I live in Nigeria since 1980. Most of the customs here are very different than in my birth country, Romania. Long ago I made a choice; I take it as a duty to learn the traditions of people here. This is so that I may not ignorantly offend the very people I try to help spiritually. That will not be helpful to my testimony as Christian. By the grace of a God, I chose to show proper respect to Nigerians and all people I encounter!

Many people have helped me along the way, but my husband in particular. He has been my mentor to help me understand the way Nigerian people think and behave. Over the years, he has patiently explained to me how to talk, dress and behave here. It has not been easy but it is my privilege to work here, where God has sent me. I honor my husband and my pastor, Dr. Richmond Leigh! God bless you Sir!

(In the picture, my husband and I dressed in Nigerian outfits)

Tali and I 5

2 comments on “GOD BLESS NIGERIA FOR ME! 

  1. You are such a wonderful example and inspiration to us all, dear Lia! God bless you and your husband greatly! ❤

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