“Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went” (Ac 8:4)
God used persecution to scatter the disciples. They went away from Jerusalem, away from the Apostles. They were lonely and afraid. But during this difficult time, they were forced to depend on the Holy Spirit alone and His gifts. Using the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit they preached the Word of God to all people they met.

Are you going through some kind of pressure today? Well, it is not punishment for our sins — Jesus took our punishment fully, on the Cross. The pressure, the trials, and the problems that come are by no means always the result of sin in our lives. Sometimes they are, but it may be God’s way of moving you, of pressuring you into a new experience, into a new understanding of his truth and of His gifts in your life, and giving you a new opportunity to put them to work. Read the Bible. Pray for opportunities to do ministry. Open your mouth and preach the Word to anybody you see! Don’t wait for big men or fancy madams! The poor woman selling fruits near your house, the house boy, the house girl, somebody’s driver, the jobless youth, the sick person in a hospital… any one who has a soul, preach the Gospel to them! This is working for God! It will kill your shyness and the fear of men! It will give you more boldness to speak in public. And God will reward you greatly! God does not owe His servants! I am a witness! I am waiting for your testimonies! Recycle your pain into praise! Let’s do it!

SLL 29

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