his is me, about 8 years old and my (late) father, Prof. Albai Ion. I just won a prize in school and was given flowers. The wind was strong and he holds my hair for the picture. I remember how caring he was, how safe I felt with him.We are in the old train station in the city of Orsova, Romania.

Eu cu tata meu, Prof. Albai Ion la gara veche din Orsova. Eram cam 8 ani. Mi-au dat un buchet de flori pentru ca am castigat premiul antai. Tata ami tine parul cu mana pentru ca vantul era tare. Ami aduc aminte ce bun tata el era (Romanian)




“And He (Jesus) took the bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is My body, given for you; do this in remembrance of Me” (Lk 22:19)
Today we had a Holy Communion service. We remembered the Lord Jesus Christ. Only the children of God can remember Jesus! The unbelievers have nothing to remember. We remembered His Person, His Words and His Spirit. We wanted to do it right. The Holy Communion is not just a routine religious exercise but a deep spiritual act of worship. If taken correctly it imparts grace to the soul, it strengthens our faith and it heals our bodies. We needed a special attitude of the mind. We had to be sober as we meditate afresh upon the greatest price paid for our salvation. It was life for life! It was death for death! Jesus died for our sins! Greater love man does not have than to lay down his life for his friends. Jesus calls us ‘Friends’. Therefore, In Christ, because of the Blood shed on the Cross ‘I am a friend of God’! Halleluiah! Let us never stop to wonder as we feel the power of eternal life, of such an amazing grace!
This is the Gospel that saves sinners: Jesus Christ is both God and Man. For thirty three years He walked on earth with a body like ours. The only difference is that His body was sinless. He was tempted like us at all points but He never sinned. God the Father sent His only begotten Son to be a sacrifice for sinners. Jesus died so that we live! He became sin that we may become the righteousness of God. He became cursed for our sake, for anyone hanging on a tree is cursed. The Son never encountered the wrath of God the Father. But on that Cross, because God hates sin, the anger of God came with full force on Him. That is why Jesus died! Not for His sins but for mine! What manner of love is this? A thousand tongues cannot sing its praise! Oh, how I love Jesus, because He first loved me!
The Blood of Jesus is precious and powerful. Even if you sell planet earth, with the sun, the moon and the stars, you cannot buy a drop of the Blood of Jesus. Love is not for sale! The Blood is powerful not only against sin, but against satan who is the master of sin. The blood of Jesus is the only weapon that can destroy satan (Rev 12:11). As a Man, Jesus was granted entrance in heaven because of the offering of His Blood. As a God, heaven is always His home. But as a Man, by the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus used His Blood as the ‘key’ to open heaven’s gate. He did it for Himself and for us. We need to have faith that the same Blood has opened heaven to us!
Today we remembered our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! But you may ask: Is it possible that we forget Jesus? ‘Yes’ is the answer. To forget it means that your memory has failed in some areas. Spiritually speaking, to forget it means that you have abandoned a life giving revelation, that you have given up hope in a particular promise of God; that you stopped waiting for God to perform His Word. To forget it means that you stopped expecting the miracle the Word accomplishes in those who believe. To remember it means to think again, to exercise the power of your mind once more. It means to bring something ‘from the back to the front’ of your mind. It means to bring that information closer to your attention, to make it a priority, until your emotions are stirred once more and love blooms in ‘the mental desert’. To remember is a mental effort. Lazy people forget easily and are slow to remember. God complains that His people forget Him easily. “Does a young woman forget her jewelry, a bride her wedding ornaments? Yet my people have forgotten me, days without number” (Jer 2:32). True ‘love does not remember the past wrongs’ but never forgets the good times, the blessed moments of intimacy when words touch the heart and kindness heals the wounded soul (1Cor 13:5).
Now we shall keep quiet as we partake in the blessed Holy Communion… Peace! Be still! Be filled with the Holy Spirit!



The mighty Angel Gabriel was sent by God to Zechariah with wonderful news. Face to face with the angel, the old priest became afraid. Listen to the gracious words coming from the angel, spoken in a human language he can understand:  “Do not be afraid, Zacharias, for your prayer is heard; and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you shall call his name John” (Lk 1:13). The angel gives him a clear proof of God’s love, faithfulness, mercy and grace. But Zechariah doubts the promise of God. He is chastised immediately. For the next nine months he shall be dumb. He will not be able to encourage the worshippers waiting for him outside the temple. He will not be able to comfort his wife. Ministry comes to stand still.


There are great lessons here. We learn that God punishes doubt in His children. The more grace is given to you, the more is expected from you. This story is amazing to me. First of all, listen to this simple but wonderful sentence spoken by the Angel: “Your prayer is heard!” God invented prayer! God listens to our prayers! No matter how long it takes, God answers our prayers! Another thing that surprises me is that even when God punishes, He is still merciful. God could have stroke Zechariah dead, but He did not. Lastly, it amazes me that even in the presence of His servant’s doubt God’s promise was still fulfilled. Even when we are unfaithful, God remains faithful! The long expected son called John was born in exactly nine months from this dramatic encounter.


This is my prayer today: “Let it be unto me according to Your Word!”  Child of God, may you repent of doubt and unbelief! The longer you know God, the less excuse you have to doubt God asking foolish questions. If your faith is weak, pray that it will be strengthen! There is no excuse to continue your Christian life with a handicapped faith! And for you who trust God and remain faithful to the original vision given to you, well done! Rejoice that you know the Living God! Worship this mighty, merciful, faithful, miracle working God! Praise the Lord!


In Christ I declare:

I am a child of God!

God has heard my prayer!

My testimony is sure! Faith 100%! Doubt 0%!

To the glory of God!

In Jesus name,




“I set myself on fire and people come to watch me burn.” (John Wesley 1703-1791)
This is one of my most loved spiritual quotes. I try to ‘act’ it out. I always pray that my tongue is ‘fire’ and the people who listen to me are ‘the dry wood’. Fire spreads from one tree to another. In the same way, the passion for Jesus spreads thru living words anointed by the Holy Spirit. May the revival fire be ignited! May it move on, from one heart to another, until the glory of God fills this nation Nigeria, as the waters cover the sea. Glory to God!


“Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good. His love endures forever” (Ps 136:1)
This testimony is given to the glory of God, to the shame of the devil and for the encouragement of others. This is what happened today: One of our daughters in Christ celebrated her birthday today in a ‘strange creative’ way. She knows that I cannot easily go out to buy things. This morning she woke up very early and went under the Ogunu bridge where the fishermen bring fresh fish. She said that the women who sell fish come and buy the best early in the morning. She went there before the women and bought the best fishes available. Guess for what? Is it to cook something for her guests on her birthday today? That could have been the normal answer. But that is not what happened. She went to buy fishes for my husband and I, as a gift! She came to the door jumping for joy with a cooler filled with fish and ice. She said that giving us the fish is her birthday gift. Jesus!!!!!! I see her like Isaac (Laughter) who planted during a time of famine and God blessed him a hundredfold (Gen 26:12).

Please if you see Jesus thank Him for this daughter who surprised me today. Pray for her too! I was the one who was supposed to go under the bridge to buy fish for her. After all, it is her birthday! But grace has turned my world upside down! Words cannot describe how I feel. I planned for a quiet day today, but her (over) generous and (over) kind gift from Jehovah Overdo makes me feel like it is my own birthday. No need to wait for March. God is good to me and my family, natural and spiritual! To God be all the glory!




““I call on the Lord in my distress, and He answers me. Save me, Lord, from lying lips and from deceitful tongues… Too long have I lived among those who hate peace. I am for peace; but when I speak, they are for war” (Ps 120)

The prayer meeting was very good. We praised God expecting His coming. We left the meeting hall’s door opened throughout the worship time. We turned the chairs and we faced the opened door waiting for the entrance of the King of glory. By faith, He came! Our hearts were filled with gratitude for the gift of His (expected and yet unexpected) presence. The message was about the hindrances against our entering the season of peace (Shalom). In Judges 6 we saw that the revelation of Jehovah Shalom (The Lord is/brings peace) changed the weak Gideon into a true man of God. We need the same revelation. If we really know Jehovah Shalom we shall be transformed from nobodies into somebodies, from useless sinners into fruitful servants of God. We want to know Jehovah Shalom. What is then the hindrance to this destiny changing revelation? It is the evil spirits of lies and religious deception.


Read Psalm 120!!! It is probably written by King David. Here we discover a wonderful secret: how to live among liars and not become a liar; how to live among cheats and not end up cheating others. We see that it is possible, by the grace of God, to live among deceivers, not becoming bitter and still make progress. King David was in distress. The liars oppressed him with their wicked lies. He could not fight them directly. The people of God around him (his elder brothers, King Saul, Nabal and other Jews) were jealous and hated him. They slandered him. They became worse than the unbelievers from the pagan cities of Meshek and Kedar. For example: David wanted peace with King Saul but it was not possible. Saul refused to make peace with David, even unto death. This is a great lesson: there are some people in this world who love war, evil, trouble and confusion. They hate peace and prosperity. They hate Shalom! These people are not far from you. They live among your relatives, in-laws, friends and church members. They do not only lie to you but they block your progress with their lies. They hinder your desire to fulfill destiny.  They want to destroy your faith in God.


What can you do? When in distress, pray to God!!! He shall answer you! God shall grant salvation and deliverance to you! Lies are seasonal but truth is eternal! You shall enter your promised prophetic season of peace, prosperity and joy. You shall know Shalom! You shall be changed from a nobody into a somebody for Jesus! You cannot destroy these wicked liars but God shall judge them! The very fiery arrows of lies they threw at you shall wound them. God is just in His judgment.  Vengeance belongs to God! The oppression of liars shall cease. The gate to freedom and holy success is now opened to you. Pass thru it! Choose today between your cheap entertaining friendship with hypocrites and fulfilling your destiny in Christ. There is no middle ground! The altar of Jehovah Shalom is calling you! As for me and my household, we shall serve the Lord!



“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances (in everything); for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1Thess 5:16-18).


The women’ fellowship was very good. After one month of fasting and prayers, after giving our best to organize Esther’s Banquet, today we chose to have a day of thanksgiving. We praised God with songs, with our tambourines and with dances. The testimonies gave thanks to God, put the devil to shame and encouraged the other brethren. Sister G testified that God helped her during the delivery of her son. Sister M said that since she came to Father’s House her life has changed for the better. She has grown spiritually and God has provided for all her needs. Sister R said that since she has become a widow, God has provided more than she could have imagined. Sister H said that she prayed for a financial breakthrough and God answered her prayers. Sister Y said that she could not send money to her son who is schooling abroad but the boy’s landlady and other neighbors took care of him all this time. Sister N said that even during this economic recession, God is blessing the work of her hands. All the women gave thanks to God for His love, goodness, faithfulness, provision, presence and protection.


The sermon was titled “Giving thanks to God”. Gratitude is defined as a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation for gifts or favors received. To be grateful to God for salvation and all other benefits is a sign of true spirituality. If you want to know if a brother or a sister is truly born again, look for the sign of a grateful heart! To give thanks to God is a sign that you honor Him, you acknowledge His presence in your life and in the lives of others. Giving thanks to God in all circumstances is God’s Command. It must be obeyed. If you obey God’s commands, He will bless you the more. If you disobey, you grieve the Holy Spirit and problems shall come. You must rejoice always knowing that God is with you. Prayer is a choice and a life style! Chose to pray always! ‘Inform’ God about everything in your life, big or small. If you joyfully pray continually you shall have reasons to give thanks to God! Prayer produces more testimonies and more joy! Thanksgiving shall increase!


In these last days most people become religious hypocrites (2Tim 3:1-5). They go to church but they are also unloving and ungrateful. If you want to learn how to give thanks to God, most people will discourage you. This is the revelation of the Word of God. It should not surprise you. If you believe the Word of God you will not end bitter and disappointed. Jesus knew the hearts of sinful men but He was never bitter. You should separate yourself from any ‘friend’ who does not know how to say ‘thank you’ to God and man. Has anybody accused you for being ungrateful? Well, to be ungrateful is not to show gratitude or appreciation for what someone has done for you. An ungrateful person is proud, selfish, greedy, jealous and bitter. Such a man (woman) always blames God and others for the troubles in his life. He or she cannot appreciate or rejoice with other people’s success, efforts to improve or happiness in life. An ungrateful attitude does damage to relationships. His friends become discouraged and depressed; they feel unloved, unappreciated and insulted. Sooner or later they withdraw from the relationship and stop offer help in the future. With time, an ungrateful person becomes lonely and sad. We must repent from every form of ungratefulness to God and to people. God does not owe us anything. We are saved and blessed by grace alone. Do not be proud! Be humble and repent! In Jesus name! Amen!

Let’s pray: “Father God I ask for forgiveness for allowing bitter ungratefulness to dwell in my heart. I repent! I come back to You! Fill me afresh with the Holy Spirit! Help me to worship and serve you with a pure and grateful heart! In Jesus name, Amen!


“There is no fear in love [dread does not exist], but full-grown (complete, perfect) love turns fear out of doors and expels every trace of terror! For fear brings with it the thought of punishment and [so] he who is afraid has not reached the full maturity of love [is not yet grown into love’s complete perfection]. We love Him, because He first loved us” (1Jn 4:18, 19; AMP)

Today people celebrate Valentine day. I do not judge you but let me tell you something good so that you celebrate it well! True love is a choice. It means to decide, to select freely after proper consideration. To choose it means to make a judgment about a matter, to come to a final conclusion and a course of action. This selection is made against the powers of doubt, fear, wavering, controversy, quarrels or intimidation. Just imagine this scenario: love stands before different doors; love thinks; love prays; then quietly but surely, love comes in front of one; she opens that door; passes thru it and shuts it behind. Love knows when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no!’ Perfect mature fruitful love is never confused! Love knows the power of finality and never regrets its way, never looks back or wishes contrary emotions.

True love is also a commitment, a pledge, an exchange of promises, a vow, an agreement to do something, to be faithful in the future. Love bounds the soul emotionally and intellectually, it restrains its freedom for a better gain. Love is sincere and steadfast keeping loyal to a fixed purpose defeating the enemies of apathy, laziness and indifference. Commitment means to be seriously minded, loyal, mature and responsible. The power of committed love is greater than the temptation to betray, to divorce or to deny the truth.

Lust is always infatuated with the many options. Lust stands looks and admires the different doors forever. Lust and doubt are brothers in sin. Doubt is not able to choose only one option; it never shuts the rest of the doors. Doubt and lust are signs of a weak corrupted sick will. Lust hates making life time promises. Lust is slothful; it loves its own freedom to admire many objects; its will is weak and lazy. For lust, love and hate look the same, marriage and singleness look the same; God and devil they look the same. There is no compulsion to choose one love and to reject all the fake options. There is no passion to be responsible and faithful to only one love. Lust is a criminal. Reject it!

I testify that I am a woman who knows true love. I am strong, secure and satisfied in the sweet embrace of Love! My Savior, Jesus Christ, loves me with an eternal love! He died to save my soul! My husband loves me like Christ loves the church! I am blessed and highly favored! From the overflow of such inexpressible glorious love, I speak blessings to you, dear reader! May you encounter the love of God found in Christ alone! If you are single, may you marry well! May your dreams come true! In Jesus name, amen!



“Go back and tell Hezekiah, the ruler of my people, ‘This is what the Lord, the God of your father David, says: I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will heal you. On the third day from now you will go up to the temple of the Lord” (2Kg 20:5)

Hezekiah was a good king. God sent the Prophet Isaiah to him with bad news. He will soon die! In desperation, the king turned his face to the wall and prayed. He forgot about everything else and remembered only God. He forgot the Queen, the princes, his money and his throne. He wept and pleaded with God to save him from death. The prophet Isaiah was going home. He was not far from the palace when God, in response to the prayer of Hezekiah, told him to go back. This time he was to bring the good news of healing. Isaiah told the king that on the third day he will go to the temple to worship the Lord! Hezekiah was happy hearing about the healing, but still in doubt. “Will I die or will I live?” -he asked himself. To help the king conquer his doubt, God does a second miracle. Miraculously, the shadow of the temple went back ten steps. The king believed and got healed!

Lessons for us: Going to church is a sign of healing and life! Child of God, please go to church to worship and serve your Savior! Staying at home, especially on Sunday, is a sign of death! God hears the prayers of His children especially when they are in genuine desperate need and they pray with complete faith in God. God sees the tears of His children. God is a compassionate and loving! God is a miracle working God! God is the most generous Person in the Universe. He will give you more than one miracle for His grace is more than sufficient! God will not only heal you but He will bless you in many more ways so that you may know that He is God! He will surround you with miracles, front, back, left and right. You shall experience ‘back to back miracles’! God will make it impossible for you to doubt His power, His goodness and His grace. God loves you! He is the living God, the miracle working God! He is the destiny changer God! His name is Yahweh!

“His love has no limits, His grace has no measure,
His power no boundary known unto men;
For out of His infinite riches in Jesus
He giveth, and giveth, and giveth again” (by Annie Flint)


“Gideon built an altar to the Lord there and named it “The Lord is Peace.” (It is still standing at Ophrah, which belongs to the clan of Abiezer)” (Jdg 6:24)

The prophetic prayer meeting was very good. The praise and worship was done in Spirit and in Truth. The Holy Spirit directed and anointed the songs to proclaim that ‘Yahweh is our miracle worker and destiny changer God’. The Holy Spirit made sure that we do not just ‘sing along’. The presence of God helped us to believe the words and our faith increased. ‘The Kingdom of God is righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Ghost’! We rejoiced in the presence of God! Because of the economic recession many people, even the believers, are worried and depressed every day. But there is no recession or inflation in the Spirit realm. In the presence of God there is fullness of joy and eternal pleasures! This is the Word of God and it cannot be changed! Learn to declare God’s Word! Come what may, stand on it! Let Nigeria, Romania or America do what they want to do! Our Kingdom is not of this word. We live by faith in the Word of God. Our spirits say ‘Amen’! God is in charge! There is no fear! Therefore we must rejoice!

The word was taken from Judges 6. We have declared that prophetically ‘the war is over and we have entered a Season of Peace’. One of God’s names is Jehovah Shalom (Jdg 6:24). The word Shalom is one of the greatest words in Hebrew. It means peace but more than peace. It means the presence of God that gives His people peace, safety, happiness, good friends, health, prosperity, favor and rest. As we are going towards a closer revelation of Shalom we read the first verses in Judges 6. We applied these words to our situation here and now. The people of God were defeated by their enemies. This was not because the enemies were stronger but because they disobeyed God’s word. Therefore, God gave them into the hands of the Midianites so that thru punishment, they may humble themselves and repent. For them, as it is for us, it was a hopeless situation. The attacks of the enemies made Israel poor. This strange, painful and disgraceful poverty manifested as lack at three levels: food, freedom and fruitfulness. To eat three meals at home became a problem. Husbands and wives quarrel because of money to buy food. The people became cowards and hid in the caves. You cannot stand straight if you are afraid. They lost their freedom. They lost their fruitfulness. Many women complain that they cannot get pregnant. Their businesses did not ‘branch out’ to produce ‘fruits’. You feel that with all your prayers and your hard work, your life is stagnant and barren.

In desperation, the people of God cried to Him for help. Prayer is always the key! God answered them and send them a prophet. Lesson: you need to pray prophetically, according to the season and the revelation God gives to you! Then the answer will come! When you suffer and you pray to God, the first thing God will send is not money. It is a prophetic word! Your ears will hear an express word like coming ‘from heaven’. You have this impression that God is ‘speaking to me… This sermon is for me…’ Once you can say this, the door of your deliverance has started to open. Your breakthrough is near! Your testimony is not far! The rusty ‘padlock’ of poverty is already breaking. The yoke of depression is lifting up! The Word of God is not History! It is Life and Spirit! It is to be believed and applied now! Believe God and His prophets and you shall prosper! Child of God, I see that your future is bright! God’s plans for you are good and not evil to give you hope and a future. The war is over and peace shall reign in your circumstances! Give thanks to Jehovah Shalom! Worship Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace (Shalom)! It is well!


“He brought me to the banqueting hall, and his banner over me was love” (SS 2:4)

This is our testimony: The women in our church fasted and prayed daily for the month of January. We interceded for our husbands, children, the church and the nation. Then we invited our husbands to the “Esther’s Banquet” to celebrate the grace of God upon our lives and marriages and the defeat of the enemies. We did not hire a professional caterer. The women cooked all the food. Everything was brought willingly by the women. The single sisters who trust God for marriage dressed all the same and served at the tables. We all dressed beautifully (My Nigerian dress called buba and my blue beads necklace was hand made by one of my daughters in Christ. Don’t I look good?). All was done to the glory of God and to honor our husbands!

The party was to start at 5 pm. After the women arranged the tables outside at the parking lot, at about 4:30 pm, a big rain came and ‘scattered’ everything. We have already prayed that nothing that will happen tonight shall make us lose our ‘cool’. Our husbands will see how we behave even during troubled times. We prayed and trusted God to intervene. The rain stopped after about 30 minutes. God was in control! Sister T who was in charge of the tables and chairs ‘by mistake’ brought more than enough materials. We quickly changed the wet covers and the banquet was ready to start at 7 pm.

Different men testified to their love for their wives. This is a miracle for Nigerians generally are not very ‘romantic’ in public (things are changing now, thank God …). My husband testified this evening how God has changed his heart over the years. In his culture, men do not openly tell women ‘I love you’. It is seen as a sign of dangerous weakness and defeat. He said that it took him years to say that little ‘magic’ sentence. For a long time he could only start it and say: “I…I…I…” Then he added: “I love… I love…I love…” The hardest word to openly say was ‘you’. Only after he became saved and filled with the Holy Spirit he could tell the Lord: “Jesus I love You!” and he could tell me: “Lia, I love you!” What a breakthrough for the two of us! As for me, what can I say? It was worth the wait… Since then, our ‘water marriage’ has become ‘wine marriage’. To God be all the glory!




“So if you’re serious about living this new resurrection life with Christ, act like it. Pursue the things over which Christ presides. Don’t shuffle along, eyes to the ground, absorbed with the things right in front of you. Look up, and be alert to what is going on around Christ—that’s where the action is. See things from His perspective. Your old life is dead. Your new life, which is your real life—even though invisible to spectators—is with Christ in God. He is your life” (Col 3:1-3; TM)


My children,

One of the greatest discoveries I have made is to know myself! Next to knowing God, I discovered who I am. I now have an identity that is found in Christ alone. Before I became saved I only knew that there is a ‘me’. I knew I had a name, parents and a sister; I was a medical doctor; I had a husband and three children; I had wonderful dreams of success in this world… But all these ‘external additions’ were not able to explain to me who I really was. I defined myself thru the opinion of others. For example, as a child, I saw myself thru the eyes of my parents. Both of them were my teachers. They were very proud of me and I tried to make them proud in return. I pushed myself very hard to always be first in the class. It was my way of paying them back for their love. After I got married I saw myself thru the eyes of my husband. If he said that I was beautiful that day I was ‘floating in the air’ with happiness. I was ready to quarrel with anyone who saw me ugly. But when my husband was too busy to compliment me, I felt foolish and ugly. After I had children, if they said: ‘Mummy, you are a good mummy…’ I felt proud that I am a good mother. I was ready to ‘compete’ with other mothers for the title ‘the best mother in the world’. But when any of my children emotionally rejected me and loved ‘another mother’ more than me, I will weep, blame myself and feel so sad. It was the same with all my relationships, with family and friends. I depended totally on their words. I gave them too much power over my soul and they used it or misused it.


This situation could have gone on forever if not for the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ. By the grace of God I became born again in 1986. Since then my greatest passion is to know God and to become like His Son Jesus Christ. Thank God for my husband because he too is a child of God. We encourage each other in this holy race. Like I said, one of the greatest discoveries I have made is to know myself! I study the Word of God and I apply it daily to myself and to my circumstances. I see myself now thru the eyes of God. No opinion matters except that of my Lord. I know that I am a sinner saved by grace. No man or devil can condemned me because by faith, I died with Jesus and rose with Jesus. Whatever negative things you may say about ‘me’, you are talking about a dead woman buried long ago and who feels nothing.


I no longer define myself thru my outward appearance. I do not see myself as a fat, short, ugly, wrinkled and old menopausal woman. That is not me at all! It can never be me! I see myself as a child of God, fearfully and wonderfully made. My body is nothing less than the temple of the Holy Spirit! I believe that! He changes me from inside out! I am holy because God my Father is holy. Even if I am a hundred and twenty years old like Moses, my youth can never become ‘old’ for it is ‘renewed like the eagles’. Because holiness is beautiful I am beautiful! As a wife I am precious in the eyes of God. The Holy Spirit will help my husband to see me as precious. As a mother, I am totally fulfilled. I am not a mother in ‘Warri’ but I am ‘a mother in Zion’ (Jdg 5:7). My children, natural and spiritual, are covenant children, special, unique, gifted and wonderful. If the devil likes it or not, they shall serve the Lord who brought them to me!


After I discovered myself in Christ, I developed a relationship with myself. I love myself so that I can love others. I forgive myself as the Lord has forgiving me! I encourage myself thru the Word of God! I prophesy on myself, what I should be according to the Bible. I pray for myself, that my dreams come true! I delight myself in the Lord. Therefore my heart’s desire shall manifest! It is just a matter of time… I truly enjoy my company. I am surprised at the wonderful things God has done in my life. He has made me spiritually strong. He gives me peace and joy. He puts His Words in my mouth to encourage others. My hearts sings… And His work in me continues… With unashamed face I behold Him who saved my soul! Today, I give thanks to God for my life, for what I have become, eternally safe in the Beloved! It is well with my soul….Glory to God!



“Behold, I and the children whom the LORD has given me are for signs and wonders in Israel from the LORD of hosts, who dwells on Mount Zion” (Is 8:18)


This is a message for parents. It is from my heart as a mother… I have observed that these days it is ‘fashionable’ for young people to be lazy, rude, stubborn, unteachable and rebellious. It seems to me that many parents have ‘gone on strike’. They have abandoned their blessed work as parents. There are many people who behave badly. The truth is that being a parent is not an easy work. To be a mother or a father is a gift from God. It is a great privilege and much labor of love is involved. I am a mother, grandmother, medical doctor and pastor. From my experience and the experience of others, I want to share something with you as I feel a burden of prayer for families.


There is a medical psychological condition in children called Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). It is defined as a pattern of angry stubbornness and quarrelsome mood in a child, with a strong tendency to actively disobey his parents, teachers or other adults. The child with this condition is oversensitive and has low self-esteem. He blames others for his mistakes. He is rude when he is angry. He easily throws temper tantrums.  He talks back and argues with his parents. He is vindictive. He desires and plans trouble to frustrate his parents. It is not unusual for children to defy authority from time to time. But when this behavior lasts longer than six months and it is excessive, that child has a problem. The whole family and his school suffer because of him. Dear parents do not ignore the problem for without help, it will only become worse!


According to medical research, this mental condition starts when the child is about 8 years old. About 5% of all children suffer with ODD. Most of the time there is no blood test, X-ray or scan that can detect this problem. There is no medication to be given to cure this condition. The diagnosis is done by observing the child, the way he behaves with his parents or other adults. The Bible says: “Train the child in the way he should go…” (PV 22:6). It is the work of the parents to train the child by talking to him, by rewarding good behavior and by punishing the wrong doing. Talk to him and listen to him. It is not easy for anyone. It is a matter of control. Who is in charge: the parents or the child? It takes patience and long-suffering love to change the heart of a child. The earlier the parents detect that the child has a problem, the better. As believers in Christ, we have the great advantage of prayer and the wisdom of the Word of God. No matter how stubborn your child is, love him or her to the end. Until your last breath pray for your child. If your child is stubborn in bad things, you be stubborn in good things.


This is my testimony: I married very young, before I became saved. Therefore, I made many mistakes trying to be a good wife and mother. Looking back, I should have done many things differently. But God overrules and corrects our mistakes. Thank God for His grace! Our adult children and our grandchildren make us proud. But the road was not easy. There were many agonizing prayers and tears along the way…


Today I pray for the parents of difficult children. I feel for you… No matter how rich and successful you become, if your children misbehave, it is very painful. Go to Jesus! In Christ alone there is hope for the hopeless. Your stubborn children shall change! They shall be signs and wonders that your God is the Living God! The devil is a liar! Your children are covenant children. They will become saved and they shall serve the Living God. Believe in miracles and all is well! “I plead the Blood of Jesus over your foolish, stubborn and wayward child! I command every evil spirit of ODD to leave that child and go away in the name of Jesus! Every occult covenant that was done against your lives, your children’ lives and their destiny, I break it in the name of Jesus! Holy Spirit, please take control! Encourage the parents who are tired! Strengthen the weak! Heal the sick! Deliver the oppressed! For Your glory alone, In Jesus name, amen!”



Pastor Richmond Leigh preached a sermon about God’s dealings with His children. It particular he gave a prophetic message to the Church in Nigeria. He said that there are many churches that claim to be living but are dead. When God chastises His child or a church it is a good thing. See it as a sign of love. God wants us to be holy, like Jesus. There is a price to pay for that. The Church in Nigeria has sinned and has done what is evil in God’s sight. The evangelical movement (preaching that you must be born again to be saved) started about 50 years ago. This once vibrant movement is now declining. As Christians living in Nigeria, we should all be concerned about this and pray for wisdom and discernment.

This is the way God deals with His backsliding children: when the believers refuse to listen to God’s warnings, and continue to live in sin, God will chastise them. He will hand them over to satan for the destruction of their flesh so that their spirit may be saved! (1Cor 5:5; 1Tim 1:20). Thru pain, the backsliders will eventually come back to God. A true believer will not lose his salvation because his spirit will be saved. In the same token, when the Church chooses to disobey God’s Word to the extent that sin becomes a tradition God will raise an enemy against it. Satan will have access to the Church and troubles will increase. This situation will go on until the believers repent and come back to God. Unfortunately, most church leaders do not see these troubles as divine judgment. Recently, the Church in Nigeria has been attacked by Muslim extremists and groups like Boko Haram. I believe that God allows this so that the Body of Christ in Nigeria will repent and come back to its ‘first love’, Jesus Christ!

In the Old Testament God commanded His people to live separate lives from the Canaanites (Deut 7:1-16). Israel as a nation was not allowed to make friends or intermarry with the pagans. They were to destroy the idol worshipping countries living in the Promised Land. They were to break their idolatrous altars. This is because friendships with the pagan people will make them forget God. This separation was to show that they were ‘holy people unto the Lord their God’. If they refused to obey God’s commands, God’s anger will be kindled against them and He promised to suddenly judge them. In the New Testament, God is commanding His children to live holy lives. As believers, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we are ‘to mortify’ (to kill) the lusts of the flesh (Col 3:5). But if we refuse to carry the Cross and follow Jesus the anger of God will be kindled. This is the faithful chastisement of the God of love!

Manasseh was a king is Judah. He did evil in the eyes of the Lord. He built altars to many idols. The worst thing he did was that he brought some of these idols in the house of the Lord. God was angry and He brought the army of Assyria against them. Judah was conquered. Manasseh was captured and was sent to Babylon. In prison, he repented of his many sins. God showed him mercy and brought him back to Jerusalem where he destroyed the strange altars he built in the past (2Chr 33). There is a similar story concerning King Zechariah (2Chr 36:11-23). He too did evil in the eyes of the Lord. He polluted the house of the Lord with abominable idols. He led the people of Judah into great sin. God warned them thru His prophets. But the king and the people mocked God’s messengers and rejected their words. God’s anger was kindled against them ‘until there was no remedy’. They were all sent into captivity to Babylon. The house of the Lord was burnt with fire and Jerusalem became desolate for seventy years. We should all learn from the way God dealt with His people in the past!

The Church in Nigeria has replicated what Israel did long ago. Many pastors have abandoned the preaching of the Gospel of Christ. They go to native doctors and use occult means for power to do miracles. Many pastors and Christians are involved in sexual sins without feeling any guilt. The rate of abortion in the churches is higher than among the unbelievers. The pastors use manipulation, deception and threats to collect money from their congregations. The churches have built banks, business centers, entertainment centers and secular schools in their premises. The pastors have forgotten that ‘the business’ of the church is to preach the Gospel of Christ and to disciple the believers. In view of all these unrepentant sins God raised an enemy against the Church in the form of Muslim extremists. That is why this Boko Haram cannot be defeated with guns or swords. If you fight them with guns, you shall be defeated by the enemy. That is not God’s method.

What the is the solution? As believers, we must repent and come back to God. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty thru God (2Cor 10:4). The spiritual weapons in Christ can never fail. We must pray for the backsliding Christians in Nigeria to come back to God. We must pray for the Muslims that they may be saved. God is waiting for the Church in Nigeria to repent and come back to Him. Judgment starts in the house of God (1Pet 4:17). “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches” (Rev 2:29). May God have mercy on us! May revival come to the Nigerian Church! In Jesus name, amen!



The women’s fellowship was very good. We praised God with songs and dance, both in English and Native languages. For the month of January we all fasted and prayed, trusting God for more grace for us and for our families. We wanted to lay a strong foundation for this year. We declared prophetically that ‘the war is over and peace reigns now!’ We had many testimonies of healing, divine protection and provision. The best testimony came from Sis. B. Her only child, a son of about 4 years has never spoken a word in his life. He was born sickly and had to do heart surgery while a baby. Mentally, he was below his age. The mother is a very committed Christian coming to church always. We all love that little boy called Israel and often pray for him, trusting that God will do a miracle and heal him. Holding the microphone, the mother was very emotional. She could not talk standing up. Kneeling on the altar, she testified with tears in her eyes that last week, for the first time in his life Israel spoke three words: ‘Mummy… Take… Jesus”. By these three words the Holy Spirit loosed his tongue and opened his mouth. He can now speak. Praise the Lord!


Next week we shall celebrate the victory of grace over sin in a party called “Esther’s Banquet”. Esther is the Queen in place of Vashti. ‘Old things have passed away and everything has become new’. We shall invite our husbands. We shall dress nicely with traditional clothes. (It is my opinion that they look more ‘royal’ than the ‘oybo’ (western) dresses). Old and young, rich and poor, all the women shall prepare the banquet. We shall cook and we shall not hire caterers. The single sisters who trust God for marriage shall serve the food dressed as princesses. By faith they shall marry and next year they too can sit at the table with the rest of us. Everything is voluntary. I saw the pledges for the menu. I salivate as I write. It is a banquet fit for royalty. It is a love feast to the glory of God, to the honoring of our husbands and for the enjoyment of all. We have wept enough. It is time for peace and joy! Everybody seems excited. We prayed for favor with God and with our husbands. We prayed that the food will be more than enough and very delicious. We prayed that no one will be sick before, during or after the party. We have decided that during the banquet we the women shall not talk. We shall give the microphone to our husbands to say what they want. (We pray that they will say good things about us). Finally, we have vowed to give God all the glory!  Praise the Lord!