“And Peter answered Him and said, “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.” So He said, “Come.” And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus” (Mt 14:28, 29)


The prayer meeting was good. To me, ‘good’ it means that the Person of God the Holy Spirit was here moving freely in our midst. The Holy Spirit gave us a word so that we can pray and worship God with it. This was the word: ‘Come back to Me!’ The Holy Spirit was leading the way so that we are able to come back to the Rock of our salvation. Thru thanksgiving, The Holy Spirit ministered entrance to us, into the presence of God, Thank You, Abba Father! The message was about Jesus and Peter walking upon the stormy waters (Mt 14:22-33). This is the story: Jesus miraculously fed thousands. They wanted to make Him king by force (Jn 6:15). He forces His disciples to take the boat, to cross the sea and to go ‘to the other side’. Jesus separates the disciples from the crowd because there is a danger to become attracted to desire only material things.  Spirituality is a personal race. The crowd may ‘swallow’ you into following a false gospel of ‘prosperity’. “Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong” (Ex 23:2). Lesson: If Jesus commands you to go somewhere, you shall arrive at the destination. No storm is able to stop you! Jesus is the King of the storm! Fear not! In God’s time, you shall arrive at heaven! But God does not prevent storms in life. The trials come so that your faith is purified and your hearts established in grace. Jesus separates you from the materialistic crowd. Do not have too many friends. Do not follow unbelievers because they will drag you away from God. Pray for God to bring quality spiritual friends who challenge you to repent and to follow Jesus! True friends are more than gold!


It was a great storm. The boat was in serious danger. Jesus was not with them. It was in the middle of the sea and in the middle of the night. The wind was contrary and the waves terrifying. The disciples thought that they will die. At about 4 am Jesus comes walking on top of the waters. He was not running like somebody who is panicky. Jesus walked towards them calmly. Lesson: The trial will not kill you. Jesus will come to save you! Jesus is never too early and never too late.  They thought He was a ghost. Fear of death was added on top of fear of death. When fear is too much you should know that the devil is attacking you. How many deaths do you want to die? The devil is a liar! The stormy waters represent your problems. To be free from fear you need to see Jesus walking on top of your problems. For example, there is the problem of poverty, loneliness or sickness. What is it that you need? You need a fresh vision of the Resurrected Christ calmly walking on top of that poverty, that loneliness or that sickness. You need to hear the Lord’s voice that is stronger than the storm saying to you: ‘Come!’ His voice is above and louder than many waters (Rev 1:15). His courage will ignite courage in you. Because He lives, you shall live also! You shall come out from the boat of human effort and you too shall walk on top of your problems. The solution to all your problems is fresh spiritual sight and fresh spiritual hearing. ‘Walk like Jesus walked’ (1Jn 2:6). This is how progress, healing, deliverance and financial breakthrough is made. I pray that God will open your eyes to see Jesus, open your ears to hear His Word and give you the courage to get out from that passivity-doubt-fear boat into the faith that knows no borders. In Jesus name, amen!


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