“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances (in everything); for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1Thess 5:16-18).


The women’ fellowship was very good. After one month of fasting and prayers, after giving our best to organize Esther’s Banquet, today we chose to have a day of thanksgiving. We praised God with songs, with our tambourines and with dances. The testimonies gave thanks to God, put the devil to shame and encouraged the other brethren. Sister G testified that God helped her during the delivery of her son. Sister M said that since she came to Father’s House her life has changed for the better. She has grown spiritually and God has provided for all her needs. Sister R said that since she has become a widow, God has provided more than she could have imagined. Sister H said that she prayed for a financial breakthrough and God answered her prayers. Sister Y said that she could not send money to her son who is schooling abroad but the boy’s landlady and other neighbors took care of him all this time. Sister N said that even during this economic recession, God is blessing the work of her hands. All the women gave thanks to God for His love, goodness, faithfulness, provision, presence and protection.


The sermon was titled “Giving thanks to God”. Gratitude is defined as a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation for gifts or favors received. To be grateful to God for salvation and all other benefits is a sign of true spirituality. If you want to know if a brother or a sister is truly born again, look for the sign of a grateful heart! To give thanks to God is a sign that you honor Him, you acknowledge His presence in your life and in the lives of others. Giving thanks to God in all circumstances is God’s Command. It must be obeyed. If you obey God’s commands, He will bless you the more. If you disobey, you grieve the Holy Spirit and problems shall come. You must rejoice always knowing that God is with you. Prayer is a choice and a life style! Chose to pray always! ‘Inform’ God about everything in your life, big or small. If you joyfully pray continually you shall have reasons to give thanks to God! Prayer produces more testimonies and more joy! Thanksgiving shall increase!


In these last days most people become religious hypocrites (2Tim 3:1-5). They go to church but they are also unloving and ungrateful. If you want to learn how to give thanks to God, most people will discourage you. This is the revelation of the Word of God. It should not surprise you. If you believe the Word of God you will not end bitter and disappointed. Jesus knew the hearts of sinful men but He was never bitter. You should separate yourself from any ‘friend’ who does not know how to say ‘thank you’ to God and man. Has anybody accused you for being ungrateful? Well, to be ungrateful is not to show gratitude or appreciation for what someone has done for you. An ungrateful person is proud, selfish, greedy, jealous and bitter. Such a man (woman) always blames God and others for the troubles in his life. He or she cannot appreciate or rejoice with other people’s success, efforts to improve or happiness in life. An ungrateful attitude does damage to relationships. His friends become discouraged and depressed; they feel unloved, unappreciated and insulted. Sooner or later they withdraw from the relationship and stop offer help in the future. With time, an ungrateful person becomes lonely and sad. We must repent from every form of ungratefulness to God and to people. God does not owe us anything. We are saved and blessed by grace alone. Do not be proud! Be humble and repent! In Jesus name! Amen!

Let’s pray: “Father God I ask for forgiveness for allowing bitter ungratefulness to dwell in my heart. I repent! I come back to You! Fill me afresh with the Holy Spirit! Help me to worship and serve you with a pure and grateful heart! In Jesus name, Amen!

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