A daughter in Christ, sent me this note. For many years she lived in fear of bad news, poverty and untimely death. She is happily married and mother of three beautiful children. As you read her words, allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you…The Bible says: ‘Rejoice with them who rejoice” (Rom 12:15). By doing that you identify with her testimony and you shall receive the same. For the Spirit is One! This testimony is given to the glory of God, to the shame of the devil who has lost again, and for the encouragement of other children of God! (If you want to encourage her she will read your comments on fb). Please observe that our God blesses with more than expected help and provision! He is the God of ‘More than Enough’. Praise the Lord!

“Hello mum it’s exactly a month you prayed for me, our God is ever faithful, never failing.. my testimony is.. God has not only deliver me from spirit of fear and anger but He has bless my husband with a new job which is better than the previous job I told you that he lost it two weeks ago. He used to travel a lot. We only saw him once a month. The new job’s pay is two times the previous one. He goes to work from home. The children and I are happy Mum even though am too Shy to speak to you face to face, I wish to feel your warm embrace…Hmmmmmm… It’s a privilege to be a child of God and know am no longer a slave to fear. I give God all the glory.. Thank you mummy for being for your children and always interceding God bless you Malia!”

This is my song….
“If I have ten thousand tongue
Still won’t be enough
Narakele mo…….”

FH 3-9

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