I just received this letter from a sister in the church. Read and be blessed!

“Good morning Malia, I want to testify to what God has done for me, for about 2wks now I don’t sleep well at night due to ulcer pain that wakes me from sleep, I try to eat well before going to bed each night and pray but the pain still wakes me up, during the day I try to manage the condition (ulcer) because in Aug. I was hospitalized and was to go for endoscopy in Benin but I refused hence I have been ‘faithing’ it.

When I came for the women’s meeting yesterday I was already having pain so I sent my daughter to buy me a little cake to eat, during the praise and worship I really could not sing or dance well I was just managing myself, so when my daughter came with the cake it was already testimony time, so I ate a bit of the cake but was highly in discomfort to the extent that I had to undo my belt and loosen my skirt just to relieve the pain, but as soon as you said God has finally allowed us to proceed into the season of healing I felt a little coolness in the upper region of my tummy by the end of the service the pain had gone completely so I was like, let me wait and see what will happen at night, and to God be all the glory I slept without any pain waking me up and even right now that I am yet to eat no pain at all PRAISE THE LORD, Lord i am so grateful. God bless you mom.

I am healed and made whole by Jesus and Jesus alone, on my way to church yesterday I had ask someone to buy 2 bottles of emtrisil for me, they are still here untouched. Lord I am so happy…”

This is my answer to her:

Praise the Lord! The devil deceived you to believe that you have ulcer. You believed a lie and that is why you got sick. Lies make people sick but there is no medicine to cure the ailment for it is a spiritual attack!  I am happy for you! Remember that you are a woman of God. You need your body to be strong so that you can serve God!  Your testimony is not yet complete. God has healed you to bless you! He will open a door for you for a financial breakthrough. That is what the devil wanted to hinder from you. Keep in touch! To God be all the glory!

2 comments on “HEALED!

  1. Bridget Okafor says:

    God indeed is a re-warder of those that diligently seek him. He has re-warded you healing in his presence. I rejoice with you. Praise thy Lord!

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