The folly to fight against God’s people

“And this is what the LORD says about the king of Assyria: “‘His armies will not enter Jerusalem. They will not even shoot an arrow at it… He will go back the way he came, and he will not enter this city!
This is the LORD’s declaration… ‘For My own honor and for the sake of My servant David, I will defend this city and protect it. That night the angel of the LORD went out to the Assyrian camp and killed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers. When the surviving Assyrians woke up the next morning, they found corpses everywhere. Then King Sennacherib of Assyria broke camp and returned to his own land…” (Is 37:33-37)

Jerusalem was attacked by Assyria. They have already conquered many countries. None could withstand them. Sennacherib, their commander is insulting God and His people. He threatens to attack and destroy Zion just the way he did with other cities. Hezekiah and God’s people are afraid. He cries to God who sends His prophet Isaiah with comforting words of courage.
This is God’s declaration to His people: Jehovah Himself has come down from heaven to protect His people! The enemy will be destroyed!
The next morning 185,000 Assyrians were dead, their corpses all over the place. That was the work of just one angel of Jehovah. There was also much spoil of war. Can you imagine how many horses, tents, weapons and gold they left behind for the people of God to gather?
Have you ever seen an army fighting God’s people and win? It is not possible!
This is the Word of God: When the believers are attacked and persecuted, God arises and defends them. The tables turn ‘overnight’; the destroyer is destroyed and the traitor is betrayed. When God arises, His enemies scatter. They suddenly become impotent, barren, afraid, confused, febrile, sick, weak and poor. They are uprooted from their safe heavens and lose all strength to defend their stolen territories. God’s victories are fast and clear to all so the glory can be given to Him alone!
The wealth of the wicked is transferred to the righteous ones. God’s people were oppressed and persecuted for standing for Christ. For His sake they rejected bribes, they broke worldly friendships, they refused to partake in men’s sins or to be entertained by wicked gossips. They made a choice to be poor rather than steal, to be unmarried rather than fornicate, to be discriminated rather than betray. These people had only one weapon: the name of Jehovah, His power and His mercy! They prayed and they worshiped the King of heaven, waiting for Him to come to their rescue.
Suddenly the boast of the enemy has ceased! It is now called ‘the former terror’. No more noise of hatred; no more threats of violence, no more tribalism or discrimination… The only thing left from the mighty army of intimidation is the rising smoke of their burning bodies…

I am born again! I am a child of God!
God is with me! My enemy is defeated!
This fight is to the end! ‘The queen of heaven’ has to bow to the King of Kings and the Lord of lords, my Savior, Jesus Christ!
I obey God diligently to the best of my knowledge! God shall reward me for that!
I am blessed in the city (Warri)!
The fruit of my body is blessed!
The work of my hands is blessed!
God has sent His angels to surround my home and my city (Warri)!
There is no power that can defeat the angels of God surrounding my home!
The angels know their job! They are now in charge! I worry no more! I rejoice and praise God!
The evil spirit of jezebel has tried to penetrate into this city but she has failed!
All her arrows: sexual immorality, polygamy, prostitution, sugar- daddy, sugar- mummy, greed, religion, idolatry, witchcraft, pornography, pride, violence, juju, cultism, stealing, deception, 419, depression, AIDS …are totally powerless to wound anyone!
She has gone back to her fake empire under the ocean, to the poor wretched souls who blindly serve her unto death!
She shall be burnt with fire by her own worshippers, when they get tired of her fake prophecies and her digital magic!
God has heard our plea for revival in Warri! He has come down to make it happen!
I see ‘the land afar of’ and the rivers free…
I see the trees resting from the terrible storm and the flowers can now bloom in peace…
I look around this place, this city… I see life springing forth, none able to kill it…
I see the thorns and wild bushes suddenly replaced with roses and lilies…
I see the sour grapes changed into sweet and ripe fruit…Sweet wine of joy flowing in Africa…
I see former transgressors loving discipline…this is a miracle indeed…
I see the dirty, stagnant, smelly, mosquito breeding camps changing into clear pools of fresh water, ‘a place of broad rivers and streams’…
I see the former kidnapers and robbers lifting hands in worship, tears on their faces, as they behold the face of Him who saved them at last…
I see the lack of all good things replaced by ‘an abundance of spoils divided by the lame and poor’…
I do not see malaria, diabetes, high blood pressure, typhoid fever…for these are all gone!
I see doctors worshiping Jehovah Rapha for there is nothing else to do…
I see police men planting flowers in front of their offices, for there is no crime in town…
I see husbands loving their wives as Christ love the church!
I see wives submit and honor their own husbands as unto the Lord!
I see children who honor and gladly obey their parents!
I see families coming together to fellowship and to study the Word!
I see weddings and children dedications…
I see tenants becoming landlords…
Behold…’I see the King in His beauty’ smiling over Warri…
Yes, it is Jesus!
All glory to You, Jehovah Sabaoth, the Lord of Hosts!! For just and wonderful are Your judgments!
In Jesus name,
(Is 33-37)

2 comments on “The folly to fight against God’s people

  1. Linda Bendele says:

    Amazing how your writings are ministering to those of us here as well…why am i surprised?…We serve an Amazing, Awesome God!

    • fatherscall says:

      The safest way for a writer is to write the Word of God! You will not be interested in the politics of Romania (my birth country) or Nigeria (where I live since 1980)…for things of this world come and go…but the Word of Love abides forever…I plant seeds that survive my short life on earth and the harvest is eternal…I love you in Christ!

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