These are few pictures taken last night as we celebrate the Cross and the Resurrection. Our church is called: Father’s House Bible Church, Warri- Effurun, Nigeria! The presence of God was very strong! You can see Pastor Richmond Leigh, my husband, beating the bell during the Nigerian praise songs! These are pictures taken from the all night service yesterday. We love worshiping God! He alone is worthy! Hosanna in the Highest! Jesus is Lord! Jesus is alive! 

Joseph 1


FH 13

MM at FH




“When Jesus was starting down the Mount of Olives, His large crowd of disciples were happy and praised God because of all the miracles they had seen. They shouted: “Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven and glory to God.” Some Pharisees in the crowd said to Jesus, “Teacher, make Your disciples stop shouting!” But Jesus answered, “If they keep quiet, these stones will start shouting.” (Lk 19:37-40)
This picture is taken some years ago, on a trip to Israel. My husband and I, with some brethren from our church, are walking down the Mountain of Olives, through the same pathway Christ took when He entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey. As it was then, so it is now. The religious spirits still want to shut up our mouths, so that we should not praise our God. But that is not possible! We shout with all our strength! Like blind Bartimeus we must shout above all other voices! Stones cannot shout when we are here praising God! Shout to the Lord with a voice of triumph! Jesus Christ is Lord! Jesus Christ is alive! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest!!! Glory to the Lamb of God!!!
The road to Jerusalem


I live in Nigeria since 1980. Most of the customs here are very different than in my birth country, Romania. Long ago I made a choice; I take it as a duty to learn the traditions of people here. This is so that I may not ignorantly offend the very people I try to help spiritually. That will not be helpful to my testimony as Christian. By the grace of a God, I chose to show proper respect to Nigerians and all people I encounter!

Many people have helped me along the way, but my husband in particular. He has been my mentor to help me understand the way Nigerian people think and behave. Over the years, he has patiently explained to me how to talk, dress and behave here. It has not been easy but it is my privilege to work here, where God has sent me. I honor my husband and my pastor, Dr. Richmond Leigh! God bless you Sir!

(In the picture, my husband and I dressed in Nigerian outfits)

Tali and I 5



“See! The winter is past: the rains are over and gone.
Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come,
the cooing of doves is heard in our land” (SS 2:11, 12)

A man had a dream. He saw a set of big feet in the sand. They were orderly and moved on a straight line. Then he saw another set of feet, much smaller, going zig –zag, all over the place. After sometime, the smaller feet became one with the big ones. Inside each big foot there was the shadow of the smaller one. That went on for a long time.

Then later he saw that the two sets of feet separated once more. The smaller feet went like mad, zig- zag all over the place. Here in Nigeria, that type of ‘crazy’ pattern we call it ‘ja-ga-ja-ga’.
The man saw the Lord Jesus in the dream and asked him about these three designs in the sand. The Lord said that when he was ‘a baby’ Christian, he was walking quite independent from Him. He was still stubborn and over active. Then the two sets of feet merged together. That is when he became a mature Believer, one with Him in will and purpose.

Then the man said to the Lord: ‘I understand that. But please why are our feet separating again? Did I backslide? Did I become as stubborn and overactive as at the beginning? I am worried Lord…’ The Lord smiled and said:‘No, My beloved….That ‘ja-ga-ja-ga’ pattern you saw is when we started dancing together…’

This evening, during the prophetic prayer meeting, we just danced in the presence of the Lord. All the chairs went up side down as we did pirouettes and tangos and waltzes and cha-cha –cha under the stars. “Dance with me Lord, Lover of my soul! To the Song of all songs…”

Right now my feet are hurting but my liver smiles….

(In the picture, my husband, Pastor Richmond Leigh dancing for the Lord during a Sunday service in our church, as Brother Felix is praising God with singing: ‘Daddy God, I love You sooo…’)



A Christian sister sent this request for prayer. She has a lump in her left breast. The doctors suspect that it is cancer. She is 39 years old. She and her husband are born again attending a Pentecostal church in Warri. They have three small children. They have been referred to a teaching hospital for confirmation of the diagnosis and for radiotherapy. She needs prayers and words of faith. Right now, she is under attack from an evil spirit of fear of death and depression!
Dear Intercessors, thank you for your prayers! I will forward your comments to her! God bless you! We remember that nothing is impossible with God!
This is the Word God gave me for her: ‘This is what the Lord, the God of your father David, says: I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will heal you” (2 KG 20:5)


“But when he came to himself, he said, ‘How many of my father’s hired servants have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger!” (Lk 15:17)
This is an encouragement for the prodigal sons and daughters.
The younger son went away, to ‘a far country’ to waste his inheritance. He lived a prodigal life. The world ‘prodigal’ means to waste; it means to scatter something that was once a piece, into small and useless pieces. He spent all his money on ‘riotous living’, from party to night club and back. Losers gathered around him and encouraged him in his wild dreams. This went on until all the wealth was gone. He then ‘joined himself’ to a man, who hired him to feed the swine. Hungry and cold, lost and lonely, he arrived at the bottom of the valley of life. None can help here…Only God!
The lowest place is the point of grace. Out of many things to remember in his father’s house, the son remembered the bread!!! That soft bread was always on the table, more than enough for sons and servants. He thought he will never remember the father’s love and provision, but now, all he could think of was the fresh baked bread at the Father’s House.
The backslider will always remember what he wants to forget. He cannot run forever. He will remember the taste of the Word of God, feeding the soul. He will remember the sound of worship and the touch of the Spirit. There is none like it. The world has no idea of what is best in this life. Child of God, you who run away from your very self… God will so arrange the circumstances of your life that you will not have peace in this world. Sooner or later you will experience the longing for the reality of the Spirit and your heart will lead you home. Father God is waiting for you! Son, come home!
(In the picture is Nigerian bread, the best bread in the world)


“Now indeed, Elizabeth your relative has also conceived a son in her old age; and this is now the sixth month for her who was called barren. For with God nothing will be impossible” (Lk 1:36, 37)
Angel Gabriel came from heaven to Mary. His words were not his own, but God’s who sent him. Just imagine that! What does an angel know about ‘old age’? Does the word ‘menopause’ is whispered in heaven? How do they talk about barren women in the angels’ club? An angel does not grow old. His wings do not turn grey. No wrinkles are found on seraphic angels. They do not understand the weaknesses and trials we humans face on earth.
The doctor in Jerusalem surely told Elizabeth that she is too ‘advanced in years’ to be a mother. Her priest gave her no more hope. Her dream of having a baby has to be buried with her. Her prayers met God’s door locked. No angel had the key. She may have resigned to be a foster mother to other children. Maybe she can be a teacher… or a nanny to other children… what else?
But things changed overnight. When men give up, God comes down. Always study the moment when hope seems dead. God likes to come at the end waiting times… God likes to do things like these; just so that we give Him alone all the glory. That day God sent a special Angel with a life drop taken from the ocean of glory. The Angel brought a message of love from above. No sickness, no weakness, no mountain of opposition could stop the Word from conceiving. Elizabeth’s name means ‘My God is Abundance’. As simple as that: God the Provider came and gave her a son. The God of abundance brought baby John to his waiting parents.
What is the lesson? Divine abundance may come early or may come later in life. But it will come at last!. Just believe! Let the poor say: I am rich! Let the sick say: I am healed! Let the single say: I am married! Let the barren say: I am a fruitful vine! Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Dreams may still come true! For like the angel said: with God nothing will be impossible! What do you lose if you believe? Glory to God!
old woman pregnant