We just ended a wonderful fellowship with the women in our church. The following are some of the testimonies shared during the meeting. Read and be blessed in Jesus name! Have faith in God! If God has done it for them, He will do it for you!

Sister E came with her six months old baby girl, her first child. She almost died during the delivery. She had to do an emergency CS because her Blood pressure rose suddenly. She was unconscious for three weeks. Many lost hope that she will be alive and well. Miraculously she woke up from coma. After discharge from the hospital, she discovered that many people helped them with money for the hospital bill. The bill was about a million naira. She said that she almost had another crisis of Blood pressure. But she and her husband had faith and prayed. She them phoned all the people who borrowed them money to be patient that they will pay later. This is a young couple that is just struggling financially even before the crisis came. Miraculously, one by one the people said that there is no need for them to pay; that they should take the money as a gift. They are now healthy and free of debt to take care of their baby and to serve God.

Sister I had an accident. She was driving when a girl of about 14 jumped in front of her car. It was a bad collision. The girl fell flat on the street, not moving. Time stopped for them. Then suddenly the girl stood us and dusted her uniform. She came to her window and said ‘I am well ma’. She then crossed the street like nothing has happened.

Sister T said that she is new in Father’s House. She said that her marriage was very bad. Her husband stopped going to any church for some time. When he said that they will come to Father’s House she was happy so that they can go together. The first time they attended our church she said that what she observed is that the women here are very peaceful and submissive. She said that in her former church the women are aggressive and each fights for her position. But in Father’s House there is peace like a blanket over all. She also said that she is surprised that her husband chose to come regularly to church and is even in the committee attending to the generator and the electric power. Her husband is a rich politician and used to be ‘big man’. But he chose to join the ‘electrical team’. She was pleasantly surprised. Their marriage is so much better. She attributes all these changes to the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sister F said that her son in the university had an unexplained headache. The doctors said that his case is complicated. She prayed with him and sent him back to school. All the medical tests proved to be negative and the headache has disappeared.

Sister N is in her forties and she is genotype SS. Medically speaking, it is a miracle that she is still alive. She needed a tooth extraction. The doctors were afraid to do the surgery because of her condition. She told them to go ahead that God is in control. The surgery went on without any problem. She said that she will serve God all the days of her life!

Sister O came at the last women meeting with a terrible headache and fever. She almost stayed home with an excuse of sickness but she eventually came. During the testimonies she could not concentrate well. A voice was telling her to go and see the pharmacist for malaria drugs. But during the prayer session a prophetic word was spoken ‘God wants to deliver you from the spirit of poverty! Money shall meet money in your hands!’ She said that suddenly that word ‘pushed’ her to pray like never before. She forgot about the headache. At the end of that prayer for financial breakthrough, she was healed from her fever.

Dear Child of God, these testimonies are given to the glory of God, to the shame of the devil and for your encouragement! To God be all the glory! In Jesus name, amen!


  1. bridget okafor says:

    Lord that you for all the miracles and transformation of your son.

    I also receive that prophetic word ‘ Money shall meet money in my hands’ so that I don’t be a liability. Oh Lord!

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