“Gideon built an altar to the Lord there and named it “The Lord is Peace.” (It is still standing at Ophrah, which belongs to the clan of Abiezer)” (Jdg 6:24)

The prophetic prayer meeting was very good. The praise and worship was done in Spirit and in Truth. The Holy Spirit directed and anointed the songs to proclaim that ‘Yahweh is our miracle worker and destiny changer God’. The Holy Spirit made sure that we do not just ‘sing along’. The presence of God helped us to believe the words and our faith increased. ‘The Kingdom of God is righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Ghost’! We rejoiced in the presence of God! Because of the economic recession many people, even the believers, are worried and depressed every day. But there is no recession or inflation in the Spirit realm. In the presence of God there is fullness of joy and eternal pleasures! This is the Word of God and it cannot be changed! Learn to declare God’s Word! Come what may, stand on it! Let Nigeria, Romania or America do what they want to do! Our Kingdom is not of this word. We live by faith in the Word of God. Our spirits say ‘Amen’! God is in charge! There is no fear! Therefore we must rejoice!

The word was taken from Judges 6. We have declared that prophetically ‘the war is over and we have entered a Season of Peace’. One of God’s names is Jehovah Shalom (Jdg 6:24). The word Shalom is one of the greatest words in Hebrew. It means peace but more than peace. It means the presence of God that gives His people peace, safety, happiness, good friends, health, prosperity, favor and rest. As we are going towards a closer revelation of Shalom we read the first verses in Judges 6. We applied these words to our situation here and now. The people of God were defeated by their enemies. This was not because the enemies were stronger but because they disobeyed God’s word. Therefore, God gave them into the hands of the Midianites so that thru punishment, they may humble themselves and repent. For them, as it is for us, it was a hopeless situation. The attacks of the enemies made Israel poor. This strange, painful and disgraceful poverty manifested as lack at three levels: food, freedom and fruitfulness. To eat three meals at home became a problem. Husbands and wives quarrel because of money to buy food. The people became cowards and hid in the caves. You cannot stand straight if you are afraid. They lost their freedom. They lost their fruitfulness. Many women complain that they cannot get pregnant. Their businesses did not ‘branch out’ to produce ‘fruits’. You feel that with all your prayers and your hard work, your life is stagnant and barren.

In desperation, the people of God cried to Him for help. Prayer is always the key! God answered them and send them a prophet. Lesson: you need to pray prophetically, according to the season and the revelation God gives to you! Then the answer will come! When you suffer and you pray to God, the first thing God will send is not money. It is a prophetic word! Your ears will hear an express word like coming ‘from heaven’. You have this impression that God is ‘speaking to me… This sermon is for me…’ Once you can say this, the door of your deliverance has started to open. Your breakthrough is near! Your testimony is not far! The rusty ‘padlock’ of poverty is already breaking. The yoke of depression is lifting up! The Word of God is not History! It is Life and Spirit! It is to be believed and applied now! Believe God and His prophets and you shall prosper! Child of God, I see that your future is bright! God’s plans for you are good and not evil to give you hope and a future. The war is over and peace shall reign in your circumstances! Give thanks to Jehovah Shalom! Worship Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace (Shalom)! It is well!

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