Recently I was very sick. I had to re-learn these basic lessons of faith. I was in that place of fear, confusion loneliness…. I know how easy it is to doubt, to accept defeat. To die is very easy. To live is hard. I almost forgot this truth… One night, during prayer, I chose to fight back inch by inch. Like a desperate woman, I prayed for my healing, for a testimony to share with others, for a new reason to glorify God in my life! The devil did not give up easily and for a long time he looked like a winner. But I pressed on, declaring the Word of God over my life and praying in the Spirit. The battle was stronger than I anticipated. It lasted longer that I imagined. But slowly, I started gaining ground. I reclaimed the lost blessings. The day came when I said: “I am healed!”

In Hebrew, the words ‘acquainted with grief’ (Is 53:3) can also be translated as ‘Knowing my sickness’. This revelation added fire to my bones. In my sickness I felt strong knowing that Jesus intimately knows me even in my sickness. He is not like the doctors who argued in my presence calling names of strange fearful incurable diseases. They could not even agree what treatment is the best for me. Thank God that Jesus is not like them! He knows every microbe, every virus and every cell. At His name, they all bow! Jesus is my Creator! He knows the damage the enemy has done to me. Jesus is not intimidated by my sickness… So one day, with one touch, my body was healed. O, sweet victory! My faith in His Blood has made me whole! Glory to God!

“And Jesus said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease.” (Mk 5:34)

(notes from my journal, November 2014)

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