This is the second healing testimony I received today. He is a young brother, about 21 years old. He lives with his mum. He goes to school and he works part time. He is a very talented and creative young man in the area of media. He is a true worshipper. He is always encouraging me with scriptures and songs. He sent me this note. This testimony is given to the glory of God, to the shame of the devil and for the encouragement of others. Jesus is Lord!
“Dear Malia, I have a testimony. Recently, I was in a dark mode (I was very sick). On Sunday afternoon, there was a very simple headache and I didn’t give heed to it. But after some time, the headache increase but this time dizziness kick in. I had to go to the near by pharmacy with my mom because I can’t see properly. When we got there, the guy question me and did some check up. The result was TYPHOID FEVER (I wasn’t scared, I’m praying this out). But he added: “guy, blood nor dey your body oh”. Immediately I heard this word, my heart dropped. I took the medicine. I forwarded a message to Pastor … (our light house leader) about my condition. I did prayed. I waited for the healing to come. Monday and Tuesday night I slept with difficult breathing. I was still waiting for my miracle… Today I woke up well! Thank You Jesus! Right now, by the grace of God, I’m strong, in fact, more than healthy (if there is any word for it) . I’m super excited MA. All glory, Honor, Adoration be unto God! Glory! Glory!”

FH 29

2 comments on “HEALING TESTIMONY

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Praise God!
    Wonderful testimony.

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