The women’s fellowship was very good. We praised God with songs and dance, both in English and Native languages. For the month of January we all fasted and prayed, trusting God for more grace for us and for our families. We wanted to lay a strong foundation for this year. We declared prophetically that ‘the war is over and peace reigns now!’ We had many testimonies of healing, divine protection and provision. The best testimony came from Sis. B. Her only child, a son of about 4 years has never spoken a word in his life. He was born sickly and had to do heart surgery while a baby. Mentally, he was below his age. The mother is a very committed Christian coming to church always. We all love that little boy called Israel and often pray for him, trusting that God will do a miracle and heal him. Holding the microphone, the mother was very emotional. She could not talk standing up. Kneeling on the altar, she testified with tears in her eyes that last week, for the first time in his life Israel spoke three words: ‘Mummy… Take… Jesus”. By these three words the Holy Spirit loosed his tongue and opened his mouth. He can now speak. Praise the Lord!


Next week we shall celebrate the victory of grace over sin in a party called “Esther’s Banquet”. Esther is the Queen in place of Vashti. ‘Old things have passed away and everything has become new’. We shall invite our husbands. We shall dress nicely with traditional clothes. (It is my opinion that they look more ‘royal’ than the ‘oybo’ (western) dresses). Old and young, rich and poor, all the women shall prepare the banquet. We shall cook and we shall not hire caterers. The single sisters who trust God for marriage shall serve the food dressed as princesses. By faith they shall marry and next year they too can sit at the table with the rest of us. Everything is voluntary. I saw the pledges for the menu. I salivate as I write. It is a banquet fit for royalty. It is a love feast to the glory of God, to the honoring of our husbands and for the enjoyment of all. We have wept enough. It is time for peace and joy! Everybody seems excited. We prayed for favor with God and with our husbands. We prayed that the food will be more than enough and very delicious. We prayed that no one will be sick before, during or after the party. We have decided that during the banquet we the women shall not talk. We shall give the microphone to our husbands to say what they want. (We pray that they will say good things about us). Finally, we have vowed to give God all the glory!  Praise the Lord!

4 comments on “MUMMY… TAKE… JESUS!

  1. IDOWU JULIUS says:

    This message is very inspirational. This is a proof that God is alive,still answering prayers of the saints and that God is never late.Praying that the mother of that child continue in the service of God and more devotedly than before. Praise the Lord.
    Your Esther Banquet is also interesting . Thank God for your life and other co-planners. Iam sure the men(husbands) will appreciate and enjoy the period. God bless you for the innovation.

  2. Yahoo says:

    praise God for the miracles and blessed be His name for the Celebration coming up, Victory of Grace over sin, Esther’s Banquet 😉 Love you all

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