“And He (Jesus) appointed twelve, so that they would be with Him and that He could send them out to preach” (Mk 3:14)

A Minister wrote me saying that he is frustrated with his ministry. This is my answer to him:

“Dear Brother, I understand that there are some challenges, but please do not be frustrated about things you cannot do. Some days we move on and make progress… some other days we can only stand on the same spot… But after you have done all, stand! It is God’s ministry. It is not by your power of by your might! It is by the Holy Spirit! Even on the Cross Jesus was never frustrated… Be like Jesus! The Lord Jesus Christ called you to Himself to make you a new person… To be His child… it is after you are sure of your identity in Christ and secure in His love, then you can work for Him… Work is a product of identity overflow… Work does not give you your true identity, which is found in Christ alone!

For example, you marry a woman to be your spiritual companion and good friend, first of all. That is true intimacy. Secondly, she may have children for you and cook, take care of your house… The ‘being’ is before the working or the preaching. The root must be right before the fruitfulness manifests. I pray that you meditate on these words… Pray, repent and yield to the Holy Spirit for the new things God wants to do in your life… God can never fail! God will supply all that you need! God supplies the need first and the provision later.

“I reject the evil spirit of impatience, discouragement and frustration in your heart! Holy Spirit please take control! Thank You Father! In Jesus name, amen!”

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