief! The longer you know God, the less excuse you have to doubt God asking foolish questions. If your faith is weak, pray that it will be strengthen! There is no excuse to continue your Christian life with a handicapped faith! And for you who trust God and remain faithful to the original vision given to you, well done! Rejoice that you know the Living God! Worship this mighty, merciful, faithful, miracle working God! Praise the Lord!


In Christ I declare:

I am a child of God!

God has heard my prayer!

My testimony is sure! Faith 100%! Doubt 0%!

To the glory of God!

In Jesus name,




“I set myself on fire and people come to watch me burn.” (John Wesley 1703-1791)
This is one of my most loved spiritual quotes. I try to ‘act’ it out. I always pray that my tongue is ‘fire’ and the people who listen to me are ‘the dry wood’. Fire spreads from one tree to another. In the same way, the passion for Jesus spreads thru living words anointed by the Holy Spirit. May the revival fire be ignited! May it move on, from one heart to another, until the glory of God fills this nation Nigeria, as the waters cover the sea. Glory to God!


“Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good. His love endures forever” (Ps 136:1)
This testimony is given to the glory of God, to the shame of the devil and for the encouragement of others. This is what happened today: One of our daughters in Christ celebrated her birthday today in a ‘strange creative’ way. She knows that I cannot easily go out to buy things. This morning she woke up very early and went under the Ogunu bridge where the fishermen bring fresh fish. She said that the women who sell fish come and buy the best early in the morning. She went there before the women and bought the best fishes available. Guess for what? Is it to cook something for her guests on her birthday today? That could have been the normal answer. But that is not what happened. She went to buy fishes for my husband and I, as a gift! She came to the door jumping for joy with a cooler filled with fish and ice. She said that giving us the fish is her birthday gift. Jesus!!!!!! I see her like Isaac (Laughter) who planted during a time of famine and God blessed him a hundredfold (Gen 26:12).

Please if you see Jesus thank Him for this daughter who surprised me today. Pray for her too! I was the one who was supposed to go under the bridge to buy fish for her. After all, it is her birthday! But grace has turned my world upside down! Words cannot describe how I feel. I planned for a quiet day today, but her (over) generous and (over) kind gift from Jehovah Overdo makes me feel like it is my own birthday. No need to wait for March. God is good to me and my family, natural and spiritual! To God be all the glory!




““I call on the Lord in my distress, and He answers me. Save me, Lord, from lying lips and from deceitful tongues… Too long have I lived among those who hate peace. I am for peace; but when I speak, they are for war” (Ps 120)

The prayer meeting was very good. We praised God expecting His coming. We left the meeting hall’s door opened throughout the worship time. We turned the chairs and we faced the opened door waiting for the entrance of the King of glory. By faith, He came! Our hearts were filled with gratitude for the gift of His (expected and yet unexpected) presence. The message was about the hindrances against our entering the season of peace (Shalom). In Judges 6 we saw that the revelation of Jehovah Shalom (The Lord is/brings peace) changed the weak Gideon into a true man of God. We need the same revelation. If we really know Jehovah Shalom we shall be transformed from nobodies into somebodies, from useless sinners into fruitful servants of God. We want to know Jehovah Shalom. What is then the hindrance to this destiny changing revelation? It is the evil spirits of lies and religious deception.


Read Psalm 120!!! It is probably written by King David. Here we discover a wonderful secret: how to live among liars and not become a liar; how to live among cheats and not end up cheating others. We see that it is possible, by the grace of God, to live among deceivers, not becoming bitter and still make progress. King David was in distress. The liars oppressed him with their wicked lies. He could not fight them directly. The people of God around him (his elder brothers, King Saul, Nabal and other Jews) were jealous and hated him. They slandered him. They became worse than the unbelievers from the pagan cities of Meshek and Kedar. For example: David wanted peace with King Saul but it was not possible. Saul refused to make peace with David, even unto death. This is a great lesson: there are some people in this world who love war, evil, trouble and confusion. They hate peace and prosperity. They hate Shalom! These people are not far from you. They live among your relatives, in-laws, friends and church members. They do not only lie to you but they block your progress with their lies. They hinder your desire to fulfill destiny.  They want to destroy your faith in God.


What can you do? When in distress, pray to God!!! He shall answer you! God shall grant salvation and deliverance to you! Lies are seasonal but truth is eternal! You shall enter your promised prophetic season of peace, prosperity and joy. You shall know Shalom! You shall be changed from a nobody into a somebody for Jesus! You cannot destroy these wicked liars but God shall judge them! The very fiery arrows of lies they threw at you shall wound them. God is just in His judgment.  Vengeance belongs to God! The oppression of liars shall cease. The gate to freedom and holy success is now opened to you. Pass thru it! Choose today between your cheap entertaining friendship with hypocrites and fulfilling your destiny in Christ. There is no middle ground! The altar of Jehovah Shalom is calling you! As for me and my household, we shall serve the Lord!