“Let us go on to maturity…” (Heb 6:1)
In your car’s gear box there are three positions: forward, neutral and reverse. In Christianity there are only two positions: forward and reverse. There is no neutral ground for a Christian. You either pay the price to make spiritual progress or you start backsliding. Salvation is free (but not cheap) because when Jesus died on the Cross, He paid it all on your behalf. But spiritual progress and maturity has a big price. Not many Christians are willing to pay it. The price? You need to study God’s Word and pray daily; you need to fast as led by the Spirit; deny yourself, take up your cross daily and follow Jesus! You need to serve God in your local church; you need to pay your tithe; you need to be generous with your energy and time towards the furtherance of the Kingdom of God… Little by little your spiritual progress will manifest and many will testify to it. As you diligently seek God’s Kingdom, He will also bless you materially. You become a blessing to your generation. God will be pleased with your works done for His glory. Passivity is the way to backslide. Holy zeal for God’s glory is the way that leads forward! The choice is yours! He who has ears, let him hear and obey!

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