There is family friend with have. He is an American. Let’s call him Pastor John. He is 65 years old, child of God, servant of God, pastor, widower (his wife died 2 years ago), author of books. He has a PHD in Theology. He has a daughter who is in the university. He is a lecturer in the Bible school where he lives. He is what people call ‘famous’ in the Christians circles. He always encourages my husband and I in the faith. He never begs. Yesterday he wrote me this emergency note:
“Dear Sister Lia, Something tragic happened and I lost all my money. I had to declare bankruptcy. Please pray for me. I need revival in my heart and a financial breakthrough. I believe that with God nothing is impossible. Because I could not pay my phone bills AT&T gave me only 2 days before disconnecting my phone. I may not be able to send you another text. I shall wait for the Lord Jesus with my last breath. There is nothing left for me, only my faith. Thank you dear Sister for praying. God bless you!”
Dear Intercessors, please pray for this brother, an wounded soldier in the army of Christ. I do not know the details of his problem. I do not know how a rich man can become so poor. But right now it does not matter. As a doctor, in an emergency you save the patient’s life before asking more questions. Thank you for praying! God bless you! I will come back with a testimony! In Jesus name, amen!
PS: One hour after I wrote this prayer request he sent me this note (it means that the phone is still working, thank God!):
“Thank you for this dear sister Lia. One cannot control a tragedy and like you said, one cant control a miracle—all you can do is stand and face them. The rest is up to God. I will stand….”

4 comments on “PRAYER REQUEST

  1. Silvia Lia Leigh, MD says:

    Less than 2 hours after this prayer request was written brother John sent me a note saying that somebody he does not know personally sent him a check to pay for his phone and bills. He said:
    “Hello dear sister Lia, God has provided miraculously for my immediate needs. Joy has come into my morning. All this is very humbling for me and may God bless each fear one who interceded on my behalf. The family of God is strong! Psalm 145:1. Thank you again for caring enough to get involved, this is true vital Christianity! Your brother in Christ…”

  2. Mary Ann says:

    Praise God! I pray Brother John will continue to trust in God to help him recover.

  3. Silvia Lia Leigh, MD says:

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