“God will make you rich enough so that you can always be generous. Your generosity will produce thanksgiving to God” (2Cor 9:11)
The Women’ Fellowship was very good. We praised God with songs and dancing. This was the last fellowship this year and it became a thanksgiving service. Every sister (married and single) had an opportunity to share a testimony of God’s goodness and to give thanks to God. We all agreed, with one accord, that without God we are nothing. We declared that our God is the only living, good, wise and faithful God. 2017 was a good year. There were challenges but God gave us the strength to overcome them for His name sake. We declared that 2018 will be even better. We believe that God’s plans for us are good and not evil to give us hope and a glorious future.
As women of God we shall lay a godly Holy Spirit foundation for next year with one month (January 2018) of daily fasting and prayers. We shall pray that God will fulfill His destiny in our lives… that our marriages will be better… that our husbands will grow in grace… that our children will be saved, that they will be good and healthy children… we pray that God will bless the work of our hands and our ministries… we pray for Father’s House Bible Church, for the leaders and all the departments… for revival in our land..
We pray that the anointing of Queen Esther will be our portion, that God will change our lives from nothing to glory, that God will remove any hindrance that blocks our progress in life… that God will give us favor with Him and with men… that just as Mordecai and Esther (father and daughter) were promoted at once, so we and our children (both generations) shall be promoted… We come against all evil spirits of fear, doubt, empty religion, confusion, depression, sickness, untimely death… We reject you all in the name of Jesus! We plead the Blood of Jesus over our bodies, souls and spirits. We declared that God is jealous over our lives and testimonies as women of God. We know that Jesus fights our visible and invisible battles and the victory is sure! To God alone be all the glory! In Jesus name, amen!
In Christ we declare:
By the Blood of the Lamb, we are saved!
We are women of God like Sarah, Leah, Esther, Deborah, Ruth, Abigail, Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary of Bethany…We shall fulfill our destiny!
We are free from the spell of any evil spirit! Our enemies are defeated already!
Our marriages and children are blessed! The work of our hands is blessed! Our ministries are blessed!
Father’s House Bible Church is blessed!
The Women’ Fellowship is blessed!
To God be all the glory!
In Jesus name
(In the picture, my husband, I and a group of brethren from our church)

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