“And forgive us… as we forgive…” (Mat 6:12)
Forgiveness is a choice ‘a heart thing’ and also mighty spiritual freedom and victory. By letting go of your rights to be angry, to see revenge and to become rich from another’s suffering, you chose the royal option of forgiveness. You bring your enemy and you set him free at the foot of the cross. By doing this, you set yourself free from the burden of pretending to be the Judge of the earth, which is an honor that belongs to God alone.
Forgiveness is very difficult, very costly. It is easier to forgive an enemy who mistreated you than to forgive a friend who has betrayed you. The desire for revenge is natural in a sinner’s heart. To forgive is un-natural. Forgiveness is a supernatural decision done in the presence of God for the sake and for the honor of Christ alone. It is a choice. It is the conscious act of the will. The feelings may betray you initially. When hurt, you may not feel any desire to forgive. You may struggle in your heart with feelings of vengeance and anger, but you can overrule them by the power of the will, strengthen by the Holy Spirit.
The reason why it is so difficult to forgive it is because showing mercy looks like weakness; it looks like the reaction of a loser. To exhibit anger, to warn others with vengeance, to threaten your enemies … that looks like a champion’s way of life in this world. No one wants to be seen weak or as a coward. That is the why only the children of God can forgive and win the battle against the strong of this world. This grace of forgiveness is released thru ‘the weakness and foolishness of the Cross’ (1Cor 1:18). It is the mystery of God revealed to His children alone!
May you experience the peace of God, the fruit of forgiveness! May you experience the intimate fellowship of the sufferings of Christ thru forgiving others who have offended you! Child of God, be filled with the Holy Spirit! Rejoice! And I say again, rejoice!


  1. “By doing this, you set yourself free from the burden of pretending to be the Judge of the earth, which is an honor that belongs to God alone,” you wrote. And I shout a hearty “Amen!” Such profound truth, and yet, one does not hear this preached. People tend to focus only on the fact that forgiveness brings us freedom, but they fail to see how an unforgiving spirit presumes the right to judge another rather than to allow God to be the judge. When we forgive, we acknowledge God as God. Outstanding post, dear Lia! The wisdom that you have is a gift from above and all of us who know you are incredibly blessed by you and your spiritual gift! Love and hugs!! ❤

  2. Silvia Lia Leigh, MD says:

    God bless you for encouraging me!

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