Life defeats death at Nain

There is a story that happened during the time of Jesus. He was with His disciples when He met a mourning procession on the streets of Nain, a village in Israel. A young man died and they were going to the cemetery. It is always sad when you encounter an untimely death but more so here. The dead youth was the only son of his mother and she was a widow. Like a stick burning at both ends, like a tree without branches and without roots, this is a picture of total hopelessness. Then Jesus comes into that picture. He changes the direction of the story with His Word. He utters two commands, one to the dead and one to his mother. Read them and meditate upon His Word. For we are to do the same, trusting that the Holy Spirit will activate the Word of God!
“Weep not!’
‘Young man, I say unto thee, Arise!’
Immediately life invaded the scene. The dead man suddenly sat up in his coffin and began to talk. Life and death came face to face, and life won! What a Savior!
The enemy of this type of miracle is the evil spirit of religious doubt. Try to imagine that the mother was upset that Jesus came to disturb the funeral procession? That He came to scatter the flowers and fired the professional mourners? That He came to bring all traffic to a stop? That He came to do something that no man will believe? The answer is surely: No! The son was reunited with his mother and she could now obey the command: ‘Weep not!’ They used all their money for the burial ceremony but even without any penny, the celebration, the singing and the dances could not be stopped for days.
Do not hide behind the falling stronghold of doubt saying that Jesus loves that widow more than He loves you. That is a lie! Also, do not hide behind the false doctrine that teaches that miracles like this do not happen anymore, that the gifts of the Spirit are not active anymore! That is a lie too, for the Word says that ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!’ (Heb 13:8).
The point of contact for Jesus, to release the grace necessary to produce this miracle, was the sight of total hopelessness. Like in the valley of dead bones, the echo of their voices was still hanging on…’our hope is gone…’ Jesus came to bring hope. Preach the Gospel of hope! It brings life from the dead! The nations need to hear the prophets, preaching in the name of Jesus, that there is hope in Christ! No valley is too deep, no bone is too dry, no corpse is too cold and no situation is too hopeless that Jehovah Adonai cannot change! Doubt raises his voice condemning the faith of the prophets. But doubt can only whine and fail if we stand in faith, trusting the Word of God!
We declare that the Holy Spirit shall brood over the cities. That God shall destroy the pockets of established gangrene, the drug houses, the brothels, the cult houses and the meeting places of armed robbers. They shall be leveled out and new buildings shall be see, schools, hospitals and offices. The face of the cities shall change so much that in some cases there shall be need to change their names, to confirm the miracles of life. Lord God Almighty, remember Warri, Nigeria!
A mother thought she lost everything but then she heard the command of the Master: ‘Weep not!’ (Lk 7:11-17)
May God wipe all your tears today! Weep not! Rejoice! And I say again, rejoice

One comment on “Life defeats death at Nain

  1. Jemine Leigh says:

    Hope can do great things. A little drop of hope can light up a whole life. Hope says I’ll fight one more day. Hope says I won’t give up. Hope is what happens when Jesus speaks! I have hope in Jesus today. Thank God for His mercy and generosity.

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