Dear child of God, Listen to me! I am a medical doctor, a pastor and married to a pastor! I am 64 years old. I am old enough to counsel you as a mother. “Flee fornication!” (1Cor 6:18). In Greek, the word ‘flee’ means to escape a predator, to run away for your dear life until to vanish! See fornication as a criminal, ready to kill your body, soul and spirit! Never admire or envy fornicators, no matter how rich and famous they are! No matter how happy they seem! Fornication is suicide! Fornicators are waiting on the death row!

As it is with sickness, so it is with fornication: prevention is better than cure! Fornication is a spiritual problem more than a sexual one. It is emotionally addictive! Fornication and adultery is like a drug! The more you commit sexual sin, the more you will feel we need it, the easier it will be to do it, and the harder it will be to stop. “Whether you have been losing the battle or simply want to prepare for war, here are four proven ways to pursue purity: 1. Flee temptation. 2. Consider the future. 3. Enjoy your spouse. 4. Remember God is watching!” (Sam Allbery)

Lastly, if you are already living in sexual sin, there is no power outside the Holy Spirit who can deliver you! Give or re-surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ! Why suffer in silence? Why do you want to die an untimely death? Pray! Be free! I also pray for everyone who reads this letter and needs help! Be free in Jesus name! Come to the Cross! Jesus died for you! Jesus loves you! God bless you!

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