I am successful wherever I go!

as for me and my house
“This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success.
“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” (Josh 1:8, 9)
The children of Israel are ready to cross over into the Promised Land. Their great leader Moses is dead, but the Word is not dead. It is time to move on. God speaks to Joshua, the new leader. He does not tell him about new plans or strategies for battle, for he already knows them. Jehovah speaks words to encourage him and to instill passion for success. These words will carry Joshua on eagle’s’ wings until all is accomplished and victory is attained.
The forty years in the wilderness was a season for seeking God. He gave them a vision of the wonderful Promised Land. He gave them dreams for the future. But a whole generation perished in the desert because of unbelief. Their children are ready to enter into a new season of adventure to possess the land. It is in fact more than an adventure. It will be a battle for their destiny. From now on it will be clear who will taste success and will not.
The word success means to fulfill your God given dreams. All people dream good things…that one day they will have a home, a family, fame, security or riches. But not all people end their lives happily. In other words, not all believers live and die successful lives. Most remain ‘barely saved’ without a clear testimony of a successful and fulfilled life on earth.

What is the recipe for successful Christian life?
*Understand the purpose of God!
God desires that you come to a place of trust having a testimony that gives Him glory. You are to change and become like Jesus. Then all people shall see that your miraculous life change with no other explanation than the touch of the Living God. Remember that your testimony is one of the most important riches that you have as a person. It is better to lose money and friends, reputation or opportunities, than to lose your Christ given seal of ownership! Never forget, it is God that is sending you ahead, to transition into success! God loves you more than any other. Trust Him!
*Have faith in the promises of God!
God said He will give you a land to possess. He will give you total victory against anyone who opposes you. The land or the ministry you receive comes with life time insurance of protection against the jealous, wicked and covetous men around you.
*Be sure of God’s presence with you!
No matter the situation in life, in the deepest valley of trials, in darkness, prison or on the hospital bed, you shall never be alone. God will give you favor with your enemies. God takes pleasure to overturn tables for you. When in doubt, touch your heart, feel the beat and wait for the presence of the Holy Spirit. Once you are sure He is with you, relax, for all things shall work together for good for you!
*Be strong and courageous!
These words speak of the strength to identify your blessings, to be able to grab them with your hand and not let go. It also speaks of clear, steadfast and sound mind. These words are not just suggestions to you. These are commands to be obeyed. They come wrapped with the power to manifest them daily. God commands you to be focused and determined to be successful! When you are confused, tired, afraid or weak it means that you are rebellious to the command to be strong and courageous in life.
*Be not afraid and dismayed!
This is also a command from God. Cowardice is the fruit of rebellion and disobedience to the Captain of your salvation. In the battle for success there is no retreat. Backsliding, like divorce in marriage, these are not options to consider. You can only go forward in war. Even if you die, you have to die fighting, defending your territory. There are too many weak, double minded people who claim to be Christians, but no testimony of manly courage and passion for godly success. Avoid these people!
*Ready, study and mediate on the Word of God ‘day and night’!
This is the true eternal secret of Christian success. Too many people depend on what pastors preach and Facebook says for their daily spiritual bread. The command to Joshua is to eat the Word, to digest it until there is an overflow. In Hebrew it means to read the Bible until you are able to teach and counsel others thru the Word. To study the Word is time consuming. But it is still the shortest way to success.
A practical advice: Study your night dreams, for often they tell you if you are fulfilling the condition for success or not. If you meditate on the Word day and night, you shall dream good dreams in line with the Bible. If you have nightmares often it means that you disobey God’s command to study His Word.! Selah!
Another practical advice: if God has promised that you shall have your own house, there are only two ways to fulfill that dream: One way is to take three jobs and work from morning to night, gathering cement and wood to build it. It will take many years of labor and stress and you may not finish it. That is the unbeliever’s way.
But the way of God is this: take only one job, so that you can pay your bills and use the remaining time to study the Bible, consistently and patiently. Search for the meaning of each word. Pray for the deep revelation and understanding of the Word. Do it like you prepare to pass exams in Bible School. Soon you shall observe that your character changes, your testimony as a believer is shining thru and miraculously, sooner or later, the dream house shall be yours. If you say that you see no connection between Bible study and house building then I say that you are spiritually blind for the connection is there in the Book of Joshua.

I am a child of God!
I and my children, we are prosperous and successful!
I and my children, we are not failures!
Christian success is possible and it is my portion!
I guard with all my might my testimony as a Believer in Christ!
I have faith in the promises of God! These are yes and amen!
God’s presence is with me everywhere I go! If I enter a plane, a car or a ship, I remember that God does not need a visa or a ticket. He is always with me on the land, on the sea and in the clouds!
I am strong and courageous! I do not faint, shake or run away! There is no going back for me! It is easier to die in battle and go to heaven than to go back to the devil! NO RETREAT!
I am not afraid; I am not confused! I am not a coward! God forbid! Nothing shall surprise me to break me; no circumstance of life will make me beg and worship the devil. I am done with him forever!
My eyes are fixed of the face of Jesus, I see Him smile and I hear the cheering coming from the cloud of witnesses.
I read, study, meditate and dream about the Word of God! I see myself preaching and teaching the Word and nothing else!
I press forward until the wine is squeezed from the grapes of my heart.
I press on until God speaks to me thru His Word. If I am tired I shall pray for supernatural strength but still not accept defeat!
I am intelligent for God made me so!
I am not timid!
From now on, my light shall shine and let all people come and see the wonderful works the Father has done in me!
All the glory to the Lamb upon the throne!
In Jesus name

In Christ I declare…

I am a soldier in the Army of God. The Lord Jesus Christ is my Commanding Officer.
The Holy Bible is my code of conduct. Faith, prayer and the Word are my weapons of warfare.
I have been taught by the Holy Spirit, trained by experience, tried by adversity and tested by Fire.
I am a volunteer in this Army and I am enlisted for Eternity. I will not get out, sell out, be talked out or pushed out.
I am faithful, Reliable, Capable and dependable. If my God needs me, I am there.
I am a soldier, not a wimp. I am in place, saluting my King, obeying His orders, praising His Name and building His kingdom.
I am Committed. I cannot have my feelings hurt bad enough to turn me around. I cannot be discouraged enough to turn myself aside. I cannot lose enough to cause me to quit.
When Jesus called me into His army, I had nothing. If I end up with nothing, I will still come out ahead. I will win. My God has and will continue to supply all my needs. I am more than a conqueror. I will always triumph.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Devil cannot defeat me. People cannot disillusion me. Weather cannot weary me. Sickness cannot stop me. Battles cannot beat me. Governments cannot silence me. And Hell cannot handle me. I am a soldier. Even death cannot destroy me. For when my Commander Calls me from this battlefield, He will promote me to Captain and then allow me to rule with Him.
I claim the victory. I will not give up. I will not turn around. I am a soldier marching heaven bound. My desire is to know Christ more each day and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings.
Not that I have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Brethren, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do; forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.
So help me God!
In Jesus name,
(Author unknown)

God’s unbeatable team: Barak and Deborah!

Deborah and Barak
‘Deborah said to Barak, “Arise! For THIS IS THE DAY in which THE LORD has given Sisera into your hands! BEHOLD, THE LORD HAS GONE OUT BEFORE YOU!” So Barak went down from Mount Tabor with ten thousand men following him’ (Jdg. 4:14).

In the past, Joshua destroyed the Canaanites in a mighty victory. Some years later, we find a total different story. A descendant of Jabin, having the same name, has now conquered Israel. God ‘sold’ His people to the pagan king, to be oppressed for twenty years, so that they will repent of their stubborn pride, idolatry and rebellion.
Spiritual lesson: sin is very stubborn and demons are very persistent. We are to remain alert to any return of evil spirits rejected in the past. Be filled with the Holy Spirit, not giving the (ex-) devil a foothold at all!
This was a very difficult time in Israel. There was poverty, violence and ‘war at the gates’. Most men have lost hope and faith in God. But God raises Deborah as a leader of revival in Israel. Against all odds, this ‘mother in Israel’ challenges the territorial spirits that claim the land. She calls a man of God, Barak and commissions him to go to war against King Jabin and his commander in chief, Sisera.
Just like with Joshua, God gives Deborah the strategy and plan for the battle and the assurance of victory even before the war starts. God is totally in charge. God chooses the place, the time and the resources for the battle according to His sovereign will. God decides that the number of the Israel soldiers shall be only 10,000. At the end of the battle they should count them again and see that none died! The army shall be led by Barak covered by the prophetic anointing of Deborah. God also points out a very unusual place for the battle to take place: ‘the ancient, age old’ River Kishon. He promises to go before them and lure the enemy there, in the waters of total destruction.
River Kishon is seasonal. During the hot summer, it dries almost completely but in spring time, with the snow on the mountain melting down, it can become a flood, fast and furious. Sisera took it for granted that the quiet river of summer season will ‘cooperate’ with his strategy. He was wrong. His 900 chariots and many horses, the strength and pride of the enemy were ‘swept away’ and all drowned in the waters of judgment. Israel fought but he was not alone. The invisible angels of God fought from above. ‘Heaven dispatched angels called ‘stars’ who fought against Sisera’ and his destruction was complete!
National revival has begun! Once more, praises to God were heard over the hills and over the valleys! Praise the Lord!!!

Deborah was a judge and a prophetess. She was instructed in Divine knowledge and filled with the Spirit of God. She judged Israel as God’s mouth to them; correcting abuses, and redressing grievances. By God’s direction, she ordered Barak to raise an army of ten thousand volunteers and confront the oppressor. Barak insisted much upon her presence. She promised to go with him. She would not send him where she would not go herself.
Those who in God’s name call others to their duty should be ready to assist them in it! Selah!
It was very natural that Barak should desire the presence of Deborah. She was a strong woman of great spiritual influence, wise and prudent, able to read the signs of the times. As it has been said, the best definition of a fool is a man who is wise too late, so the best definition of wisdom is wisdom at the right moment. Deborah possessed that wisdom. Free from fear of man, confusion, doubt or religious prejudice she understood the power of moving with God. She identified the destiny moment! She knew when exactly to sound the trumpet and to strike the blow for freedom. In a great national emergency she became a hero, a spiritual mother and mentor to other leaders.
She calls Barak to her, ordains and assures him of his commission, and even consented at his request to accompany him in battle. This was heroic, but it was also feminine. Deborah did not assume the direct command of the soldiers. She chooses to remain ‘behind the scenes’, as the intercessor, the spiritual influence and the godly fire of inspiration for the army of Israel.

As a man Barak could have rejected Deborah’s assistance. Riding on a horse alongside a middle aged woman and to be told that another house wife will take the glory for the victory… few men desire that… But Barak values submission to God’s will, the success of his ministry and the freedom of his country more than mere human honor.
God rewards Barak richly. His name appears in the Hall of fame of people who had faith in God to ‘conquer kingdoms’. These godly leaders have inspired generations of believers up till today (Heb 11:32, 33).
We should ask now, what was so special about the faith of Barak, that the Epistle to the Hebrews should mention him? The answer is found at the Cross! Barak points us to Jesus! He denies self and pride for the sake of doing God’s work. Surely he thought about it: What if one woman starts the ministry and another woman is to finish it? What if the journey he took was not to be for his own personal honor What will the troops say if they see a woman marching by his side; see him consult her about his tactics; hear him confess that she is his inspiration? Shall that stop him? No!!! He has God’s cause in hand; God’s honor, God’s glory, not his. So he encourages himself by saying: ‘March on my soul, be strong!’
Both Deborah and Barak are servants of God! They each did what was required of them! The victory of Israel was total and the land had peace forty years! May we identify our spiritual partners, leaders, mentors, apostles, prophets and coverings over us! May we submit to the anointing of team work! Like the bees, let us work together for the common good! The honey is all that matters! All the glory goes to God alone!
Praise the Lord o my soul, and all that is in me, praise His holy name!
(Josh 11; Jdg. 4 and 5)

I am a child of God!
I am a servant of God!
I am a soldier for Christ!
I can never lose a battle for I obey and follow the Lord of Hosts!
No weapon fashioned against me can prosper!
No tongue that rises against me in judgment can ever win its case!
The tongue of the accuser of the brethren is condemned! The devil shall expose and condemn himself!
Like Deborah, I am a virtuous wife, a godly mother of children and a grandmother of my children’s children! They surround me!
Like Deborah, I arise to pray for revival in this land and fearlessly confront the wickedness in high places!
Like Deborah I redeem the time and take advantage of destiny moments!
Like Deborah, I have no fear, confusion, lust, doubt, guilt or regret!
Like Deborah, I make the best of all opportunities presented to me by God!
I believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and in the prophetic anointing in particular!
I speak the mind of God! I do not add, subtract or dilute the Word of God!
I preach the Gospel of Christ Crucified!
I do not please men, but God who sees my heart!
I am not an entertainer, but a servant of God!
Like Barak, I have faith in God!
Like Barak, my name is written in the Book of Life!
Like Barak, I humble myself and I honor all true servants of God, all true prophets that God sends in my way!
Like Barak, I am free from selfish ambition and all I desire is that God should take the glory for my successes!
Like Barak, I submit to others in the body of Christ out of reverence for God!
Like Barak, I love team work with other brethren in the Church!
Like Barak, I do not act with presumption! I wait for God’s Spirit to speak and move! I follow in obedience and trust!
The victory is sure and it is mine!
Warri shall know revival!
Peace be upon Warri for the next forty years; from now until 2053!
“So perish all Thine enemies, O LORD! But thy friends be like the sun as he rises in his might!” (Jdg. 5:31)

All the glory to the Lamb who sits upon the throne!
In Jesus name,

The folly to fight against God’s people

“And this is what the LORD says about the king of Assyria: “‘His armies will not enter Jerusalem. They will not even shoot an arrow at it… He will go back the way he came, and he will not enter this city!
This is the LORD’s declaration… ‘For My own honor and for the sake of My servant David, I will defend this city and protect it. That night the angel of the LORD went out to the Assyrian camp and killed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers. When the surviving Assyrians woke up the next morning, they found corpses everywhere. Then King Sennacherib of Assyria broke camp and returned to his own land…” (Is 37:33-37)

Jerusalem was attacked by Assyria. They have already conquered many countries. None could withstand them. Sennacherib, their commander is insulting God and His people. He threatens to attack and destroy Zion just the way he did with other cities. Hezekiah and God’s people are afraid. He cries to God who sends His prophet Isaiah with comforting words of courage.
This is God’s declaration to His people: Jehovah Himself has come down from heaven to protect His people! The enemy will be destroyed!
The next morning 185,000 Assyrians were dead, their corpses all over the place. That was the work of just one angel of Jehovah. There was also much spoil of war. Can you imagine how many horses, tents, weapons and gold they left behind for the people of God to gather?
Have you ever seen an army fighting God’s people and win? It is not possible!
This is the Word of God: When the believers are attacked and persecuted, God arises and defends them. The tables turn ‘overnight’; the destroyer is destroyed and the traitor is betrayed. When God arises, His enemies scatter. They suddenly become impotent, barren, afraid, confused, febrile, sick, weak and poor. They are uprooted from their safe heavens and lose all strength to defend their stolen territories. God’s victories are fast and clear to all so the glory can be given to Him alone!
The wealth of the wicked is transferred to the righteous ones. God’s people were oppressed and persecuted for standing for Christ. For His sake they rejected bribes, they broke worldly friendships, they refused to partake in men’s sins or to be entertained by wicked gossips. They made a choice to be poor rather than steal, to be unmarried rather than fornicate, to be discriminated rather than betray. These people had only one weapon: the name of Jehovah, His power and His mercy! They prayed and they worshiped the King of heaven, waiting for Him to come to their rescue.
Suddenly the boast of the enemy has ceased! It is now called ‘the former terror’. No more noise of hatred; no more threats of violence, no more tribalism or discrimination… The only thing left from the mighty army of intimidation is the rising smoke of their burning bodies…

I am born again! I am a child of God!
God is with me! My enemy is defeated!
This fight is to the end! ‘The queen of heaven’ has to bow to the King of Kings and the Lord of lords, my Savior, Jesus Christ!
I obey God diligently to the best of my knowledge! God shall reward me for that!
I am blessed in the city (Warri)!
The fruit of my body is blessed!
The work of my hands is blessed!
God has sent His angels to surround my home and my city (Warri)!
There is no power that can defeat the angels of God surrounding my home!
The angels know their job! They are now in charge! I worry no more! I rejoice and praise God!
The evil spirit of jezebel has tried to penetrate into this city but she has failed!
All her arrows: sexual immorality, polygamy, prostitution, sugar- daddy, sugar- mummy, greed, religion, idolatry, witchcraft, pornography, pride, violence, juju, cultism, stealing, deception, 419, depression, AIDS …are totally powerless to wound anyone!
She has gone back to her fake empire under the ocean, to the poor wretched souls who blindly serve her unto death!
She shall be burnt with fire by her own worshippers, when they get tired of her fake prophecies and her digital magic!
God has heard our plea for revival in Warri! He has come down to make it happen!
I see ‘the land afar of’ and the rivers free…
I see the trees resting from the terrible storm and the flowers can now bloom in peace…
I look around this place, this city… I see life springing forth, none able to kill it…
I see the thorns and wild bushes suddenly replaced with roses and lilies…
I see the sour grapes changed into sweet and ripe fruit…Sweet wine of joy flowing in Africa…
I see former transgressors loving discipline…this is a miracle indeed…
I see the dirty, stagnant, smelly, mosquito breeding camps changing into clear pools of fresh water, ‘a place of broad rivers and streams’…
I see the former kidnapers and robbers lifting hands in worship, tears on their faces, as they behold the face of Him who saved them at last…
I see the lack of all good things replaced by ‘an abundance of spoils divided by the lame and poor’…
I do not see malaria, diabetes, high blood pressure, typhoid fever…for these are all gone!
I see doctors worshiping Jehovah Rapha for there is nothing else to do…
I see police men planting flowers in front of their offices, for there is no crime in town…
I see husbands loving their wives as Christ love the church!
I see wives submit and honor their own husbands as unto the Lord!
I see children who honor and gladly obey their parents!
I see families coming together to fellowship and to study the Word!
I see weddings and children dedications…
I see tenants becoming landlords…
Behold…’I see the King in His beauty’ smiling over Warri…
Yes, it is Jesus!
All glory to You, Jehovah Sabaoth, the Lord of Hosts!! For just and wonderful are Your judgments!
In Jesus name,
(Is 33-37)

Prophetic gifts

King Jehoshaphat and his people were in serious trouble. Then the prophet gave this command:
“Have faith in the Lord and you shall be upheld! Have faith in His prophets and you shall be successful!” (2Chronicles 20:20)
The word ‘upheld’ in Hebrew in means to be established, to build a foundation, to be a father…
The word ‘successful’ in Hebrew it means to prosper, to push forward, to advance, to be promoted, to make profit in business…
You can see that having faith in God makes you a believer, born again, saved and sure of heaven. That is foundational. But the trust in the true prophets of God and their utterance gives you ‘the necessary push ‘ to move forward in life in general and in business or ministry in particular.
How much do you believe prophetic statements?
In your Christian life, how much do you expect the manifestation of prophetic gifts?
Do you know of anyone who over the years has spoken prophetic words to you and theses have come to pass?
The truth is that here are false prophets all over the world. These are wolves in sheep clothes. We are commanded to test the spirits for they are not all from God! Testing means to patiently discern thru prayer, observing their life style and character and looking for the fruits of the Spirit. Many will fail the test, so reject their words. Few will pass the test and challenge you to believe their words. Your responsibility is to reject the false and have faith in the true ones! Do this and you shall prosper in life!
The Lord Jesus says that anyone who receives a prophet recognizing the prophetic mantle upon him, that person shall receive a prophet’s reward (Mt 10:40-42). The word ‘receive’ is not a superficial word. People can receive a gift and throw it in the trash a minute later. That receiving is only temporary. Here we are told about receiving a prophet, not as an ordinary man in need of shelter, not as a visitor or as a stranger that you pity, but as the messenger of God.
It is said that the greatest honor you can give to any man is to receive his words, to obey his teaching. The Lord Jesus was training His disciples to go and preach the Gospel. He warned them that most people will reject them and His words in their mouths. They should be prepared to continue to preach even in the face of many rejections. A prophet is not received in his natural family. Rejection from your parents, your siblings or children is one of the highest forms of grief. These are trials of faith designed to humble us that grace may be imparted. Success in ministry, especially if it comes too early is a dangerous snare, extremely difficult to break.
The Lord encourages us by saying that He will make sure that there will always be people along the way of life and ministry, who shall receive us as His prophets. This is a great test… We should be prepared to go on in face of persecution and rejection, knowing that even when all things fail, we shall surely meet people who receive us for who we really are. These ‘miracle friends’ shall also receive the Gospel we preach. Jesus says that receiving a prophet means receiving Him.
A wise man of long ago said this: ‘as there is a way of partaking of other men’s sins, so (there is a sharing) in other men’s holy services’ (W. Gurnall)

I am born again!
I covet the gifts of the Spirit, especially that I may prophesy!
I shall pray, praise and prophesy!
I claim the promise of Pentecost that men and women shall prophesy, declaring the mind of God to this generation!
I shall go to any place My Master says I should go!
I shall speak the Word of God, as I hear it in my spirit!
I shall be true to Him who sends me and to my conscience in the presence of God!
I shall not be discouraged by rejection for I have been lovingly warned by my Lord!
I shall not desire to be better than my Master! His portion is mine and His cup is mine!
If any man rejects Christ, let that man reject me too!
If any man receives Christ, let that man receive me too!
I shall not be afraid of men’s faces or their words for I shall keep my eyes fixed on Jesus!
I shall trust the Lord for each person I meet along the way! The ones who reject me and the ones who receive me, these are all God’s creation…I shall give thanks to God for every encounter!
I carry the hidden camera and microphone of heaven! Whatever happens to me along the way of life, I am confident that I am not alone and I am not forsaken! God’s angels are with me! Jesus Christ is with me and in me!
I shall test all spirits that come close to me! I shall not discriminate based on appearances! I shall pray for each person that wants to be my ‘friend’! The false I shall reject, no matter how ‘sweet’ they are! The true prophets I shall receive, no matter how ‘harsh’ they sound!
I shall always have bottles of water in my refrigerator and make it a habit to give water to all who come inside my house! In this way I may welcome angels and prophets and share in their holy services and rewards!
I deny myself, take up my cross and follow Jesus daily. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy and my destiny too!
In Jesus name I pray,

Little is much when God is in it!

A poor widow needs a miracle (2Kg 4:1-7). Her husband was a prophet ‘in training’ but now he Is dead and she was left penniless. The debt the husband left behind was to be paid by losing her two sons. She needed money, but more than that, she needed a miracle of salvation and life. Where to go? Who can help? The choice she made as a result of a desperate prayer saved their lives. She prayed and led by the Spirit she went to meet Elisha, her husband’s mentor and senior prophet. She finds favor with him and he offers to ‘help’. O, may a true prophet help you in time of need…
The word ‘help’ in Hebrew is an active word of action. It means to be busy, to perform, to fulfill an obligation, to fight, to work, to provide, to serve or to sacrifice. When Mary answered the angel she used the same word: ‘Let it be done according to your word’ (Lk 1:38). It is an action word of faith. It means that there is a spiritual agreement and trust between Elisha and the widow. She trusts him as a man of God, as a prophet in particular. She believes that whatever word comes from his mouth that is the Word of God. She believes that even if it is sounds strange or impossible, the miracle shall be performed. Elisha also has faith in her, seeing that she is a genuine woman of God and in desperate need. This unity of the Spirit is very powerful and triggers great supernatural events.
The prophet asks for any blessing in the house. She says: just a little oil and nothing else. Then he tells her to go out and to gather vessels. His request sounds so strange. She should go to her neighbors, to anyone, friend of foe, and ask for empty vessels. The word ‘empty’ in Hebrew means something that is useless, worthless, rejected by all and without purpose. For as long as a man can find usefulness with the container, she should not insist to take it from him. The only vessels she should collect are from the trash can, ugly, dirty and thrown away. And she should bring as many as she can, ‘not a few’…
Coming back with all the vessels, rusted pots and pans of all shapes and sizes, she should shut the door and start pouring the oil into them. The sentence ‘shut the door’ appears two times. It means that it was a very important command. She obeys exactly as she was told. The ‘little oil’ starts pouring until all the containers are filled and then it stops. The need fulfilled, there is no need for additional supply. This is a confirmation that the Lord knows a genuine need and He does not waste His resources. The widow is to sell the oil, make money enough to redeem her sons and then they can live from what is left. What a wonderful story of faith and hope!
This is a miracle of multiplication. Do you really believe in the God of miracles? Do you believe in miracles?
For example, it does not matter how much money you have in the bank. If God said ‘you go and build a house with twenty thousand naira ($150)’ then do not doubt it. Go and build it. Is a second or a third job the only option you have to build a house, to train your children in school, to buy a car? Does faith sound crazy to you?
If you are in a desperate situation like this woman you shall discover that you cannot afford to doubt the prophetic utterance, for God is true even when all men are liars…
Do you want to trust God? Then forget what people say…take that risk to be seen as crazy…When you are a millionaire ‘the normal’ people will come to you asking for money. For this is the God of Elisha who uses weak things to confound the wise…The truth is this: who wants to be ‘wise’ and live a boring, ordinary life? Not me!
As for me and my household, we chose faith in God, obedience to His Word and receiving His prophets! This holy method is proven by generations of believers all over the world and also by me who writes these words…
What do you lose if you believe?

‘Little is much when God is in it!
Labor not for wealth or fame
There’s a crown—and you can win it,
If you go in Jesus’ Name’
(Kittie Suffield, 1905)

My enemy is crippled and burnt!

“Then the Lord said to Joshua, “Do not be afraid of them. By this time tomorrow I will hand all of them over to Israel as dead men. Then you must cripple their horses and burn their chariots.” (Josh 11:6)
Joshua was attacked by a group of pagan kings under the leadership of Jabin, King of Hazor. These kings and their armies were very well trained and equipped. Their combined army was ‘huge and numerous as the sand on the sea shore’. They had horses and chariots. But Joshua prayed and God answered, telling him not to be afraid by what he sees. God promises that He will weaken the enemy; that He will hand the thousands of pagan soldiers to Israel ‘as dead men’ and they should kill them all. The horses of the enemy should be ‘hamstrung’ and the chariots burnt with fire.
To hamstring a horse it means to cripple it by cutting the leg tendons. The result is that the horses will limp and they cannot run again. They can use the horses for labor, to pull a plough for example, but never in war again. This command to cripple the horses sounds harsh to us but it is because God wants us to give Him all the glory for every victory in war. Chariots and horses represent the power of the flesh and the boast of pride. That has to die! God is jealous for His glory!

God refuses to allow His people to learn the ways of the world and the strategy of religious pride. The kings in Israel were to be known as men of God, reading their Bibles. God forbade them to accumulate great numbers of horses, gold or wives. They are to symbolize Christ, whose strength was always in His intimate relationship with the Father.

I am a child of God!
I am a soldier for Christ!
I willingly enrolled in the army of the Living God!
I went to war under the banner of Jehovah Nissi and I won the victory!
I was weak, but by faith in God I became strong!
I was confused, but by faith in God I became focused!
I was afraid but by faith in God I became bold!
I was lonely but by faith in God I am a member of the Body of Christ!
I was foolish but by faith in God I became wise and prudent!
I was shy but by faith in God I boldly proclaim His Word and sing His praises!
My enemies persecuted, hated, slandered, attacked and tried to destroy my testimony…but they have lost completely!
My enemies are now weak, confused, afraid, lonely, foolish, disgraced, crippled and burnt!
My trust is not in things, people, money or positions. My trust is in the Lord Almighty!
I do not boast in my wisdom, my wealth or my strength…but I boast that I really know God, His name and His Righteousness!
I am not afraid of men or devils; I am not intimidated by their numbers or noises of war; God has decreed victory for me so I cannot lose!
My enemies hated me for no reason at all; I was living peacefully in the land but they gathered and attacked me! They shall be divided and fall for my sake! They shall run away when no one pursues and flee away in seven directions!
Just in a little while and the wicked shall be no more! Even if I shall look for them I cannot find them for they have drown in the waters of judgment!
The memory of the wicked has disappeared from my mind!
I am free from their wicked boastings and foolish clamor!
They will never again come near my gates!
I now have peace!
I am free indeed!
Starting from today I shall sleep well and enjoy my life!
In Jesus name I pray,