This is the story of Joseph, a young, godly man, a prince and the heir in his own father’s domain. Painful circumstances led him to a strange land, among people of strange languages and customs. Potiphar, his present master is fair and wise for a worldly man. .He discovers the potential and the gifts resident in Joseph. He takes a big risk by trusting a slave he bought with his own money. But he could not resist Joseph’s quiet, humble spirit and transparent character. Potiphar is attracted by the anointing in Joseph, by the royal seal of a true child of God.

But when all things look good, without any premonition the roaring lion attacks. The mistress, Potiphar’s wife takes notice of Joseph too. But what she admires is very different from what her husband saw in Joseph. She suddenly observes that this slave is young and handsome, probably the opposite of her husband’s looks. She possibly tries to tempt him with new hair styles and fashion of the royal court. But Joseph was too busy serving his master to notice any change in his wife’s wardrobe. Frustrated at the lack of response from this household slave, like a hunter, she attacks directly: ‘Come to bed with me…’- she said.

For a moment we do not know what could have happened. Most young men in his position could have accepted the proposal. The idea is that it will be a secret romance and no one will know. Joseph has no reputation to maintain for he is already a slave. The natural instinct of a young man, a teenager, was to go ahead with the proposal. But the next three words are so different than all we could have imagined, so much the opposite of things as we know them, ordinary human beings living in a world of sin…

In awe we read these wonderful words: ‘BUT HE REFUSED!’

IN CHRIST I DECLARE: I am holy! I am pure! It is possible to successfully defeat the devil! I resist the evil spirit of Jezebel and she flees from me, not because I am strong but because the Word says so! It is possible to totally overcome the shameful addiction to sexual lust! I am an overcomer!

I forgive the ones who sinned against me in the past so that I am free to stand for Christ in the present! The devil has nothing in me! His temptation is useless against me, for I am dead to him! I am dead to the world and the world is dead to me! I am not attracted by corpses!

I do not live in the past! I live in the present, preparing myself for the future of glory! I live with my future in view! My choices of today define my future and my children’s future! God gives me a hope and a future! I shall not betray His trust in me! In all things I acknowledge God and He directs my paths, my words and my actions! God is with me! I shall not injure God’s image or testimony in me! I am jealous for God’s name in my life and I shall not take it for granted!

No sin is profitable! All sin is a disgrace! All sin is punished!

My testimony of standing for Jesus in the midst of darkness is a light that will inspire many generations!

You wicked evil spirit of seduction, of fornication, of Jezebel, I hate you, I destroy your spell upon my home! Any covenant that was made on our behalf with you, I destroy it in the name of Jesus! The name of Jesus Christ and His Blood is against you!

Because the Son of Man has made me free, I am free indeed!

I am free!

In Jesus name,


4 comments on “BUT HE REFUSED!

  1. Jemine Leigh says:

    I read the declaration out loud! I know I am free!!! In Jesus name I am free!!!

  2. Isioma says:

    Amen.. I and my family are free indeed. Thank God for His enduring love and the power of the Holy ghost that breaks the yoke of sin and shame. In Jesus name. Amen.
    Looking at the picture of Joseph fleeing from Potiphar’s wife.. I am reminded that once again Joseph is derobed.. First, by his brothers then potiphars wife.. And both occasions the robe was used as an evidence of deciet, lies… I am also reminded that our covering in Jesus christ transcends what can be striped off. (we are free indeed).. The father’s love.. Our cloack of identity..
    Intead of an object of false evidence and accusation, it is our righteousness, our hope of glory, authority, defence, confidence… JESUS
    May we His beloved children continually be strong by the power of His might.
    Knowing that sin and death Jesus destroyed when gave His life in our place..

    Sin shall not have dominion over us.. By the help of the Holy spirit we shall Recognise, Resist and Run from sin and all its appearance… In Jesus name. Amen

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