“He brought me to the banqueting hall, and his banner over me was love” (SS 2:4)

This is our testimony: The women in our church fasted and prayed daily for the month of January. We interceded for our husbands, children, the church and the nation. Then we invited our husbands to the “Esther’s Banquet” to celebrate the grace of God upon our lives and marriages and the defeat of the enemies. We did not hire a professional caterer. The women cooked all the food. Everything was brought willingly by the women. The single sisters who trust God for marriage dressed all the same and served at the tables. We all dressed beautifully (My Nigerian dress called buba and my blue beads necklace was hand made by one of my daughters in Christ. Don’t I look good?). All was done to the glory of God and to honor our husbands!

The party was to start at 5 pm. After the women arranged the tables outside at the parking lot, at about 4:30 pm, a big rain came and ‘scattered’ everything. We have already prayed that nothing that will happen tonight shall make us lose our ‘cool’. Our husbands will see how we behave even during troubled times. We prayed and trusted God to intervene. The rain stopped after about 30 minutes. God was in control! Sister T who was in charge of the tables and chairs ‘by mistake’ brought more than enough materials. We quickly changed the wet covers and the banquet was ready to start at 7 pm.

Different men testified to their love for their wives. This is a miracle for Nigerians generally are not very ‘romantic’ in public (things are changing now, thank God …). My husband testified this evening how God has changed his heart over the years. In his culture, men do not openly tell women ‘I love you’. It is seen as a sign of dangerous weakness and defeat. He said that it took him years to say that little ‘magic’ sentence. For a long time he could only start it and say: “I…I…I…” Then he added: “I love… I love…I love…” The hardest word to openly say was ‘you’. Only after he became saved and filled with the Holy Spirit he could tell the Lord: “Jesus I love You!” and he could tell me: “Lia, I love you!” What a breakthrough for the two of us! As for me, what can I say? It was worth the wait… Since then, our ‘water marriage’ has become ‘wine marriage’. To God be all the glory!


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