“Until the day breaks

And the shadows flee away,

Turn, my beloved,

And be like a gazelle

Or a young stag

Upon the mountains of Bether” (SS 2:17)


This is the voice of the Bridegroom to His bride. Jesus tells His Church: ‘Turn my Beloved…” In Hebrew the word ‘turn’ means to walk by Me; to sit down with Me; when in danger quickly return back to Me. This is a call to close intimate fellowship with Jesus.  This is a walk of faith and not of sight. This is a safe, pure and romantic travel. This holy exercise shall be in the night, before the ‘day breaks’. Jesus is the Light of the world. If you follow Him you shall never stumble. It is in darkness that your faith is trained. The day brings distractions that may hinder your walk with Jesus. This walk is upon the mountains of Bether.  This word means ‘separation’. You need to walk with Jesus and forget the world. He is jealous for you. Divorce the world! On this holy mountain of separation unto Your Lover, your eye shall be single and your heart shall be united with His own! He is so beautiful that I promise: you shall not miss the world. There shall be no more shadows and no more lies. The Shekinah glory of the Holy One shall be all the light you need. The pillar of fire by night shall lead the way and bring you to the Promised Land of Destiny!


Jesus compares you with a gazelle. These are thin, graceful antelopes that live in Africa and Asia. They are very beautiful animals. Men hunt them as trophies. They live in herds and are highly social. Their diet of grass and leaves keeps them constantly grazing and they have little need for water, being able to extract moisture from their food. They have many enemies like the cheetahs and the wild dogs. They are exceptionally alert and rely heavily upon their impressive senses of hearing, sight and smell to detect any threat. They run very fast with speeds of almost 100 Km per hour. From time to time, when running, gazelles leap, springing high into the air with all four feet to distract the enemy. These jumps intimidate the enemies and they stop pursuing them.


Spiritually, you are like the gazelle. Jesus sees you beautiful. You should see yourself the way Jesus sees you. He says that you are beautiful! Believe Him! You need to be alert and watchful. There are many enemies. If in danger, you need to flee from sin, turn back and run to Jesus! You need to jump in the air proving the power of resurrection. This is the dance of eternal life. You need to learn its steps! The enemies will get tired to follow you and go back. You need to stay close to Jesus and to one another.


Can you hear your Lover’s voice of concern? Can you feel His jealousy? Can you touch His heart of love? Jesus loves you more than you shall ever know! This night, leave the valley of sin and death and climb the mountain of Bether called Zion. May you have a fresh revelation of God’s love for you! Be like a gazelle!



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