“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away. Behold, the new has come!” (2Cor 5:17)
A daughter in Christ sent me this note. She started attending our church not too long ago. She has been religious for many years. She is a successful woman by any standard, what people here call ‘rich woman’. She is happily married, a loving mother, a successful professional woman. But according to her, she was not serious with God. In the past, she was ‘playing church’. It is sad that in many churches, the wealthy people, who give big offerings, they are regarded with a special honor. Because of that, they can hide behind their tithes and offerings and pretend that they are very spiritual. Pastor and congregation, for the sake of money, are willing to be deceived. That is so sad…When she came to Father’s House, she finally had rest for her soul. Nobody was interested in her fashion sense, the type of car she is driving or in the millions in her account. In our church, the offerings are given in secret as the Bible commands. God knows! No need to be proud! This sister finally came to the Cross. Unlike the rich young ruler, she came to Jesus and she stayed! May her testimony bless you! Glory of God!
“God bless you Malia, I can never ever appreciate you enuf, for persevering for me. For taking the challenge and pains to run this race that we are all benefiting from. I am so far from arriving but waking up everyday knowing I will get there soon. I am been transformed daily and pushing hard to be a better me. The best wife I can be. The best daughter, Boss, subordinate. Just too busy trying to reach the mark that nothing counts…. is wonderful. Believe me my mum, I am not even bothered about money, promotion, kids, the things I use to be anxious over anymore. But guess what? To my surprise, these blessings just role in with no struggle. I just got promoted, financially blessed on all sides. I have a more loving and caring (I mean really attentive) husband that care about my feelings. And guess what? These are things I don’t even care about anymore. God can never lie. He says what He means and He means what He says. Many years ago He said to me: “go to Father’s house where women don’t suffer”. Right now I ain’t suffering. I wake up with joy each day.
Ma, I want to tell you that I am not your usual daughter. I grew up in the streets. I was not brought up but just grew up with none of those with perfect upbringing and good background. But He has always been my God. I should be a cleaner, a security women or just a market woman but He always makes me head. As a child my parents could not afford to buy uniform for me. I grew up in the slump. I was the girl that even the poor people refer to as poor. Sometime, it’s overwhelming because I feel I don’t deserve it and I let my background and my bitter past get a better judgement of me. But guess what? Jesus always pulls me out and reminds me I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I, … a bush girl is ROYAL PRIESTHOOD!!!! Hahahahaha!!! Me royal??? Me was worth His blood???? Hmmmmmm!!!! It’s a privilege to be call His own. I am learning how to bow down and worship the Lord! There is none like Him!
Hmmmm!!!! If u know my story, then u will understand my heart for God!!! My life can only be God!!! No explanation!!! Mum, u will never understand ma. Thank you ma.
Mum!!! Even in my grave, my bones, my dust will worship this God!!!!! He is just too good!!! Too partial with me. One day I will go to where I was born and where I grew up and snap some pics. I will show you… so that you understand me better… from where I come from… I know my place without God, so I can’t even think of any life without Him. And now, I just crave more and more for him and being the right atmosphere, under great mentors… u understands why my joy is so unspeakable ma…
Sorry to take ur time this morning ma, at times I just what to be on top of a mountain and scream His praises so loud!!!! Thank you ma!!!! Your daughter…”
Worship 4

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