“And I find more bitter than death

The woman whose heart is snares and nets,

Whose hands are fetters.

He who pleases God shall escape from her,

But the sinner shall be trapped by her” (Ecc 7:26)


We assume that the worst news you can ever hear is connected with death. Death is bitter. Death separates body and soul. Death separates man from family and friends. Death is bitter because it is the curse of God upon sin. But the Bible says that there is something worse and ‘more bitter’ than death itself. What can that thing be? The surprising answer is ‘a woman’!!!

bird net

How can I describe this woman? She may be beautiful, educated and religious. She is not any woman but a strange type of woman. Her main description is that she is rebellious and very bitter. In Hebrew, the word ‘bitter’ means to be angry, dissatisfied and restless. She is grieved with herself, angry with life and easily provoked. She is one who is often unhappy; one who bears a grudge from a sense of a thwarted ambition; one who is in active opposition to an established order. She is a seductive adulteress. Her heart and her arms are snares, nets and fetters. Observe that each word is plural. Her lips and speech are sweet and attractive but poisonous at last. This woman has many devices to ensnare the souls of men. If one fails she will use another. I hope you remember that it is the immoral women who trapped King Solomon and lead him astray. He was the wisest man alive and even him got caught into the tragic net of pagan women. It is the same with Samson. This immoral woman is like a skillful fowler who has many devices to catch birds. A fowler uses food, water or decoy birds to attract the real birds. The conclusion is that you can’t love God and love ungodly women in the same time!


What is the solution? You need to ‘please God’! Nothing else can save you from that bitterest cursed trap called Jezebel! Religion, common sense and the wisdom of men, education or wealth, all these are not able to save you. It is only the man who is born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, the one who truly loves and fears God shall be able to escape that wicked hunter of souls. Pray that the Holy Spirit opens your eyes to see the danger of sympathizing with rebellion, flirting with evil and falling prey to the attraction of the sexual occult. The fowler attracts thru food and water placed strategically.  Be satisfied with Christ alone! Jesus is enough for you! You have the Word of God as food and the Holy Spirit as the water of life. Keep to the narrow path! The danger of spiritual kidnapping is real. But the escape provided by God is real too. The difference between living in prison and living in freedom is more that words can say. May God deliver you from the reckless foolishness and bold presumption of backsliders! May God help you to run away from Potiphar’s wife! And for you who are free indeed, may God help you to appreciate the freedom you have in Christ! I have experienced the mighty power of the Holy Ghost as the Deliverer from extreme trouble! To God be all the glory for the great salvation, for the sweet deliverance and for the freedom purchased for us on the Cross of Calvary! Amen!

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