Revival – dry bones shall rise again!

This is the valley of dead, dry bones (Ez 37). The Spirit carries the prophet, pregnant with God’s Word ‘shut in his bones’. It is like Ezekiel comes there on the back of an eagle, or in a mighty helicopter. The movement is ‘back and forth’ over the valley. It is like God is waiting for Ezekiel to see and understand the meaning of this vision. The word in Hebrew is the same as the one used for the Israelites who ‘crossed over’ the River Jordan, from the wilderness unto the Promised Land. The word ‘cross over’ it means ‘to enter and escape from a tight place’, just like a baby who comes out from the womb. It is a word that speaks of action, of the power of leadership.

God shall trust the people with visions of revival and they shall call others to see. He that sees first and moves with the vision… that is the leader of men. The vision may tarry, but the God that gives it is faithful and the leaders of revival shall not be disappointed. According to God’s Word, the vision shall eventually confirm itself, ‘it shall speak at last!’

Revival means transition from a life to death, from weakness unto the manifestation of the power of resurrection. Many believers in Christ do not come to appreciate this deep revelation of power. They know the scriptures but they do not identify with them. For them, the Cross of Christ is only a historical event and not a current manifestation of power. For as long as you remain satisfied with partial success, with superficial understanding of the scriptures, for as long as you accept a form of godliness without the real power to change hearts and nations, you will not be able to sustain the passion for revival.

The bones are very dry. It means that they are located in the desert. There is no moisture around to soften them. The word in Hebrew it means that they are disappointed, ashamed, confused, like men who lived and died trusting God but failed to see any manifestations of His promises. This is not just a cemetery but a cemetery of sad and broken dreams people of old. This is another great revelation of revival. The difficulty of the environment, the lack of true religion, should not discourage us to pray for true revival. It is the opposite, in fact. The less hope we see around, the more we shall qualify to pray and dream again, that with God all things are possible!

The passion for revival has made me ‘crazy’ for Jesus. We concluded that it is better to be ‘a crazy billionaire’ than ‘a normal beggar’ on the streets…I am sure you know what I mean…

Even so come Lord Jesus!

2 comments on “Revival – dry bones shall rise again!

  1. Chuks Ndulor says:

    If only believers would comprehend the awesomeness of God and depend on the reviving power of his word! We must not allow circumstances to blind us from allowing our spirits to receive the touch of God that grnts revival and restoration.

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