“Now Joseph had a dream, and he told it to his brothers… The Lord was with Joseph, and he was a successful man…” (Gen 37:5; 39:2)

The prayer meeting started slow but thanks be to God, we got the ‘push’ to rise to a higher level of faith. I told the brethren: This present moment is the only one that ‘we have’. Stop thinking about the past or the future! These are far away! Time distorts them! We are now in this very moment. We need to choose to make the best with it. It is a small moment in time, but it is real. Let’s use it to draw closer to God, to pray and to worship God. Not a future prayer! Not a past glory! As you are breathing now, let your spirit rise towards heaven now! By the grace of God we shall ‘finish the race’ well! God called us to be champions. God knows His job. He can never fail. Do not look at yourself. Look unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith!


Even as we declared these words of faith, I sensed a hindrance. The best way to describe it was an evil spirit of discouragement, of doubt, of inferiority complex. It was like a strange voice talking from bellow, from under a basket. It said: ‘you are praying for nothing. You are nobodies. God does not listen to you. You are too small for God. At the end of this service nothing good happens…’ We identified and rejected this strange evil spirit and by the grace of God we ‘cleared the road’ for the journey of faith to continue.


We continue to study Joseph.  He is a type of Christ! We identify prophetically with him. He was given two names, one by his mother (Joseph) and one by Pharaoh, his boss (Zaphenath Panea). The first means ‘Increase’ and the second means ‘divine secret wisdom; a revealer of dreams’. Each of us we laid our hands on hour heads and received the mantle of increased prosperity and wisdom from above to know, not only the acts of God, but especially His ways. God spoke to Joseph about his future. God’s Word came to Joseph in the form of two dreams. God’s Word said that Joseph will be the leader and the savior of his family. Joseph believed God’s Word and after many years of trials, the dreams came to pass, even more that he could have imagined. Like Jesus, he became the savior of the world. What is the secret of Joseph? How did he become so successful? The answer is of course, God’s grace. But what did Joseph do so that the dreams of his youth come to pass? How did he facilitate the Word of God so that it will perform in his life?


There are two basic things Joseph did:

*he openly confessed with his mouth what God deposited in his heart!

*he kept himself sexually pure!


These two requirements to ‘prepare the ground for our dreams to come true’ seem so simple. But this is the truth revealed in the Bible! Let us not complicate ourselves! This evening we did like Joseph. We exercised the Holy Spirit of faith! According to the Bible, we confessed with our mouth today what God spoke into our hearts in the past. “It is written: “I believed; therefore I have spoken.” Since we have that same spirit of faith, we also believe and therefore speak” (2Cor 4:13). Each one of us told somebody in the room: ‘I will own my house. I will not die a tenant… the future in my marriage is wonderful and must be wonderful…I am healed… I will surely marry…God has provided the money for my children’s school fees, I shall worry no more…’ These confessions may seem childish but they became very powerful as they were released from our mouths. Without speaking the word out, the same word may stay inside the heart like a worm in a cocoon that will never become a butterfly to fly… As we spoke the words out, the Holy Spirit will use our words as ‘a raw material’ to manifest the same word. When we get healed, when we enter our houses… somebody will remember to say: ‘this man, this woman, had said it all along…’ God will take the glory of the release of the spirit of faith! Next, we all repented of all sexual sins, we trusted the Holy Spirit to cleanse the memory of such, to purify our emotions and to renew our minds. There is no more hindrance now! By the grace of God, we have now opened the gate for our dreams to come true! Glory to God!

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