Prophetic gifts

King Jehoshaphat and his people were in serious trouble. Then the prophet gave this command:
“Have faith in the Lord and you shall be upheld! Have faith in His prophets and you shall be successful!” (2Chronicles 20:20)
The word ‘upheld’ in Hebrew in means to be established, to build a foundation, to be a father…
The word ‘successful’ in Hebrew it means to prosper, to push forward, to advance, to be promoted, to make profit in business…
You can see that having faith in God makes you a believer, born again, saved and sure of heaven. That is foundational. But the trust in the true prophets of God and their utterance gives you ‘the necessary push ‘ to move forward in life in general and in business or ministry in particular.
How much do you believe prophetic statements?
In your Christian life, how much do you expect the manifestation of prophetic gifts?
Do you know of anyone who over the years has spoken prophetic words to you and theses have come to pass?
The truth is that here are false prophets all over the world. These are wolves in sheep clothes. We are commanded to test the spirits for they are not all from God! Testing means to patiently discern thru prayer, observing their life style and character and looking for the fruits of the Spirit. Many will fail the test, so reject their words. Few will pass the test and challenge you to believe their words. Your responsibility is to reject the false and have faith in the true ones! Do this and you shall prosper in life!
The Lord Jesus says that anyone who receives a prophet recognizing the prophetic mantle upon him, that person shall receive a prophet’s reward (Mt 10:40-42). The word ‘receive’ is not a superficial word. People can receive a gift and throw it in the trash a minute later. That receiving is only temporary. Here we are told about receiving a prophet, not as an ordinary man in need of shelter, not as a visitor or as a stranger that you pity, but as the messenger of God.
It is said that the greatest honor you can give to any man is to receive his words, to obey his teaching. The Lord Jesus was training His disciples to go and preach the Gospel. He warned them that most people will reject them and His words in their mouths. They should be prepared to continue to preach even in the face of many rejections. A prophet is not received in his natural family. Rejection from your parents, your siblings or children is one of the highest forms of grief. These are trials of faith designed to humble us that grace may be imparted. Success in ministry, especially if it comes too early is a dangerous snare, extremely difficult to break.
The Lord encourages us by saying that He will make sure that there will always be people along the way of life and ministry, who shall receive us as His prophets. This is a great test… We should be prepared to go on in face of persecution and rejection, knowing that even when all things fail, we shall surely meet people who receive us for who we really are. These ‘miracle friends’ shall also receive the Gospel we preach. Jesus says that receiving a prophet means receiving Him.
A wise man of long ago said this: ‘as there is a way of partaking of other men’s sins, so (there is a sharing) in other men’s holy services’ (W. Gurnall)

I am born again!
I covet the gifts of the Spirit, especially that I may prophesy!
I shall pray, praise and prophesy!
I claim the promise of Pentecost that men and women shall prophesy, declaring the mind of God to this generation!
I shall go to any place My Master says I should go!
I shall speak the Word of God, as I hear it in my spirit!
I shall be true to Him who sends me and to my conscience in the presence of God!
I shall not be discouraged by rejection for I have been lovingly warned by my Lord!
I shall not desire to be better than my Master! His portion is mine and His cup is mine!
If any man rejects Christ, let that man reject me too!
If any man receives Christ, let that man receive me too!
I shall not be afraid of men’s faces or their words for I shall keep my eyes fixed on Jesus!
I shall trust the Lord for each person I meet along the way! The ones who reject me and the ones who receive me, these are all God’s creation…I shall give thanks to God for every encounter!
I carry the hidden camera and microphone of heaven! Whatever happens to me along the way of life, I am confident that I am not alone and I am not forsaken! God’s angels are with me! Jesus Christ is with me and in me!
I shall test all spirits that come close to me! I shall not discriminate based on appearances! I shall pray for each person that wants to be my ‘friend’! The false I shall reject, no matter how ‘sweet’ they are! The true prophets I shall receive, no matter how ‘harsh’ they sound!
I shall always have bottles of water in my refrigerator and make it a habit to give water to all who come inside my house! In this way I may welcome angels and prophets and share in their holy services and rewards!
I deny myself, take up my cross and follow Jesus daily. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy and my destiny too!
In Jesus name I pray,

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  2. Wholeheartedly, I believe!

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