“Do not despise this small beginning, for the eyes of the Lord rejoice to see the work begin… For these seven lamps represent the eyes of the Lord that see everywhere around the world.” (Zech 4:10)

You have been praying and praying for a breakthrough. It may seem that nothing new, nothing good happens in your life. That is a lie! The ‘good’ of God is planted as a miracle holy seed in your heart. How can you see a seed underground? How can you see a baby hours after he or she is conceived? There is no scan or X-ray strong enough to detect these new beginning. God wants to glorify Himself in this new beginning. “We live by faith and not by sight” (2Cor 5:7)

Do not despise these little beginnings just because they are still invisible (for now)! God is at work in your life. He has never stopped blessing you! Why will He stop now? Be encouraged as you wait of God. Soon you shall see the seed germinating and growing up! The yellow seed of corn shall become a tender green shoot growing up to the glory of God! Things will change, but for the better! God sees you! God blesses you! Your miracle has started! I believe!


“While I was among the exiles by the River Kebar, the heavens opened and I saw visions of God” (Ez 1:1)
The prayer meeting started slowly but surely. The expectation was building… The brethren were hungry but too shy to ask for food. The angels shared from their portions of heavenly bread. ‘Down at Your feet Oh, Lord is the most high place, in Your presence I seek Your face, I seek Your face…I live to worship You’… I came to test the waters… the engine of the anointing plane was on… faith was rising… we waited… and we waited… for the Lord to come, to sing over us… we prayed in ‘waiting tongues’… and waited some more… young people are impatient… waiting is hard for them… but no matter how hungry or how needy we are, we cannot afford to go before the Lord…
The Lord spoke: ‘I saved you, not by money, not by effort, not by might or by power… I saved you by the power of My Love!’… The agape love of God manifested… the fear of God descended… we cannot preach without the oil of joy… suddenly Doctor Jesus came in and there was healing in the house… The Balm of Gilead was applied, to every wound, every puncture, to stop every leakage… Scars were beatified… Doctor Jesus healed hearts, marriages, lives… How can you work for 100 Naira and lose 50 Naira? This is not good! Accounts were balanced … Worship the Lord who paid the debt of your sin! From now on, money shall meet money and none shall be lost… the account shall manifest increase and no loss shall be reported… I am not a failure! Love never fails! This is the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit… The joy of the Lord is our strength…

The peace that passeth all understanding was supplied… Passeth! Passeth! There are levels of peace… good men can give you some peace in the home, in the office… but only Jesus can give you the peace that passeth all understanding… it cannot be explained; it cannot be borrowed; human language cannot describe it, no poem can define it… it is beyond and above all others… Finally, the plane, after running on the runway….the Holy Ghost takes off…. And flies… ‘I brought you to Myself on eagles’ wings!’…. Surrounded by mercy, filled by Your Spirit and empowered by love, I feel good… This is the moment we have been waiting for… I see the Lord, I see the Lord, exalted high above Effurun and of the people of the earth….For my eyes have seen the King and I worshipped at His feet… Majesty on high… Jesus You reign forevermore! Forevermore!! How long? Forevermore!!!! Glory!!!!

FH 7-2



‘May you live to enjoy your grandchildren…’ (Ps 128:6; NLT)
Yesterday my husband and I had a sweet time with our oldest grandson, Alex. He is 18. He is a fine young man! He has gotten admission into the university of Houston to read mechanical engineering. He now lives in the campus. Before going to school he worked for a pizza restaurant to make some extra money. During holidays he comes home and works some more. Yesterday he came to meet with his grandparents. I was immediately impressed with his attitude and his words. Before now he had a big ‘Afro’ hair style like many of his friends in school. As a teenager he was influenced by his friends. This is almost ‘normal’. But yesterday we saw him looking clean, with a low hair cut. His mother told us that on his own he went to the barber saloon and asked for a low hair cut. He said that now that he is in the university he wants to give the best impression to the teachers and colleagues. He was dressed with jeans and tee shirt, but very clean looking. He spoke calmly and wisely. I was just looking at him and was very proud to be his grandma. He was telling me that in school many of his colleges go to parties ‘back to back’. That these partying young men mock him for staying in his room and ‘reading too much’. He told them that the reason why he came to the university is to pass his exams and graduate with honors. That if he wanted to party he did not need to go to university. He could have taken a job in a night club where he will be paid to party. I was truly impressed by his words. In this world, in America in particular, the temptation for young men and women to become wild and wayward is very high. But Alex proved to be a humble, wise, focused and disciplined young man. He clearly has a good foundation a a good spirit! I give God all the glory for his life! I also thank God for his parents! To have a good child is a great achievement no matter where you live on this world.

This testimony is meant to encourage all parents to continue to pray, help, discipline and encourage their children. To be a parent is never easy. Never give up on your children or your grandchildren! God loves you and God loves them! This is my prayer this morning: May the prodigals come home! May the grades of your children improve! May the attitude of your children be better! May they make you proud! To the glory of God! In Jesus’ name, amen!

(In the picture, Alex)

Malia and Alex!


“By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place that he was to receive as an inheritance.” (Heb 11:8)
George Washington was America’s first president. His life story is an inspiration to me. He was known as a hard worker. His father died when he was 11. He joined the army. He retired from the army in his thirties and bought land in a small town called Mount Vernon near present Washington. His dream was to be a farmer. He married and planed to settle down cultivating the land. He was successful and happy. But then the call to duty came. He did not really want to go but he felt the duty to answer the call. At the age of forty he took the command of the colonies’ army to fight the British. After eight years of wars America won and became independent. George retired back to his farm and wife. But the call came again to go to Philadelphia to be in charge of the Constitutional Convention. That is how the first constitution of America wax written. After that George went back to his farm to retire. But it was not to be. Unanimously they voted him to be the first president of the United States of America. He was the one who wrote the law that a president should serve a maximum of two terms. After serving two terms as the first American president he finally got his wish. He retired to his farm which has suffered much from neglect. Even in his old age he was seen working the land.

George Washington sacrificed much for his country. He was a rich man before the call to duty came. He did not enter politics to make money. He did not have a great ambition to be famous or rich. He sacrificed present comfort and personal dreams for the sake of duty to his country. Because of that his name is synonymous with love for the country, freedom, honor, loyalty and the call to duty. His inspiration was Abraham in the Bible who also left his father’s house to go to a place called the Promised Land. It was not easy to leave a place where things were going well to go to the unknown just because God called him. God promised Abraham that he will be the father of nations and that his name will be great. He will be a blessing to many all over the world. ‘Abraham trusted God and obeyed’. That is called faith.

I am not comparing myself with these giants: Abraham or George Washington. But this is our testimony: God called my husband and I to leave America and to go back to Warri, Nigeria to start a church called Father’s House. It was not easy to leave our children behind. It was a sacrifice to leave America and to go back to Nigeria. But God gave us the grace to obey. We came back in November 1999 and started the church in March 2000. The rest, as they say, is history.

This is my prayer for you this evening: whatever God says to you, even if it seems impossible, trust and obey Him! As we have no regrets to sacrifice our dream to live in America for the reality of living in Warri Nigeria, for the sake of Christ, you too shall have no regrets in obeying the call of God whatever it is! Glory to God!!!


‘May you live to enjoy your grandchildren’ (Ps 128:6)
My husband and I did not know how happy we can be in our older age as grandparents. God had indeed blessed us beyond imagination! We live and do God’s work in Nigeria. We appreciate so much the annual visits to re-bond with our family who lives far from us. These two pictures are a glimpse of joy revealed in the heart of a grandpa and his grandchildren. In the first picture, my husband lovingly holds our oldest grandson Alex who is now a student in the University of Houston reading mechanical engineering. As I was writing these words Alex sent message that he made a A+ in his very first exam! Praise the Lord! In the second picture my husband lovingly holds our youngest grandson (for now…) Oliver, who is 3. May our joy touch your hearts and become a harvest of thanksgiving to the glory of God!

Tali and Alex

Tali and Oliver Oakes


‘Let him who steals steal no longer; but rather let him labor, performing with his own hands what is good, in order that he may have something to share with him who has need’ (Eph. 4:28)

Once a thief tried to break into our house. He failed to enter but in the morning we saw the broken place in the roof where he attempted to come in. I remember thinking ‘what type of man is this thief trying and failing to steal? He must have been disappointed that his labor of breaking in failed to make a profit. Maybe God warned him to repent…’ This was in my mind that morning seeing the damage to the wall.

The Bible commands us not to steal! It is one of the Ten Commandments. A thief is somebody who takes something from another without permission and without desire to return back the stolen property. A thief steals money or material things. Jesus said that we should not gather wealth on earth because there will always be thieves to covet and steal. But we should store spiritual riches because these are under the protection of the Holy Spirit and thieves cannot steal them. Even then, thieves may damage your peace of mind, your joy of living or your testimony as a servant of God. The evil spirit of stealing does great damage in a family or congregation. This is because when property is missing and the thief is not found people become suspicious and afraid of one another. This destroys the unity of the Spirit.

God does not bless a thief. He will eventually lose the stolen property. Both the victim and the thief suffers. Stealing is the work of the devil. To be able to practice stealing you must be an apprentice to the devil. It is only in Christ that freedom from this demon may be found! The Holy Spirit alone is able to stop and reject the thief who comes to only ‘steal, kill and destroy’.

Of course, the worse form of stealing is to steal from God, by refusing to pay your tithes, to give offerings for the work of God, or by coming to church and refusing to serve God in any way at all! Religious stealing is very dangerous! Repent! Worship God!

The thief does not wish to work, but rather to live off of others who work. The thief looks upon the needy as the vulnerable, whose weaknesses he may very well use to his advantage, and thus to prey upon them. The Christian must put away laziness and go to work. The Christian views the needs of others as the opportunity to manifest the love and grace of God to men, and thus reaches out to help, giving of his own resources. Nothing more dramatically demonstrates the radical change which conversion, faith in Christ, produces in the life of a sinner than that change which should occur in the Christian who was formerly a thief.

Stealing takes from others with no thought of giving in return. Justice demands that when one takes he must give something equal in return. Christianity teaches us to give freely, with no expectation of getting something in return. Child of God, prove that you are converted by producing fruits of repentance, by becoming generous and kind to others! Pay your tithes! In Jesus name, amen!