Are you a child of God and also jobless? This is my advice: obey the Word of God! God wants to bless the work of your hands! You have no job but you have two hands and ten fingers. All those are millions! Your imagination is too wild! You have a tendency to ignore the present…and dwell too much on the past or on the future… Pray about this…God’s name is I AM and not ‘I was’ or ‘I will be’.

In the scripture below you see a connection between working (with God) and timing! God works today, right now, so we must do the same! Stop dreaming about work and work! Stand up right now and use your hands! Do something with your hands today! God wants to bless that action of obedience! Money will come! Have faith!

“Working together with Him, we strongly urge you not to receive God’s grace in vain [by turning away from sound doctrine and His merciful kindness]. For He says: “At the acceptable time (the time of grace) I listened to you, and I helped you on the day of salvation.” Behold, NOW is “the acceptable time,” behold, NOW is “the day of salvation” (2Cor 6:1, 2; AMP)

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