“This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” (Josh 1:8, 9)


The children of Israel are ready to cross over into the Promised Land. Their great leader Moses is dead, but the Word is not dead. It is time to move on. God speaks to Joshua, the new leader. He does not tell him about new plans or strategies for battle, for he already knows them. Jehovah speaks words to encourage him and to instill a passion for success. These words will carry Joshua on eagle’s’ wings until all is accomplished and victory is attained.

The forty years in the wilderness was a season for seeking God. He gave them a vision of the wonderful Promised Land. He gave them dreams for the future. But a whole generation perished in the desert because of unbelief. Their children are ready now to enter into a new season of adventure to possess the land. It is in fact more than an adventure. It will be a battle for their destiny. From now on it will be clear who will taste success and will not.

The word success means to fulfill your God given dreams. All people dream good things…that one day they will have a home, a family, fame, security or riches. But not all people end their lives happily. In other words, not all believers live and die successful lives. Most remain ‘barely saved’ without a clear testimony of a successful and fulfilled life on earth. My family and I desire to fulfill God’s plan and purpose on earth! We shall be successful!


What is the recipe for successful Christian life?

*Understand the purpose of God!

God desires that you come to a place of trust having a testimony that gives Him glory. You are to change and become like Jesus. Then all people shall see that your miraculous life change with no other explanation than the touch of the Living God. Remember that your testimony is one of the most important riches that you have as a person. It is better to lose money and friends, reputation or opportunities, than to lose your Christ given seal of ownership! Never forget, it is God that is sending you ahead, to transition into success! God loves you more than any other. Trust Him!


*Have faith in the promises of God!

God said He will give you a land to possess. He will give you total victory against anyone who opposes you. The land or the ministry you receive comes with life time insurance of protection against the jealous, wicked and covetous men around you.


*Be sure of God’s presence with you!

No matter your situation in life, in the deepest valley of trials, in darkness, prison or on the hospital bed, you shall never be alone. God will give you favor in the presence of your enemies. God takes pleasure to overturn tables for you. When in doubt, touch your heart, feel the beat and wait for the presence of the Holy Spirit. Once you are sure He is with you, relax, for all things shall work together for good for you!


*Be strong and courageous!

These words speak of the strength to identify your blessings, to be able to grab them with both of your hands and refuse to let go. It also speaks of clear, steadfast and sound mind. These words are not just suggestions to you. These are commands to be obeyed. They come wrapped with the power to manifest them daily. God commands you to be focused and determined to be successful! When you are confused, tired, afraid or weak it means that you are rebellious to the command to be strong and courageous in life. Be filled with the Holy Spirit!


*Be not afraid and dismayed!

This is also a command from God. Cowardice is the fruit of rebellion and disobedience to the Captain of your salvation. In the battle for success there is no retreat. Backsliding, like divorce in marriage, is not an option to consider. In war, you can only go forward. Even if you die, you have to die fighting, defending your territory. There are too many weak, double minded people who claim to be Christians, but no testimony of manly courage and passion for godly success. Avoid these people!


*Ready, study and mediate on the Word of God ‘day and night’!

This is the true eternal secret of Christian success. Too many people depend on what pastors preach and Facebook says for their daily spiritual bread. The command to Joshua is to eat the Word, to digest it until there is an overflow. In Hebrew it means to read the Bible until you are able to teach and counsel others thru the Word. To study the Word is time and energy consuming. But it is still the shortest way to success.


A practical advice: Study your night dreams, for often they tell you if you are fulfilling the condition for success or not. If you meditate on the Word day and night, you shall dream good dreams in line with the Bible. If you have nightmares often it means that you disobey God’s command to study His Word.! Selah!


Another practical advice: if God has promised that you shall have your own house, there are only two ways to fulfill that dream: One way is to take three jobs and work from morning to night, gathering cement and wood to build it. It will take many years of labor and stress and you may not finish it. That is the unbeliever’s way. But the way of God is this: take only one job, so that you can pay your bills and use the remaining time to study the Bible. Do it consistently and patiently. Search for the meaning of each word. Pray for the deep revelation and understanding of the Word. Do it like you prepare to pass exams in the Bible School. Soon you shall observe that your character changes, your testimony as a believer starts shining thru and miraculously, sooner or later, the dream house shall be yours. If you say that you see no connection between Bible study and house building then I say that you are spiritually blind for the connection is there in the Book of Joshua.



I am a child of God!

I and my children, we are prosperous and successful!

I and my children, we are not failures!

Christian success is possible and it is my portion!

I guard with all my might my testimony as a Believer in Christ!

I have faith in the promises of God! These are yes and amen!

God’s presence is with me everywhere I go! If I enter a plane, a car or a ship, I remember that God does not need a visa or a ticket. He is always with me on the land, on the sea and in the clouds!

I am strong and courageous! I do not faint, shake or run away! There is no going back for me! It is easier to die in battle and go to heaven than to go back to the devil! NO RETREAT!

I am not afraid; I am not confused! I am not a coward! God forbid! Nothing shall surprise me to break me; no circumstance of life will make me beg and worship the devil. I am done with him forever!

My eyes are fixed of the face of Jesus, I see Him smile and I hear the cheering coming from the cloud of witnesses.

I read, study, meditate and dream about the Word of God! I see myself preaching and teaching the Word and nothing else!

I press forward until the wine is squeezed from the grapes of my heart.

I press on until God speaks to me thru His Word. If I am tired I shall pray for supernatural strength but still not accept defeat!

I am intelligent for God made me so!

I am not timid!

From now on, my light shall shine and let all people come and see the wonderful works the Father has done in me!

All the glory to the Lamb upon the throne!

In Jesus name


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