Be a good soldier for Christ!

‘You then, my son be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus! Endure hardship with us like a good soldier of Christ Jesus! No one serving as a soldier gets involved in civilian affairs – he wants to please his commanding officer’ (2Tim 2:1-4)

Why do some desire to be soldiers? The answer of the majority is this: a strong desire to be a hero; to live a fulfilled life, different than the ordinary one. The army provides discipline, leadership, mentorship, fellowship and an inspiration to do great things for the country. It is a place where service and sacrifice for the common good is highly rewarded. A secondary reason why people desire to become soldiers are ‘job security and benefits’. But the life of a soldier is not easy. Once he signs his name, he belongs to the army. He loses the freedom to decide where to go and what to do. He is constantly watched by the commanding officers. No more privacy! Disobedience of the laws or rebellion is punished immediately. The soldier has to go thru the most difficult training given to men. He also goes to war from which no one is sure to come back alive. He has signed a covenant so he cannot resign from the army until he is released with honors. The soldier has to endure hardship.

If you want an ‘easy’ life or comfort, entertainment and luxury, please do not enlist, for you shall become a traitor like Judas.

The greatest pain is that as a soldier he lives far away from his wife and family. He will not enjoy seeing his children grow. Pictures of them in the trenches… that is all he has for many years… For example, a roman soldier could marry before retirement. Things are not so strict now but still, the soldier has to be very careful whom he marries. The rate of divorce among soldiers is one of the highest. The soldier’s wife has to be strong, patient, loving, mature and faithful in his absence and that is a ministry on its own.

The temptation to resign from the army is very high. The soldiers envy the civilians for only one thing: freedom! When things are hard, when life is lonely, when every day seems so boring, when the zeal of the first love starts to quench, when lying on a hospital bed, wounded and in pain…that is hard to bear! Then the secret desire to become a civilian once more can become an obsession for a soldier. But the price for this lust of ‘freedom’ is the sin of betrayal of trust. And that is a most dangerous path to follow…All the lofty dreams to be a hero, a mentor and a savior to next generation will disappear in the fire of guilt, regret and shame. God forbid!

This is the truth: a soldier cannot complain about his station in life. He cannot look for a second job, like a civilian does, to earn extra money. He has pledged his life, his efforts and his time to the army. He has to be satisfied with his salary and with the reward given at last. He has to be a man of only one thing! His only desire and only job is to please his commanding officer! Any distraction is a crime! Any extra lust is poison! Any look back a pillar of salt!

The rewards of a soldier are few but great. The soldier is a partaker of the spoils of war when the victory is won. But by far, the most important of all rewards is the open commendation of his Captain. These words ‘well done good and faithful soldier’ becomes the eternal root of satisfaction; he has done his best in this life and now finally, he can enter his rest!


I am a soldier of Christ! It is my destiny! I am in the army of the called, chosen and faithful followers of the King of kings and the Lord of lords! I belong to the armies of heaven, riding on a white horse of purity and power! I have entered voluntarily and I shall stay until I see Him face to face! I shall expect hardship for I am destined to partake in them as I fight the good fight of faith!

The hardship of this life will not discourage me but makes me stronger and fruitful! The hardship of life is a sign that I am not an orphan but my Father in heaven is training me as a soldier!

I shall not envy the sinners or ‘the civilian world’ for I was once in it and I have left it behind of my own free will! I shall find strength to continue the battle in the grace provided by my Lord and Captain, Jesus Christ! I destroy any secret desire in me to backslide or to resign from the army of the living God!

I have peace and rest; I am well provided! I shall be satisfied with the benefits and rewards given to me by Christ! I shall not dream of going anywhere else for my Captain has the words of eternal life and victory! I am a soldier of the only army in the universe that knows no defeat! I shall be a hero, a mentor and an inspiration to many that come behind me! I shall love my Captain more than I love my family, friends, property and even my very life!

I shall hear the voice of my Captain at last: ‘Well done good and faithful servant and soldier! Enter into the joys of your King!’ I shall be patient and faithful and I shall inherit the blessed promises in Christ! From now let no man trouble me anymore for I carry the scars of my commitment to Christ! I fight the good fight of faith! The enemy of my soul, the enemy of this nation shall be defeated! Doubt shall be disgraced and its victims redeemed! The fake religion shall end its terror and the unrepentant false prophets shall become vagabonds! I shall enjoy the spoils of war! The nations conquered in the name of Jesus shall be my ministry field, my treasure and my crown! The shout of the King shall be heard in this land and His worship shall increase!

I believe, therefore I have spoken!

bow and arrowIn Jesus name, Amen!’

2 comments on “Be a good soldier for Christ!

  1. Isioma says:

    I believe…….

    The highest reward like you said is the open commendation from The Captain.. ‘Good and faithful servant…
    May our ears yearn to hear this words from The Captain’s lips..
    May our lives be worthy of the name we carry.. To bring pleasures and delight to The Captain of host… Jesus.
    With a heart and will that says ‘ i love you Lord’.
    May our heart be true.. Strenghtened by the power of His might and the hope of His calling that He is faithful… In Jesus name,, Amen

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