Little is much when God is in it!

A poor widow needs a miracle (2Kg 4:1-7). Her husband was a prophet ‘in training’ but now he Is dead and she was left penniless. The debt the husband left behind was to be paid by losing her two sons. She needed money, but more than that, she needed a miracle of salvation and life. Where to go? Who can help? The choice she made as a result of a desperate prayer saved their lives. She prayed and led by the Spirit she went to meet Elisha, her husband’s mentor and senior prophet. She finds favor with him and he offers to ‘help’. O, may a true prophet help you in time of need…
The word ‘help’ in Hebrew is an active word of action. It means to be busy, to perform, to fulfill an obligation, to fight, to work, to provide, to serve or to sacrifice. When Mary answered the angel she used the same word: ‘Let it be done according to your word’ (Lk 1:38). It is an action word of faith. It means that there is a spiritual agreement and trust between Elisha and the widow. She trusts him as a man of God, as a prophet in particular. She believes that whatever word comes from his mouth that is the Word of God. She believes that even if it is sounds strange or impossible, the miracle shall be performed. Elisha also has faith in her, seeing that she is a genuine woman of God and in desperate need. This unity of the Spirit is very powerful and triggers great supernatural events.
The prophet asks for any blessing in the house. She says: just a little oil and nothing else. Then he tells her to go out and to gather vessels. His request sounds so strange. She should go to her neighbors, to anyone, friend of foe, and ask for empty vessels. The word ‘empty’ in Hebrew means something that is useless, worthless, rejected by all and without purpose. For as long as a man can find usefulness with the container, she should not insist to take it from him. The only vessels she should collect are from the trash can, ugly, dirty and thrown away. And she should bring as many as she can, ‘not a few’…
Coming back with all the vessels, rusted pots and pans of all shapes and sizes, she should shut the door and start pouring the oil into them. The sentence ‘shut the door’ appears two times. It means that it was a very important command. She obeys exactly as she was told. The ‘little oil’ starts pouring until all the containers are filled and then it stops. The need fulfilled, there is no need for additional supply. This is a confirmation that the Lord knows a genuine need and He does not waste His resources. The widow is to sell the oil, make money enough to redeem her sons and then they can live from what is left. What a wonderful story of faith and hope!
This is a miracle of multiplication. Do you really believe in the God of miracles? Do you believe in miracles?
For example, it does not matter how much money you have in the bank. If God said ‘you go and build a house with twenty thousand naira ($150)’ then do not doubt it. Go and build it. Is a second or a third job the only option you have to build a house, to train your children in school, to buy a car? Does faith sound crazy to you?
If you are in a desperate situation like this woman you shall discover that you cannot afford to doubt the prophetic utterance, for God is true even when all men are liars…
Do you want to trust God? Then forget what people say…take that risk to be seen as crazy…When you are a millionaire ‘the normal’ people will come to you asking for money. For this is the God of Elisha who uses weak things to confound the wise…The truth is this: who wants to be ‘wise’ and live a boring, ordinary life? Not me!
As for me and my household, we chose faith in God, obedience to His Word and receiving His prophets! This holy method is proven by generations of believers all over the world and also by me who writes these words…
What do you lose if you believe?

‘Little is much when God is in it!
Labor not for wealth or fame
There’s a crown—and you can win it,
If you go in Jesus’ Name’
(Kittie Suffield, 1905)

2 comments on “Little is much when God is in it!

  1. This is a good reminder to me that obedience is a powerful thing. Sometimes, it looks strange and odd, but mere obedience can change a whole life, a whole situation. Trusting God even in the awkward moments is so crucial. Thank you for this. Pushing forward! I believe!!!

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