“We love each other because He loved us first” (1Jn 4:19)

The prophetic prayer meeting was very good. We praised God and we prayed to Him. We are in a season called ‘Shallom’. It is a season of fruitful peace and harvest of joy. I shared with them my testimony. On Monday it was my birthday. My husband ‘took me out’. We went to Shoprite mall and watched the latest movie called ‘Black Panther’… (if you have not watched it, for my sake, please go and watch it!)… The cashier asked us if we want economy or VIP ticket. We both felt like teenagers excited to enjoy an evening out. My husband quickly said: “Two tickets, VIP, please!” I don’t know why I felt so excited. For you just to understand my excitement, let me explain… In Nigeria it is not common for people to go to the movie house. I have lived in Nigeria since 1980 and I do not think I have ever gone to the theater to watch a movie. We usually watch movies at home. But this experience was so different. The VIP section was upstairs, at the balcony. The seats downstairs were filled with people. But up there it was only one other man and us. We sat down. The leather seats were wide and soft. You press a button and it went on relaxing mode… Then a young man came to bring ‘popcorn’ and juice for us. He said that it is ‘complimentary’ for VIPs. Wow… Then he quietly asked if we want food too. My husband said: ‘what do you mean food?’ He said: ‘we have jolof rice and chicken, salad, dodo …’ With all the excitement I forgot that we were hungry. My husband ordered jolof and chicken. I was shocked that we can eat and watch movies in the same time… Shoprite tried for us-ooo! I was celebrating my 64th birthday. But I felt like 24! Halleluiah!


I told the congregation, that they should not listen to this testimony as spectators. They should identify with the blessings of a mature marriage and joy overflow. God’s gifts are always good. God loves not just me or my husband. God loves you! God’s plans for you are good and not evil. In the natural, life gets more difficult with old age. But in Christ, life gets sweeter. Eternal life is not just a long infinite life. It is a sweet and exciting, ‘no limits’ type of life full of worship and love. I tested it and testify to it! Jesus loves you! Let every fear of the future, of poverty, of old age… die now! Let every inferiority complex, every shame about your identity disappear now! In Jesus name, amen! We sang: ‘Jesus loves me (Include your full name here…), I cannot tell why; Jesus loves me (your full name here…) I cannot tell why; On Calvary tree, Jesus suffered for me; He loves me (your name…); I cannot tell why…’


Then the Holy Spirit reminded us how good God is. He called us to a re-surrender to Jesus. I reminded them of my testimony as a baby Christian. I gave my life to Christ in March 1986. I felt so grateful to Jesus for saving my soul that I wanted to give Him something good as a gift. I was thinking what to give to Him. What will my Savior like? Then I said: ‘Lord Jesus, I want to give you all my money. If I wake up tomorrow and discover that all my money in my account has disappeared, I will praise You. That means You took the money. Do you want my money Lord?’ He said: ‘No, keep your money’. Then I said: ‘what else can I give to You? Do you want my medical certificate? I suffered many years to become a doctor. If I wake up tomorrow and I will not remember how to prescribe Panadol, I will be very happy. It means that you took my skill to be a doctor. I will look for another job and I will praise you forever!’ The Holy Spirit said: ‘I do not want your certificate’. I was confused… I said: ‘Lord, You have saved my soul. I still want to give You something. What do You want from me?’ Immediately He answered: “You! It is You that I want! I want your heart, your body, your will, your soul and your spirit!’ I was shocked… Me? Small me? It is me that You want, Lord? Then take my life completely Lord! No conditions! No regrets! No looking back! I surrender all… I surrender all… Unto Thee my Blessed Savior… I surrender all!’

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One comment on “HARVEST OF LOVE

  1. And what greater joy than to give our lives to our Savior whose love for us is greater than any other love we will ever experience! Beautifu, dear Lia! ❤ ❤

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