I just received a letter from a daughter in Christ. She was struggling with obesity and now she fell badly injuring her knees. Please pray for a miracle of healing! Nothing is impossible for him who believes! God bless you as you intercede for a sister in great need!

“Hi Malia… On December 29th, 2015, I accompanied my son to play in trampoline, I fell when I attempted to jump on the trampoline. I got excited because I see both my hubby and son jumping happily. Unfortunately, because of my weight problem (obesity), my right knee got dislocated badly. I had to wait for 7 hours in great pain while waiting for the anesthetic and orthopedic doctors to come because it happened at night. Plus it was almost the end of the year which a lot of doctor went away for vacation. Finally they came and the orthopedic doctor repositioned my right knee. It was him and few doctors that I have seen saying all the scary diagnosis for me after monitoring the MRI and the Doppler results. They said that my ligaments are torn apart. There is a possibility that the four “ropes” that tied up the ligaments, bones, and the thing that covers up the knees (I don’t know the medical term, but it looks like coconut shell divided by two) are totally damaged. There is no way medically that it could repaired because once it’s torn, the only way is to so arthroscopy which cause a huge amount of money which I couldn’t afford, and once I did that, I read on the internet that I could never squat anymore. The doctor said there is a thrombus that makes the area above my toenails has no sensations when they try to tickle me.

It’s been almost a month that I only stayed on my bed because I could only walk using walker and only using my left leg. If I walk a bit far, the left knee becomes sore and painful. I have passed the stage of confusion, denial, angry to my stupid decision to jump on the trampoline, angry of being fat, etc. Now I could only accept the problem and be thankful because I have claimed and believed that Jesus as my maker, definitely He has lots of “body organs/spare parts” for my body. I partake the Holy Communion every day.

Since I got dislocated, because I know I don’t move around so much, I tried to limit my food intake greatly. When I got so stressed out, in the past I became overeating. But lately, when I got stress, I can’t help it but to fall asleep instantly. No more overeating. So far I lost 8 lbs. Malia, please pray for me that my faith will not fail me. Please pray for a miracle of healing that God will give me a new set of knees. His blessings come freely and He adds no sorrow with it. God bless you Malia!
Your daughter who is far away…”

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