“But when he came to himself, he said, ‘How many of my father’s hired servants have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger!” (Lk 15:17)
This is an encouragement for the prodigal sons and daughters.
The younger son went away, to ‘a far country’ to waste his inheritance. He lived a prodigal life. The world ‘prodigal’ means to waste; it means to scatter something that was once a piece, into small and useless pieces. He spent all his money on ‘riotous living’, from party to night club and back. Losers gathered around him and encouraged him in his wild dreams. This went on until all the wealth was gone. He then ‘joined himself’ to a man, who hired him to feed the swine. Hungry and cold, lost and lonely, he arrived at the bottom of the valley of life. None can help here…Only God!
The lowest place is the point of grace. Out of many things to remember in his father’s house, the son remembered the bread!!! That soft bread was always on the table, more than enough for sons and servants. He thought he will never remember the father’s love and provision, but now, all he could think of was the fresh baked bread at the Father’s House.
The backslider will always remember what he wants to forget. He cannot run forever. He will remember the taste of the Word of God, feeding the soul. He will remember the sound of worship and the touch of the Spirit. There is none like it. The world has no idea of what is best in this life. Child of God, you who run away from your very self… God will so arrange the circumstances of your life that you will not have peace in this world. Sooner or later you will experience the longing for the reality of the Spirit and your heart will lead you home. Father God is waiting for you! Son, come home!
(In the picture is Nigerian bread, the best bread in the world)

3 comments on “I MISS MY FATHER’S BREAD

  1. Amen 🙏🏽 I have a brother who has backslidden. I am praying for him to come home. Thanks 🙏🏽

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