‘Joseph stored up huge quantities of grain, like the sand of the sea; it was so much that he stopped keeping records because it was beyond measure’ (Gen 41:49)
Joseph has finally come to the place of destiny. The Word of God has tried him and has proved him true! The greatest man on earth, the Pharaoh, trusted a slave, a foreigner, a prisoner. His dreams troubled him but Joseph gave him ‘an answer of peace’. In Hebrew, the meaning is that the Living God greets Pharaoh: ‘Shalom!’ In other words, Jehovah Shalom has taken over the land and His chosen Priest and King shall be Joseph. No man on earth could change this decree. Pharaoh gladly submitted to this revelation and officially enthrones God’s man as second in command. Joseph shall ride in the second chariot next to him and the guards shall force all people to ‘bow the knee!’ He proclaims that from now on, the Word of Jehovah, in the mouth of Joseph shall be the final word for all his subjects. The anointing upon Joseph is so much that the Pharaoh gladly resigns his authority and choses to remain a silent witness to this wonder. That humble wisdom from above to promote Joseph saves his life.
Seven years of abundance came and ended. During this time Joseph traveled a lot, and personally supervises the building of stores of grain all over Egypt. Initially he instituted a ministry of accounting for all the grain gathered. But as the blessings increased each year, the ink and the paper was not enough for the accountants to do their job. The grain gathered was too much for human mathematics. So ‘the department of measuring the harvest’ shut down forever. These stores of infinite blessings became the source of life during the next seven years of famine.
The word ‘store’ in Hebrew means a safe deposit whose overseer has the peculiar job to gather or to empty its content. In other words Joseph’s advice to Pharaoh to build stores and to gather the grain during the years of prosperity was the manifestation of God’s judgment upon the land. The believers shall prosper and the rebellious, ungodly, and lazy unbelievers shall become poor. This judgment was to be over the world. Like the mockers during Noah’s time, the unbelievers discovered too late that their worldly stores of false prosperity were castles built on sand that crashed without mercy. They and their families had to become slaves to Joseph in order to survive. That’s it: At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow…
In these last days the economic recession will only affect the rebellious and the unbelievers. If they want to survive, they have to fall on their knees and declare that Jesus is Lord! If not, only the anxiety of poverty and loss of revenue shall worry them to death.
As for the children of God, we shall rejoice…The meaning of the name Joseph is ‘Addition’. God shall ADD blessings upon blessings until we stop counting them for the overflow is beyond measure! To the glory of His name! Amen!

Like Joseph, we shall forget the painful past of betrayal!
Like Joseph, we shall become fruitful, spiritually and physically, even in the land of trials!
Like Joseph we shall only know addition and never loss!
We shall never live ‘from hand to mouth’ but ‘money shall meet money’!
We shall reap where we did not plant!
We shall live in houses we did not personally build!
We shall occupy positions of authority without the necessary degree to occupy them!
We shall work little and make much money, so that we can have time to serve God!
We shall have much more money than what we need of your personal needs!
We shall forget how much is in our account in the bank for the money there is always above our needs!
We shall become richer and richer so that the wealth can be used to enlarge the kingdom of God!
We shall have enough money to build churches, sponsor missionaries and help the poor, the foreigner, the widow and the sick!
We shall diligently tithe in honor to Jehovah Shalom!
The heavens shall remain opened over us, to matter what is the economic situation in the world!
We shall completely lack the worry about the future, for God is in charge!
We shall remain wise, patient, humble and faithful in the midst of such abundance!
We shall give God all the glory for these uncountable blessings ‘like the sand on the sea shore’!
We shall joyfully declare day and night that Jesus is Lord!
In Jesus name,

3 comments on “OVERFLOW!

  1. Jemine Leigh says:

    Here is a big resound AMEN!!! I believe!!!

  2. Isioma says:

    Amen… I declare that Jesus is Lord over my life, my husband’s life, our marriage, our children, our home.. I confess that Him alone would we serve.. In spirit and truth
    Where else can we go? Who can we call? Jesus…. Jesus…
    Our rock of ages
    May we continually hide ourselves in Him.
    Our children shall know the fear of God.. For God himself shall teach them His ways and the path to trend.. Oh.. Great shall be their peace.. Our children’s children shall not forsake His ways.. Neither would the generation after them forget the name of the Lord..
    Only Him.. Jehovah shall be our dread.. In Jesus name.. Amen
    Jesus is Lord..

    • fatherscall says:

      The fear of God is the key to the treasure of knowing God and the widsom to forsake sin…may this fear increase in us and our families, until we tremble at God’s Word, until we receive mercy from Him…these dasy I do not take any blessing for grante, no matter how little…

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