Unbroken ribs

‘The Lord God said: It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him…So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping He took one of the man’s ribs and closed up the place with flesh. Then the Lord God made the woman from the rib…This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh…For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and they will become one flesh…’
‘Sing O barren woman…shout for joy…enlarge the place of your tent…your descendants shall disposes the nations…do not be afraid, you will not suffer shame…you will forget the shame of your youth…
For your Maker is your husband- the Lord Almighty is His name!’
The Lord will create a new thing on earth: a woman will surround a man’

Adam was made from the ground. From one of his ribs God made his wife. The following are general facts about ribs:
The human rib cage is made of 12 pairs of curved bones called ribs. These are divided in three groups; on each side there are seven true ribs (connected to the sternum and doing most of the job of protection); three false ribs (joined to the last true rib and protecting the chest only partially) and two floating ribs (doing almost no work at all).
The most important purpose for the design of the human chest cage is to protect the vital organs: the heart, the lungs and the big arteries. It is considered one of the toughest areas in the body, withstanding heavy blows from the outside. It is also one of the most painful areas if any rib is broken. The nerves under each rib are so sensitive that an injury to them is painful enough to cause cardiac arrest and death.
A healthy rib is strong and elastic in the same time. The whole cage can withstand great pressure, but an isolated rib can be quite easily broken under pressure. The treatment for a fractured rib is simple but not easy: some pain killers and rest. No cast can be fixed because of the movement of chest during breathing. The pain of a fractured rib is so much that it hinders normal acts of breathing, coughing and laughing. If three of more ribs are broken, that is an emergency. The chest changes its appearance and the movement is the opposite of what is normal. It is called ‘flail chest’. It is a life threatening situation. The lungs can collapse and breathing may cease. The blood vessels can be punctured and there is internal bleeding leading to death. The spleen can also be injured. This is serious event because the spleen is one of the organs preserving the immunity of the body; it produces antibodies that fight infections. In case of a ruptured spleen there is internal bleeding that requires the removal thru surgery. That weakens the whole body for life, even after the fractured rib has been healed.

Marriage is God’s design for man and it is not a human invention. Marriage is connected with the act of Creation. It was prescribed by Elohim, the Creator of the heaven and the earth. It is the combined creativity and power of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
Spiritually speaking, the man is looking for his missing rib, his wife. He who finds her will be blessed and highly favored. Without his wife, he is in a much danger of injury from the outside world. Like the ribs, the wife is to be strong and flexible, mature and patient. She is to be sensitive to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. The husband’s heart is in the hand of God and in her hands also. She makes or breaks the marriage.
Not all women are wives. Their beauty, education and charm can deceive. Just like with the ribs, among women, there are true wives who pray and prepare for the gift of marriage. All of them shall be found by their husbands eventually. There are also false wives, who are not ready to be faithful to the covenant of marriage; they only last for a season. And lastly, there are the floaters, wayward wives, lacking any interest or skill in the gift of marriage. The true wives protect and cherish, humbly doing the homework behind the scenes. Their husband ‘safely trusts them all the days of their lives’. They pray, take care of the home and children, and help their husbands to fulfill their destiny. Their reward cannot be hidden for too long. The husband and the children shall praise them and heaven shall welcome them.

‘I am a woman of God!
I am a servant of Christ!
I am a true wife to my husband!
I am a true mother to my children!
I am a true grandmother to my grandchildren!
I have seen my grandchildren and they surround my table of blessings!
I shall see even more of them, for God’s reward increases!
I have true spiritual fellowship with others sisters in Christ! We are connected by the love for God and the desire to glorify Him in our homes! We do not waste time in gossip or worldly, empty talk. We pray for one another. We submit to one another out of reverence for Christ!
Our women fellowship is blessed, spiritual and strong; it protects our church from evil attacks of religious spirits!
My marriage is designed and approved in heaven!
My marriage is happy, blessed and fruitful! I shall rejoice forever for this gift from the Father!
My husband and I, we have left our natural fathers and mothers to cleave to one another for a life time!
God has joined us together, chest and rib, no man or devil can separate us again!
My husband needs me and I need him! We complement and do not compete!
The Holy Spirit keeps us together, bodies, souls and spirits!
My husband challenges me to greater heights of passion for God! He is strong and gentle, patient and kind!
I surround my husband with my love and prayers! I am strong and gentle, patient and kind!
The script of our love story is written by God! No man or demon has the access to it to edit, delete or change any Word!
Our destiny together shall be fulfilled!
Our marriage is a blessing, a challenge and a vision for Christ and His Bride, the Church!
I walk lead by the Spirit, in harmony with my husband, a dance of mystery and fruitfulness!
No one can hinder the progress of our marriage and ministry!
Our marriage is not for the entertainment of men, but for the pleasure and delight of Elohim, our Maker!
Our marriage is recorded in the Lambs’ Book of life, as our names are side by side!
All glory to God!
In Jesus name,
(Gen 2; PV 14:1; 18:22; 19:14; 21:1; 31; Is 54; Jer 31: 22; Eph 4:3; 5:22-33)

4 comments on “Unbroken ribs

  1. Isioma says:

    Amen…. Amen.
    As with all blessing comes responsibilities..
    ‘To have and To hold’
    May the Grace of God continually uphold our marriages and homes with His wisdom and strength…. Truth and the Joy of the Holy Ghost.
    Glorifying God in this unique mystery… In Jesus name.

  2. “The script of our love story is written by God.” I love that. I have always felt peace in the knowing that God is the ultimate writer. And that reassurance is what kept me waiting on Matthew. What an honor it is to rest in the knowing that God loves us, and puts us together. His son and His daugther from different walks of life, together to create something so beautiful. I’m overwhelmed with His generosity. Waiting on God to write and complete your story is so worth it! I’m evidence of that!

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