“He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted” (Job 5:9).


What the world calls a miracle is anything different than the ordinary. But what we the believers call a miracle, is when God changes the natural laws He has created and personally intervenes in the lives of men and women on earth. Jesus did miracles. In His name we are commanded to trust God for genuine miracles. The very definition implies that miracles are rare. They cannot be bought with money and no man can ‘produce’ them. The devil can make fake miracles but these do not give gory to God. There are many Christians who do not believe in miracles. The evil spirit of religion is in charge in many churches. The pastors preach good character and positive attitude. But Christianity is much more than that.  Jesus did not suffer and die just to make us ‘better’ people. He died to save our souls. On the Cross of Calvary He paid the debt of death we owed but could not pay.


Please think of this truth until your very soul start burning with fire and passion for the King of kings. Let all spiritual trash burn off. Let all the chaff be blown away by the wind of the Spirit. Let your heart be purified! Let your spirit awake to the call of the Holy God! Come back to the Cross! If you are sick or in need, pray for a genuine miracle that will give glory to God! Nothing is impossible with God! Worship the Lamb of God! Jesus is Lord!


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