“If a ruler listens to lies, all his officials become wicked” (PV 29:12)

The evening prayer meeting was wonderful. I am always so grateful when the unity of the Spirit is fast established from the beginning. The progress is faster. The faith opens its wings and soars. The worship is sustained by the Holy Spirit and not by the keyboard’s strings. The prayers gain momentum and rise from grateful hearts. The Word lands gently but strongly on the softened hearts. Oh, I love doing ministry in the Holy Ghost…


We have entered in a season of great breakthroughs. There shall be healings (plural) and prosperity at all levels. Child of God, you who have faithfully served Him all these years, God had approved your promotion. It shall be seen in your life, marriage, office, finances and ministry. Your friends who prayed for you shall rejoice with you. Your enemies who have secretly trailed behind hoping for a opportunity to drag you back, shall weep and gnash their teeth. They shall fall into the pit they dug for you. The snare that they hid for you shall trap their feet and they shall suddenly fall out of the picture. You shall look for them but shall see them no more.

God shall promote you! You shall become a ruler, a leader. You need wisdom. You need to be prepared for the peculiar attack of the devil. The way the devil attacks the poor men and the way he attacks the rich ones is different.  He shall send fake believers to you. These agents are liars, deceivers and skillful flatterers. They shall praise you, your gifts and your achievements. But their heart is not with you. They hate you. They are jealous on you. When you were down, they did not see you, they did not help you. Now that you are high, they shall come. Shamelessly they shall draw near you. They shall speak lies, sugar coated words, oily and sweet praises. If you allow your ears to receive such poison, your ears shall be damaged. In the last days many shall develop itchy ears, addicted to lies and foolish talk. They shall hate and reject the truth that sets men free. These foolish men love chains. They prefer the bondage of Egypt, the cucumbers of unfulfilled dreams and the leeks of shameful disappointment. They love to eat the pottage of betrayal and failure. Truth is too far for their broken wings. The goodness of Christ is too strong for their unprepared teeth.


If you are deceived and permit lies to enter your ears and land in your heart, things will change for the worse. Your ‘officials’, your family, your friends, your workers, your counselors shall become ‘wicked’. They shall be troubled, jealous and angry with you. Your life will rotate around vanity and vexation of spirit.  This down running spiral started with lies and damaged ears. As God promotes you, prepare for this attack.


But there is mercy with God. There is healing with Jehovah Rapha. There are no spare parts for the computer of the spiritual ears. Only God heals. Only God forgives. Only God restores. Make a vow to forward all praises given to you, to the living God. For He alone is worthy to receive all honor and praises! Worship the Lord!


“I need You, Lord I need You

My one defense, my righteousness

O God, I need You…”

I need You more than yesterday

So much more than words can say

I need You more than ever before

I need You

Every hour I need You

I need You Jesus, my Lord!”

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