‘The Lord your God will bless you in all your produce and in all the work of your hands, so that you will be altogether joyful’ (Deut 16:15)

A dear brother in our church who is happily married and a wonderful father, who is a worship leader in the choir, working full time as a teacher, surprised us yesterday. Some months ago he told us that he wants to start farming. He got a plot of land outside the town. He said that he will go there each weekend to plant vegetables. He said that it will be good exercise for him. He is a ‘city boy’ and has no experience with farming but he was willing to learn from those who know better. Yesterday he came with a bag full of fresh cucumbers, to give us as a gift. These are his ‘first fruits’. He said that they are ‘organic’. I see that God has blessed the work of his hands. As a teacher, all these years, even as a worship leader, it is hard to see visible fruits. But this harvest of cucumbers brings joy to my heart to see that God has indeed blessed this our son in Christ! Praise the Lord!

I use this testimony as a point of contact for others who are willing to start a new business! May God enlarge your territory! May God bless your labor! May you honor The God who blesses you! In Jesus name’ amen!



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