*The King (God the Father)

*The Prince (Jesus Christ, the Son of God)

*The Bride (we the believers, the Church)

*The servants (messengers) of the King (Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists…)

*The Farmers- Tenants of the King (the first set of invitees- the sinners, the reprobates)

*The second set of guests, both good and bad – the sinners who repented and by grace got saved

*The naked man- from the first set of guests, also an unrepentant sinner, a reprobate



Once upon a time there was a great King whose name was Elohim. He was very rich. He had a Son whom He loved very much. The name of the Son was Joshua. The King had a very big palace. He had many servants, all faithful to Him even unto death. The King also had a big army who was made of generals and never lost a battle. The greatest desire of the King was to bring honor to His Son. He judged each person He met by the way they responded to His Son. He made it clear to all, far and near, that if they honor Him, they must honor His Son too. Even the children in that Kingdom knew about this decree.


The King had a big fertile land on the hill. He decided to plant a vineyard on it. He wanted to make the best wine in the country because He was preparing for His Son’s wedding in the near future. He hired workers from different countries to attend the vines planted by Him. The King prepared all things at the site: a wall around the property. He built a watchtower as protection against the thieves. He dug a winepress for the grapes to be crushed and made wine. He expected good results in the future. He was seeing the crystal glasses filled with sparkling red wine and the joy of all His guests drinking it. The plan was god and the investment was made. He made a deal with His workers and they decided on a percentage of fruit as payment for their labor, not earlier than the harvest time.


The King made an announcement that he will travel out of the country for an important event. His Son, the young Prince Joshua, will be in charge of the palace and of all the affairs of the Kingdom in His absence. The King knew that the Prince has fallen in love with a beautiful but simple girl and that He wanted to marry her. The Father has approved of the marriage. He told the Son to wait until He comes back from travel and then, He will personally supervise the preparations for the wedding. They all agreed to be so.


After the King left, for a time, all things went well. Then the time of harvest has come. The King sent a message to His Son, reminding Him that He should tell the farmers to keep aside His share of grapes for the royal wine. The Son sent three of the palace servants to His Father’s vineyard with the reminder. To His greatest surprise, the farmers seized the servants; they beat one, killed another and stone the third. The Prince tried to be calm and patient. He sent more servants but His Father’s tenants repeated the wicked action.


The Prince informed His Father about the crisis in the Kingdom. They discussed the best way to bring order and peace in the land. The Father suggested that there is no need for more servants to be killed by these unreasonable tenants. He told the Son to go there Himself to remind the farmers of the agreement made with the King. The Father’s hope was that the farmers will respect His Son and their future King. The Son knew that it will be a very dangerous encounter but there was no other way to reclaim the King’s vineyard. The Prince informed His Bride to be that He will go to do His Father’s business and He may not come alive, but the wedding will go on as planned.  This word was very puzzling for the girl. Prince Joshua’s words made no sense to her but she trusted Him with all her heart.


The Father approved that the wedding invitations should be sent to all the corners of His Kingdom. First of all the invitations were sent to the rich and great men.  Many of them were relatives of the tenants on the vineyard. The royal card said that all the preparations for the wedding were made. The oxen have been killed already and the tables were ready. The next day the Prince went to meet with the union of the farmers on His Father’s vineyard. He saw a great mountain of grapes ready to be crushed into wine. The harvest was very good just as the King expected. The tenants saw the Prince and discussed among themselves. ‘This is the heir to the throne…Let’s kill Him and start a democratic government. We can all take turns and be presidents of this rich country. We are the work force here. We should not be exploited anymore. The Prince is the only obstacle to our dreams of becoming rich men…’ They lifted their hands and captured the Prince. They publicly disgraced Him. They tore His royal garments and being naked, they nailed Him on a wooden fence. They killed Him and rejoiced in their victory.  On the other side of the town, the invitations cards have been rejected by the relatives of the tenants. They knew that the Prince will not survive to see His wedding day. They excused themselves saying that they are too busy with work for the King.


The Bride wept in total despair. She wept until she had no more tears. She was a widow before her wedding day. There was no one to help, no one to listen… Alone in the room, she waited for death to come from the hand of the same murderers. There was an announcement that all the friends of the Bridegroom will be killed also.


Suddenly, in the midst of this tragedy, the trumpets sound! The King is back at His palace! He finds the ground red with blood. Many of His faithful servants are dead! His only Son is dead!!! The Bride to be has collapsed in one of the palace rooms. The King was very angry. Riding His white horse, He went to His vineyard and found the tenants happy, celebrating their victory, still drunk with wine… His wine! With just one word, the King killed them all. He then sent His army to kill all their relatives and accomplices, all the ones who refused to come to His Son’s wedding. No one has ever seen the King so angry before! At last, He took the Body of His dear Son and carried it to His private room. Inside there, alone, where no man can enter, He gave Him the kiss of life. The Son stood on His feet!!! The wicked people forgot that the King has the power to give and take life. The Son came and knelt before His Father. The news went round in the whole palace! The Son is alive again! Hail to the King of kings! The whole Kingdom celebrated and rejoiced with the King and His Son! The Bride to be ran from her private chambers. She came before the throne, shaking with fear and joy! She said that there was a man, one of the tenants, who came to her apartment and tried to rape her. He confidently told her that her Prince is dead and that she belongs to him now. She collapsed as dead in the middle of the room. The thief, thinking that she was really dead, and scared by the sound of the trumpets, ran away and hid in the great palace.


The King invited all the people from His kingdom, good and bad, rich and poor, sick and cripple… all of them from far and near. Those who have repented from their association with the wicked tenants became the guests at the wedding. Each one of them was given a purple robe at the entrance, having the picture of the Son on it and the seal of the King. The hall was full with people loudly praising the King’s goodness, wisdom and power! The angels surrounded the place amazed at what love can do… The sick were healed and the crippled stood and danced for joy! The sorrowful became happy and sang a new song in honor to the King and His Son! The wedding banquet became a praise and worship festival! The crystal glasses were filled with the wine from the King’s vineyard, just the way the King saw it in the vision of the past. The Prince and His Bride sitting together at the right hand of the King joined the choir…Halleluiah!!!!


In the midst of these joyful festivities, the King got up and went to personally greet the guests. He wanted to be sure that each one is satisfied with the food and the wine. Each guest was happy, dressed with the royal purple robe. Suddenly, by the side of the door, the King sees a naked man. What? Who is this man? No robe, no wine, no joy? He asked the man how he came inside the palace. How did he enter the throne room without a robe? Then the Bride said that this is the man who tried to rape her in her room. The King told all His guests to look at this man who refused to honor the His Son! At this accusation, the man was speechless. The King arrested the thief, bound his hands and feet, and threw him in the place prison, to a place or darkness and eternal torment.


The King, The Prince, the Bride and their children, lived happily ever after. I know this story because I am one of their descendants… Today is my birthday and I remember the love story of my holy ancestors… To God alone be all the glory!


(Matthew 21 and 22, Luke 14 and 20, Revelation 5 and 19)

SLL 28

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