“A Psalm of David: “Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me; bless His holy name. Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits” (Ps 103:1, 2)


Do you know what the middle verse in the Bible is? Do you know what the Holy of holies of the Word of God is?  Do you know the very heart of the scriptures? It is Psalm 103:1, 2!!! The KJV has an even number of verses (31,102) and, thus, does not have a single middle verse. The “middle verses” are Psalm 103:1-2, with 15,550 verses before and after.


This is a revelation! What does God want from us? He wants us to Praise and worship Him! God wants us to bless His Holy Name! God wants us to always remember His benefits; his many acts of kindness, His favor and His rewards for our service! God wants us to be grateful and openly to show our appreciation to Him for everything He has done for us! This is the heart of the hearts of spirituality!  Praise the Lord!!!!!

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