“Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, descended from David, as proclaimed by my gospel, for which I suffer to the extent of being chained like a criminal. But the Word of God cannot be chained…the Word of God is not bound… is not imprisoned… ‘(2Tim 2:8, 9)
Our Women’s Fellowship was very good. What makes is ‘good’ is not that we look good or that sing well. God, who alone is good, made His presence known in our midst. That is why I say that the fellowship was good. Each time I minister, I prepare the best I can. I pray and prepare a good sermon. In fact, I always give the best sermon I have; the one that is the freshest on my spirit, the one that moves me first before moving others. I am always excited for the privilege to preach the Word of God. I am a surprise to myself. I could not have chosen myself to preach the Word of God in Nigeria. English is not my primary language and I am the only ‘oyinbo’ (‘white’ woman) in our church. Why God choose me as His servant is a wonder to me. But He did and now, I am glad. To me preaching is pouring my spirit out until I become dry and tired. I my tiredness, I rejoice and I have peace. I cannot explain everything that the Holy Spirit does thru my ministry, but I know that it is good. To God alone be all the glory!
This evening, we praised God, we sang and danced and prayed. Before the meeting, the Holy Spirit reminded me that even if I feel that I am in a prison of circumstances, the Word of God is not bound, is not restrained. The devil can bound my legs but cannot chain my mouth. I should preach and pray, not as a middle age overweight woman, one who has health issues and emotional needs. Forget about that! I should preach the Word like a (slim) bird flying in the sky. I should pray until I touch the hem of His garment! Well, this evening I could not preach what I had prepared. The anointing was very strong but it was a prayer and worship anointing. It became a prayer meeting. We prayed for the singles that are above 30 years to marry. We pray for the married women to be pregnant (Already we pray from a place of testimony strength. Five of the women in our fellowship, the doctors gave up on them, they have been called ‘men’ by their enemies, three of them are above 40 years… but they are now pregnant!!! Praise the Lord!). We prayed for the tenants to be house owners. We prayed for the weak to be strong, for the sad to be joyful, for the poor to be rich. We prayed for the ones whose birthday is in the month of March to be blessed with gifts from God and not from man. We decaled that we shall receive beauty for ashes and a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness! We worshipped our Lord Jesus Christ on and on! We sang: ‘Oh, Lord, You move the mountains…You have done before…You will do it again! Yahweh…Your name is Yahweh… You are the miracle working God, Your name is Yahweh! … You are God! There is no argument; You are God all by Yourself… Imela-o…Imela-o… Thank You Lord! For the things that You have done, Imela-o … Thank You Lord!!!’
SLL 26

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