“I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength” (Phil 4:11-13)
Contentment is defines as a state of happiness and satisfaction. It is true peace of mind. It is a dream come true! It is not a passive feeling of defeat. It is a great human achievement. Many want it. Few people have it. It is located in Christ alone!!! You need to pay the price by searching for it: thru Bible study and prayer; thru attending a good living church; thru humbly and faithfully serving God; by submitting to other Christians who are more spiritual than you! It is not an easy road. But it is possible!
This is my testimony: To the glory of God I have found this pearl of great value! I encourage you to do the same! Nothing compares with the treasure called contentment! It is a true spiritual promotion. It does not come to a crowd of people. It is a personal gain! Money cannot buy it and thieves cannot steal it. It is the wind beneath the wings of eagles, pushing them faster and farther than the best of ordinary birds. It is the crown of heroes! It is the holy mark of champions. To get it, you do not need to travel anywhere. You do not need money. Just start by giving your life to Christ and then enroll in the Holy Spirit course called ‘contentment’. You will never regret it!
There are many people who wonder why I am so happy in a country called Nigeria. There are so many troubles here. Most people here want to leave this place and go away, to ‘greener pastures’. The truth is that I am very happy with God, with myself, with my husband, with my ministry and with the people around me. None is perfect. I am not perfect. But in the midst of it all, I have found Christ to be the most trusted Friend, Savior and Lord. His presence in my heart has changed the dry pastures to be the greenest of all. I do not have to travel to see how green other fields are. My own little pasture, in Effurun-Warri, is getting so green, so fresh, so soft and nutritious, that my spirit prospers and lacks nothing of value. Spiritually speaking, I am putting on weight daily. In this matter of satisfaction and contentment I can enter into any competition with the rich and famous, with the strong and mighty. I know that I will win! (Naija people I hail you-oo…Warri no de carry last!)
Contentment is a course in the higher levels of the university of the Holy Spirit. Many have failed it. This is because they are not focused. Many Christians struggle with comparison, covetousness and complaining. But I saw that the Apostle Paul was content in plenty and in want. God did not shield him from pains! He suffered much. He was rejected, beaten, in prison and experienced shipwreck. What was Paul’s secret and how do we cultivate contentment in our lives? I discovered that contentment has nothing to do with my circumstances. But it has to do with the state of my heart. I also discovered that contentment cannot be found outside Christ. Only a child of God can truly be content. Contentment is a spiritual achievement more than I call it a gift.
For example, In the past: I may have all good things I wish for: My husband is nice to me, my children behave well, my weight is under control, I have money to buy what I want… and still… There is a troubling anxiety that these blessings will soon disappear… and troubles will replace them… The secret doubting shameful fear of tomorrow will not allow me to be happy today… contentment was missing. I saw that the great Apostle Paul had to ‘learn the secret of contentment’. Me too I decided to learn it! After failing some exams, I finally got it! That is why I encourage you to do the same! Glory to God!
In Contentment we place our total heart trust not in ourselves, not in people, not in money, but in our good and sovereign God. God’s love for His people is unchanging, and He is using every detail of our lives to shape and fashion us into the image of Jesus Christ. As we look back to the cross of Christ and look forward to the hope of heaven, we will discover that ultimate contentment is found in Him alone! Let’s worship Jesus Christ! What a Savior! What a Mighty God we serve! Angels bow before Him! Heaven and earth adore Him! What a mighty God we serve! Hallelujah!
SLL 19

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